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Mood swings. (What all the girls face it) #Riansh OS – Telly Updates

Written by H@imanshu

Hello guys. Here is a new os of mine. I hope you like it and please do tell me your feedback in the comments.

So let’s start. 

Riddhima’s POV starts:

I’m not understanding what is happening with me. I’m feeling that I’m not good at all and I’m just upset and annoyed.

I’m just siting while being very upset without any logical reason.

I was feeling as if I want to kick and hit everyone in the world.

I was being very annoyed from everyone and everything being in the universe.

I wasn’t understand what was happening with me.

I was just being very upset and my mood was very down and horrible.

I was very upset that I’m not in that good mood and I’m being in that terrible mood.

I was being very confused and sad.

So due to my anger and confusion, I wasn’t able to concentrate when I have crushed with Vansh.

I have lost balance because I was just concentrated on my sadness and bad mood.

But as usual Vansh has succeeded in holding me and he has succeeded in catching be before I could fall.

I was looking at him in a surprised and annoyed way due to my bad and terrible mood.

He was just trying to calm me down and make me close to him.

Then he has looked at me in an questioning and speculating way.

Vansh: What is going on with my lovely wife? As I can observe that you aren’t in a good mood at all and you are being very confused, Am I right or am I right?

I was just staring at him in a relaxed way.

He was putting his hands around me to calm me down and make me feel comfortable and that what was making me very chilled.

Then I have came closer to him and I have putted my hands around Vansh’s neck to make him very close to me.

Me: Just a second, let’s just forget about my mood and all those stuff and let’s concentrate on something else.

He has looked at me in a very cute expression that has made me forgotten all my mood swings.

Vansh: And what is that thing sweetheart?

Me: That you look so hot and attractive today while wearing those black clothes.

He has smiled at me.

Then I have started staring at him so much while he was wearing those black clothes and how he was looking that hot and attractive while wearing them.

He has made me close to him while we were both staring at each other very much.

Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! I can observe that the wife is in the complete mood to romance! It is a very impressive thing sweetheart!

I have looked at him in a smiling and a chilling look that has made me to forget about all my mood swings.

Me: Of course I have to learn some stuff from my dearest husband as you are the master in romance.

He has stared at me in a very cute and romantic way that made isn’t able to remove my eyes on him.

He has hugged me very tight and warm hug.

I was really needing that hug so much.

I was really needing to feel his presence with me at that moment that I wasn’t understanding on it my own emotions and I’m feeling as if all the emotions has gotten mixed together.

I was needing to feel that he is here for me to accept those feelings that I’m feeling it and me myself isn’t able to understand it.

I was needing to feel that he will be able to accept my mood swings and my ups downs as my mood was like a very fast swing that keeps going very high and very down in a very short time.

He was making me very close to him in a very caring way.

I got into so much relaxation and calmness when he was being that close to me.

Then he has kissed me in my cheek to give more relaxation and secure.

He was being very romantic and gentle with me.

I was very happy and chilled and I was feeling that I’m no more stressed or upset.

Then my mood has changed suddenly and I wasn’t able to understand the reason behind that.

I have suddenly pushed him away from me.

Me: Please Vansh leave me alone and don’t come near me. I’m very upset and angry now and I don’t want to talk with you or with anyone and I just want to be alone. So please stay away from me.

Riddhima’s POV ends.

Vansh’s POV starts:

I wasn’t understanding the reason of that sudden change in Riddhima’s attitude.

I was being very shocked after she has suddenly gotten away from me.

I was just looking at her in a surprised way while I was opening my mouth from the shock that she has given it to me.

She was just very normal and very romantic from a couple of minutes so what has made her changed her attitude that suddenly?!

After she has gotten away from me, she has seated on a nearby chair.

She was being very upset and sad.

Me: What is happening sweetheart? I was sure that there is something that disturbing you otherwise you would have never gotten that away from me. So can you tell me what is going on with my princess?

She didn’t has replied to me.

She was just looking at me in a very nervous and upset way.

So I have came near her.

Me: Please relax sweetheart and just tell me what are you feeling and I’m with you and I will support you.

I was being close to her while I was smiling to calm her down and comfort her.

Riddhima: Trust me Vansh I’m not able to understand my own emotions. I’m not able to understand what is the reason that is making me that upset and is making me changing my mood that suddenly. What I just could be able to know it that I’m not being that good and I’m feeling very annoyed without having any reason to do that. This confusion and the without reason sadness is going drive me crazy.

She was being very confused while she was trying to express what she owns it inside her and she wasn’t able to understand it.

She was looking so cute while she was being that confused and she was facing those mood swings.

I was just staring at her while she was being that so confused and wasn’t  understating her mood swings.

Due to her so much cuteness while she was being very confused, a smile has drawn on my face.

She has gotten very irritated and annoyed along with being surprised when she has seen me smiling.

She has looked at me in a very surprised way.

Riddhima: Oh! Are you really smiling?! Can you tell me the reason that could makes you smile that much while I’m being in that so much sadness and anger. What is so funny on me while being that upset that makes you smile that much?!

I was just staring at her while she was being that cute while being angry.

She has putted her hand on her face and she starts to cry without any reason.

I was being very surprised and shocked to see her crying that suddenly.

So I have came near her.

Then I have putted my hands around her to comfort her.

Me( in a caring way): Please calm down sweetheart. Just relax and tell me what is the reason that made you cry that much?! I don’t think that what I have said and done could make you cry that much. So can you please tell me what is making my angel cry that much??

Riddhima( crying as kid): I really don’t understand why I’m crying Vansh. I know that there isn’t any reason that leads to my cry, but what I feel that I just want to cry without any specific reason. What I just could be able to understand it is that I’m just upset and I want to cry.
I have got surprised when I have seen her face reaction has got changed suddenly from a crying face reaction into a very happy and smiling face reaction.

I was just looking at her in a surprised way.

Then I have gotten out from my place while I was being still surprised.
Me: Sweetheart, are you fine? Are you okay Riddhima?! How your face reaction has got changed from that sad to that happy?!
She didn’t has answered me.
She has just came from my back and has hugged me very tightly.

Riddhima: I have told you that I’m not understanding what is happening with me so you have to go with the flow Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania and try to tolerate the mood swings of your wife.
I have just smiled.

Moreover, I have grabbed her towards me.
Then I have kissed her in her forehead.

Vansh’s POV ends.
Vansh was making Riddhima very close to him to calm her down and relax her.

How was knowing what she was passing through it so he was trying to calm her down and make her feel that she isn’t alone.
Vansh( while being close to Riddhima): I know what is happening with you sweetheart and I’m understating that. So just chill and calm down as I’m with you.
Riddhima has looked at him in a surprised way.

Riddhima: Oh! Really?! So you are the well known person who knows everything in the whole world so you are able to know what is happening with me that me myself isn’t able to understand it! Wow Mr. Husband! You have impressed me so much! So can you please tell me what is happening with me Mr. Psychiatrist.
Vansh has smiled from Riddhima’s funny attitude.
He was knowing that she was just making fun of what he was saying, but he was enjoying her cute attitude.
Vansh: Regardless that I know that you are just making fun of my words sweetheart, but still I will tell you. What is happening with you it is just a normal thing that it happens with all the girls which is the hormonal changes that occurs every once for awhile in all of the girls’ bodies so that’s why you are having that so much mood swings and you aren’t understanding what you are feeling it.
She has looked at him in a cute face reaction that has made him fall more madly for her.

Riddhima: Oh! You are so genius my Vansh. Actually, you are absolutely right. But this mood swings will really drive me crazy! I’m not able to have the control on my own emotions!
Vansh has putted his hand on Riddhima’s face in a caring way.

Then he has hugged her a very long and warm hug to calm her down.

Vansh: Don’t worry sweetheart. I will be with you and will support you while you are facing those mood swings. You don’t have to worry at all as I will not be angry on you while you are treating me in that weird behavior as I will be understanding that this isn’t my real Riddhima and it is just a temporary shade of my cutie pie.
She has smiled.

Vansh was feeling happy that Riddhima is smiling.
So he holds from her back.

Then he has kissed her in her cheek.

She has turned to face him.
She was staring at him very much while a tiny smile was appearing on her face.

Then she has looked at him in a challenging way.

Riddhima: Oh! So if I’m not being in a mood swing due to the hormonal changes, you would have became angry on me?! This is not good in our relationship Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania.
Vansh has felt that Riddhima is going to turn back to her mood swings.
So he has putted his hand near her lips to stop her from talking.

Vansh: Shh. No more mood swings and weird behaviors sweetheart. I will not allow you to say any weird stuff. I know what will calm my wife down and will vanish her mood swings.
She has smiled at him a naughty and cute smile.

Riddhima: And what is that Vansh?
He has gotten very close to her.

So their breathes could be very connected to each other.
Then he has kissed her a very long and hot kiss.

They were being very very close to each other.
Then Vansh has lifted her.

He has made her lay on the bed.
Then he has gotten very close to her.

He was kissing her so much while being very close to her.
Then he has made her above him while they were being very relaxed being that close to each other.

They have gotten very close and they have united.
Riddhima was being very comfortable and relaxed while she was being that close to Vansh.
She has forgotten all the mood swings that she was facing it.
She was just happy being with her Vansh.
Afterwards, they were sleeping behind each other while they were holding each other’s hands.

Then Riddhima has waked up suddenly while she wasn’t feeling good.
She has waked up Vansh.
Riddhima: Vansh get up now. Vansh. Vansh get up.

Vansh has waked up while he was being surprised.
He was just looking at Riddhima in a surprising way.

He wasn’t understanding what has made Riddhima waked up now and has made her waked him up in that way.
Vansh: What has happened Riddhima? Are you fine?
Riddhima: Vansh, I want to cry.
Vansh has looked at her in a surprised way.

Vansh( being surprised and shocked): Mood swings again Riddhima?!






The end of the os. I hope you like it. I think that this what happens with all of us. As we always face this mood swings daily and we can’t be able to control it. I hope that I was able to make you all relate to that and please do tell me your experiences with mood swings and also tell me your opinions. The lovely respond on the previous os is the thing that made me excited to write a new one. As all of yours comments and support is the thing that encourages me to write more os episodes. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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