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Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 72 – Telly Updates

The episode starts with Riddhima, Vansh, Ragini, Angre, Kabir, and Ishani have reached together at the same time to Manali.
They have went to the hotel that Vansh has booked on it their rooms.
Riddhima, Ragini and Ishani were liking the view of the hotel from the appearance of it from outside.

Ragini: Wow! The appearance of the hotel look so beautiful from outside.
Riddhima: Actually, Manali as a whole is a very beautiful place. It is the best place to enjoy on it the cold weather.
Ishani: I love cold weather a lot. I’m sure that we will enjoy a lot during this weather.
Vansh: So let’s enter to the hotel so we could start our memorable journey.
Vansh and Riddhima have entered the hotel together at the head of the others.

Then Ishani and Kabir along with Ragini and Angre have followed them.
They have entered the hotel.
It was a very nice hotel from inside as well as being that beautiful from outside.

At the same time, Ahana was watching them secretly while they were entering the hotel.

She was being sure to not make anyone notices her.
She was smiling very much while she was seeing Kabir.

She was staring at him very deeply.
Ahana to herself( while staring at Kabir): I have missed you so much Kabir. You still look so hot and attractive like you have used to be from 7 years ago. Actually no, you are looking more attractive and handsome than before. I really have missed you so much Kabir.
Ahana’s happiness for seeing Kabir once again has turned into a very huge anger and frustration when She has seen Ishani that close to Kabir.
Ahana’s anger has increased more when she has seen Riddhima being very sure to make Kabir and Ishani close.

Actually, she was being very angry to see Riddhima once again.

Ahana was super super angry.

Ahana to herself( being angry): Riddhima?! You again?! You will never stop coming on my way and destroying everything I’m doing it?! I will never leave you Riddhima. I will make you suffer a lot and I will disturb you so much. Kabir will always be mine Riddhima and you will never be able to change anything. I thought that you could have been got changed, but you are still like before Riddhima. You will always be that irritated girl for me. You will always be that headache that is disturbing me very much, but I promise you Riddhima that I will never make you do what you have done with me before. You will never be able to separate me from Kabir.
Ahana has gotten a small red ball from her bag.

She was holding it on her hand.
Ahana to herself( while looking at Riddhima in an evil way): I will make you know what are the consequences to come between Ahana and her motive. Now, you will suffer through a very tiny pain from what I have prepared it for you dear as of course I will not leave my right Riddhima and I will make you suffer a lot for what you have done with me at the past and for what you are doing now to me.
She has thrown the ball near Riddhima.
Ahana to herself( smiling): Enjoy your time Riddhima darling.
Riddhima didn’t has felt on herself when she slips on the red ball.
She has pained a lot.
So she starts screaming.

Vansh has rushed to her immediately when he has seen her has felt down on the floor.

He has got very worried about Riddhima.
He was being very stressed and he was doing a very surprised reaction.

Vansh( in a worried way): Riddhima, are you fine? How you could be that careless Riddhima?! How you have got into a twist on your feet?!
Riddhima: I really don’t know Vansh. I was walking in a very careful way and I didn’t have felt on myself when I have got fallen. I’m feeling as if I have slipped on something.
Riddhima and Vansh start to look around them, but they didn’t have found anything.
Ahana was watching them from a far area.

She was smiling out loud while she was holding the small red ball.

Ahana to herself( smiling): You will not be able to know that I’m the one who has made you fall Riddhima. I have my own ways darling and I have the ball with me right now. A twist in your feet was just the beginning dear. Just wait for many more struggles will come in your way Misses Riddhima Rai Singhania.
Moreover, Vansh has helped Riddhima to get up.

She was putting her hand above his shoulder.
So she could to take the power from him to be able to stand up.
Angre, Ragini, Kabir and Ishani have rushed quickly to Riddhima and Vansh.
So they could be able to check on Riddhima.
Kabir has came near Riddhima.

Kabir( being worried): Riddhima dear, are you fine?? How you have got fallen?! Does there is any broke in your leg??
Riddhima: Relax Kabir bhai, I’m absolutely fine. There isn’t any broke in my leg, it is just a twist on my feet. I will just take some rest and I will be fine.
Ragini: Are you sure Riddhima that you doesn’t need a doctor?
Vansh: Of course I will call a doctor. She must to be checked so I could be 100% sure that she is fine.
He has looked at Riddhima in a very caring and loving way.

Riddhima was staring at Vansh very much and she was smiling while he was caring about her that much and he is being sure to check on her and on her health.

Ishani: Yes. Riddhima bhabi must be checked right now.
Riddhima and Vansh were looking at them while Vansh was holding Riddhima very protectively to not make her pain more.

Riddhima was observing how everyone is worrying about her.
Riddhima( in a calming way): Guys, can you all please relax?! I’m absolutely fine. It is just a very simple twist on the feet. It doesn’t need all this stress and worry. I will just relax for some time at the room and I will return to my normal condition. So please guys chill and calm down. I think that I just need a couple of hours and I will be able to start with you all our roaming journey at Manali.
Vansh has looked at Riddhima in a shocking and surprising way.

Vansh( being surprised): Just a second madam, who is that person who will roam at Manali?! As I think that of course I have heard it wrong.
Riddhima: No Vansh you have heard it right. Of course I will not spend the whole trip being at my room especially that it is a very simple twist.
Vansh hasn’t concentrated on Riddhima’s words.
He has just lifted her.

Vansh( while lifting Riddhima to their room at the hotel): You aren’t the one who will decide this sweetheart as I’m the one who must decide if you are fine or not and until that could happen you will not be allowed to get out from the room.
Riddhima has looked at him in a surprised way.

Riddhima: Oh! Really?! Since when you have started to be dictator Vansh?! I think that Mr. Dictator suits you nowadays Vansh Rai Singhania.
He has smiled a sweet smile.

Vansh: When it comes to my wife’s heath, I could cross any barrier and do anything just for your sake Riddhu.

He has kissed her in his forehead in a caring way.

Afterwards, Riddhima and Vansh have reached to their hotel room while Vansh was still holding Riddhima.
Riddhima has got impressed after she has seen the room.
It was decorated in a very lovely way and it was very suitable for a new married couple.

Riddhima: Wow! It is a very amazing room. I have liked it so much Vansh. Please let me see the view as it seems so beautiful from a far area.
Vansh has made her enter the balcony while he was still lifting her to not make her do any effort.
Riddhima was very amazed by the weather.

She was looking at the fabulous mountains so much.
Riddhima: I really love Manali so much Vansh. It has a very amazing and fabulous views. I got to forget everything and anything when I could be at Manali. It will always be one of my best favorite destinations ever.
He was just staring at her.

Then he has taken her back to the room.
He has made her sit on his lap.

Vansh: I just forget everything and anything when I’m with you Riddhu. I just got to be lost in your beauty so much sweetheart. I could spend my whole life just staring at you in that way and I will never be bored.
He has kissed her in her hand.

Riddhima has looked at him in a cute expression.

Riddhima: Oh! I could observe that Mr. Husband is in the complete mood to romance!
He has stared at her while he was smiling when she was doing this cute expression.

Vansh: I will always be ready for romance at any time sweetheart. You know Vansh Rai Singhania was born ready for anything and everything.
She has smiled at him.

They have gotten very close to each other.

Then they gotten into a sweet little kiss.

At the same time, Ragini and Angre were being at the room.
They were liking it so much and they were enjoying their time together.
Their room was also a very beautiful room and it was having a very nice designs.

Ragini: I have got a feeling that we have got to repeat our honeymoon once again as everything is just perfect here.
He has smiled at her.

Then he has grabbed her towards him.
Angre: We could always make every single moment we are spending it together as if it is a honeymoon. Actually, I always feel very happy while I’m with you my princess.
She was smiling while she was hearing his words.
Then she has kissed him in his cheek.
At that moment, Kabir was being at the terrace of the hotel.
He was enjoying the weather so much.

He was liking the view and he was being very relaxed and chilled while seeing it.

Kabir to himself: Manali is always able to give me so much relaxation and peace. Thanks a lot to Vansh for booking this trip for us as I was really needing this trip a lot.
While he was being very relaxed and chilled while watching the view, Ahana starts to come closer to him from his back while she was smiling.
Ahana to herself: Thank God that you are alone now Kabir so no one will be able to come between us and I will be able to make you forgive me and just return like we were before.
She starts to remember their moments together while she was going very near to him.

She was being very excited to see his reaction when he sees her once again.
She was coming very quickly to reach to him.
Kabir was sitting at the terrace while he was just looking at the view.
So he wasn’t noticing that Ahana is coming from his back.
Then she has putted her hands on his eyes.
Ahana: Surprise. Guess who has got back just for you Kabir.
Ahana was believing that when she will act in that way with Kabir, he will immediately forgive her.
She was being sure that Kabir is still loving her so much.
Kabir has got shocked when he has heard Ahana’s voice.

His shock has increased more when he has seen Ahana in front of him.
Ahana: You have missed me, right?
She was smiling so much at him.
He wasn’t believing that the one who has broken him so much has returned once again and she is acting as if she has done nothing.
Kabir was being very angry.

Kabir( being angry): What you are doing here? What has made you returned back to the country?! I don’t want to see your face so how I could have missed you?! You don’t even come in my mind for a second.
Ahana was trying to control herself and not be upset from Kabir’s words.
She has putted her hand on Kabir’s face.
Ahana: I know that you are being very upset and angry from me for what I have done with you at the past and I really understand that, but trust me baby I have understood my fault and I’m really regretting about it so much. That’s why I have returned to correct my mistake and be with you forever.
Kabir was being very angry.
He has pushed her hand aggressively.
Kabir: Really?! Do you think that I will be just waiting for you to tell me those words so I could throw myself in your arms and tell you let’s forget how badly I got have suffered because of you and let’s forget your cheat?! Are you mad?! I would never forget what you have done to me Ahana. I don’t even want to see your face.
Kabir was going to leave when Ahana has stopped him while being very close to him.
Ahana: You are lying Kabir. You still love me so much. You just don’t want to accept that.
At that exact moment, Ishani has came.
She has got shocked and angry when she has seen Ahana that close to Kabir.

Before Ishani could do anything, Kabir has gotten away from Ahana.
Kabir: Get away from my way Ahana and don’t you dare to come back in front of me once again.
Kabir has seen Ishani standing at the terrace.
He wasn’t able to tell her anything.
Because he was being very shattered and shocked.
So he has just left very quickly.
Ishani has rushed after him.
Then Ahana has just followed them while she was trying to control her anger.
Kabir has entered his room.

He was being very shocked and broken.
He was being very confused and sad.

Kabir to himself: How she has returned once again?! Why she has actually returned back to my life?! I has done so many effort until I have forgotten her and moved on in my life. So why she has returned back?! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!
Kabir was being very angry.
At that moment, Ishani has entered his room.
She has observed his anger.
She was being very worried about him and at the same time she was being very jealous from seeing Ahana that close to him and she was wanting to know the connection that is between Kabir and Ahana.
Ishani: Kabir are you fine? I’m observing that you are being very angry especially after you were with that girl. Actually, I want to ask you who is that girl? She was being very close to you as if you both were knowing each other before. Can you tell me who is that girl?
Kabir has got angry on Ishani.
He wasn’t wanting anyone to tell him anything about Ahana.
Kabir( being angry): Ishani, get out from my way now. I just want to be alone. I’m not having the ability to hear those silly questions. Just leave me alone now.
Kabir was being very aggressive with Ishani.
His shock and anger have made him aren’t able to differentiate between Ahana and Ishani.
He was just wanting to get out his anger and Ishani is the one who he has found her in front of him.
Ishani was being very shocked and shattered from Kabir’s weird behavior.
Precap: Breakdown.






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