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Written by H@imanshu

Hello dears, Sorry I made you wait, But here is my new story.Please ignore the Author notes.


Author’s pov

A man was on his knees pleading: Please, I won’t repeat my mistake again, I was forced to do it.

The other man slapped him: Shut up! If you were forced why did you run away, Ajay?

Aj: I was scared of the consequences, Thus I took the wrong decision, Please spare me, Angrey!

Ang(slapped him again): I am no one to spare you, Ask her.

He threw him toward a direction making him laid in front of someone who could see her black heels, He touched them: Please Boss, Spare me, This is my last mistake.

She leaned toward him and smiled caressing his wounded face: Angrey, You were so harsh on him, See what did you do?  He worked for us for more than 2 years, Is this the way we treat our friends? He is begging you and asking for a chance. It is yours, Ajay. Go. If you fail I won’t spare you.

He listened to her and started running toward the exit only to be pulled by the chain on his leg back: Pakad liyaa !! Tumhe sach mein Laga k yahan se Jaana Asaan h? Tum zaroor jaaoge magar seedhe upar ! (pointing the gun toward him) Galtiyon ko maaf kiyaa jaa skta h , gunahon ko nhii Aur mujhe dhokha dena bahut bada gunaah h !!

Fours bullets were fired before she threw the gun and walked then stopped: Clean the mess! If I come back and find a drop of his dirty blood here, I’ll send you to give him company.

She strolled to her office when her secretary and her most trustworthy man came behind her: Boss, You have your meeting with Mr.Sindia at 7 PM.

She answered: Did his secretary gave you any information about his proposal?

Ang: No, He is saying that the matter is confidential, and will only discuss it with you directly.

She smirked: Alert? Interesting and I like it, Let me see what is this “Confidential” thing about, And let the men ready, We can’t trust people especially the prudent type, Innocent people can’t be prudent at all.

Ang: So Boss, WHat can we do?

She replied: Contact his secretary and tell her that the place will be decided by me, If he wants a secret conversation, I am going to keep my deal with him as long as he is respecting this rule as well.

Ang: Sorry for asking but What is the use of it?

She looked toward the window explaining: You’ll know tonight.

7 pm

She reached there in her black outfit whilst Angrey opened the door for her, She came out entering the restaurant that was booked for them.

A young handsome man was waiting for her, while she approached him, He extended his hand: Hello, Miss Sharma.

Holding his hand: Hello Mr.Sindia.

He smiled: You can call me Vyom, Riddhima.

R(digging her fingers in his skin): Miss Sharma.

V: I apologize Miss.Sharma for offending you.

R: I have a bad habit of being disturbed with crossing lines, There are built for a reason, Right, Mr.Sindia?

V: I repeat my apology for crossing my limits.

R: SO? we are here for work, What is your proposal? I’ll give you 5 minutes if I don’t find it a good deal, You’ll lose this chance once and forever, Riddhima Sharma gives only one opportunity, No way for another one.

V: Diamonds that you’ve been looking for, I know where is it!

R(snapping suddenly her attention toward him): And you’ll make me reach it? Why?

V: I can’t do it alone, I know about your past deals with Chang, and how you did kill him before he was caught, and I know that you became the new queen of his business.

Before she could reply she heard Angrey’s voice which made her curse and stood up.

V: where are you going, Miss, I am still didn’t finish my deal?

She pointed a gun toward him but he smirked only for the gas to dominate the whole place and she started to faint and fell on her front.

A man was walking on the street enjoying the weather there: Don’t you think it’s so lovely weather?

A small girl: Yes, It’s so lovely, Vansh.

V: This girl !! How many times I told you not to call me Vansh, Kriti !!

K: DO you want me to call you dad instead?

V: Your mouth is

K: so cute, I know !!

V: Talkative, but indeed cute, Now what My Kriti wants to have?

K: Obviously Pineapple Icecream.

V: Ok stay here, I will bring it.

He went and Kriti looked around only to find so many cars with men in black;

k: wow It looks like the guys in movies, I think they are shooting a movie here. I won’t wait for him, Let me see.

She hid and went on her knees entering the place.

Riddhima closed her eyes while Vyom smirked: THe deal was about your head, Miss Queen. And I got a good number to kill you.

: But you are a failure, and you’ll get murdered instead.

She opened her eyes removing her mask: The place is mine and so the workers, And you are so stupid to try to kill me inside my den. Now, How shall I kill you? Rip your head off your body, or cut you into small pieces and send you to the person who hired you? running from here is impossible, But before, I have to know who wants to kill me?

V: You are Underestimating me, My mouth won’t be open.

R: If the words won’t be out of your little hole, Then I will fill your body with holes from where your blood can come out till you die.

Vyom felt scared for a moment but they heard a noise, Riddhima turned to the source only to be surprised: Wow, Is it a scene here!

R(wide eyes): Shittttt

Vyom caught Kriti and held a knife near her neck, Riddhima gritted her teeth: Leave the girl

Vy: How can I  when she made the impossible possible? Now, This is my exit card.

Back to Vansh

He came back and didn’t find her, He rolled his eyes: Kriitiiiiii Your favorite Ice cream is melting !! Come on girl, Come out now !! where are you !!

He looked around confused because she would never resist Her icecream: KRIIIITIIIIIIII

He saw men running inside a restaurant and got anxious about her safety, He saw a man going outside with Kriti in his hand threatening the others.


But he ran away he kept running behind his car but couldn’t catch him.

R(shouted): What are you all doing ???? Follow him now !!!

Vansh finally looked at the woman who was as per his perspective the man’s partner, He choked her: WHERE THE HELL IS SHE AND WHO TOOK HER???? ANSWER ME DAMN IT !! OR ELSE HERE, I’LL LEAVE YOUR CORPSE.

He stopped shouting when he felt the metal touching his head from behind: Leave Boss, Now Or else I’ll shoot you.

She showed Angrey her hand stopping him, and turned to Vansh: We don’t have time, if you want to save the girl, then we have to know who is behind me. I am going to bring her back safe.

She tried to move but he held her arm: I am going with you now ! I am going to do anything to bring Kriti back no matter what was the circumstances.

She looked at him for few seconds then nodded: Time for work. Let me get a hold of this son of the b*** then I am going to show him who Riddhima Sharma is.

Riddhima sat in the car along with Vansh whilst she gave Angrey a look: You know where will be heading?

Ang: Yes, Boss!

V: someone cares to explain what is going on here? and where the hell we are going while Kriti is kidnapped?

R: if you shut your useless mouth, We are going to think of a proper way to bring her back.

V: Why Will I trust you?


Angrey stopped with a jerk, confused along with Vansh she snapped her face toward Vansh: You seem to have another way other than trusting me, Go for it! Because staying with me means to keep your mouth zipped.

Angrey turned his attention to him like asking him what will you decide, Vansh huffed keeping his mouth shut while she smirked: Wise man, Move now Angrey. Fast !! We don’t have much time.

They reached a place where the girl was tied up trying to scream if only there wasn’t a cloth to close her mouth: mmmm mmm

R: Naaaa, Still I didn’t give you consent to talk unless you want me to cut your tongue!

The girl stopped whining looking widely at the evil woman in front of her: Oh naa, Your scared moist eyes won’t make me feel pity for you, I hate tears as hell, and seeing them is enough reason to kill you. (Vansh couldn’t express how shocked he was to see her savage behavior toward the scared girl, SHe pulled forcefully the cloth out of her mouth) Where is Vyom?

The girl shivered: I don’t know!

Riddhima’s laughter echoed inside her mansion, And Vansh was frustrated with her behavior: What the hell are you laughing at? She has no idea and you are laughing here !!

R: You know what, Whoever you are

V(interrupting her): Vansh

R: You know what Vansh? I have few funny stories that I crack up always when I remember it, The last month, A man stole from my company, But I was so merciful with him, I cut only her hand. (The girl was trembling looking like she’ll faint at any moment) and Recently,  A man betrayed me and I felt bad for him, Bechara he was so forced I shot him directly without any torture, Just four bullets !! Usually, I empty the gun but he was special. so Now because I am still in a good mood answer me, Where is Vyom?

The girl: I really don’t know

R: 1 2 3

The girl: please no

R: 4 5

V: She is saying that she doesn’t know we have to find another way.

R(giving him no attention): 6 7 8

Ang: Talkkkkk

The girl: I know where his private place’s address.

R(slapping her cheek slightly): Good girl.

The girl: C..a…n I G..o ??

R: No no, Still we didn’t show you our hospitality, Kya hai na You wasted my precious time, You have to get a punishment for it, Besides, Who’ll be my punching bag if you turn out that you are a liar???

V(in disbelief): You are really heartless woman.

R: keep your comments with you, If you want to stay alive till you find your Kriti.

V: Other than Kriti, I care less about your threatening.

R: Don’t challenge me, Here only my rules and my words can be followed, Nobody can do otherwise.

V: Your rules won’t be applied to me,  as I said even my life doesn’t matter, I am here for Kriti.

R: If you are here for her, You shall know that daring me won’t let you have her, but the opposite, Because if you lose my support, you’ll stay on the streets crying her loss for the rest of your life, This is my last warning, And I don’t usually give many warnings. You can consider it your lucky day as I feel bad for the kidnapping of the girl.

She walked fast to her car then turned to him: Weren’t you in hurry to save her??? What are you still doing there??

He recovered from the many shocks she gave him and sat in the car. Again they reached another house.

Her phone rang and she answered: Hello, Bhai!

The other person: Where are you??

R: I have important work, do you need anything?

The other person: So rude!

R: Now you sound like uncle, He keeps giving me lectures about the way of talking to people. I am talking with you later, Advay Bhai.

Ad: Uncle was worried about you.

R: It’s his habit to forget who I am, I reached now, Bhai, Sorry I have to go.

Vansh was thunderstruck looking at the woman who changed her colours so fast that he couldn’t recognize her.

R: Save your focus for the important things. Angrey, Tell the men to scan the area attentively, It can be a trap.

Ang: Yes, Boss! (to them) What are you waiting for? Go inside ad check!!!

she examined the area with her eyes trying to find something till she went to the dustbin.

V: what are you going to do with it?

R(huffed): Can’t you think??? or at least let me think if it is a hard task for you. I am trying to figure out either there’s someone living here Or lived here for the past days.

V: ad how can this be useful?

R: If the place was empty, It means the girl is lying to us, If it is then he’ll surely come back. Got it now?

V: Mmm

The men talked with Angrey and he nodded in her direction, she said: Let’s go.

They went inside where they found everything messed there: SOMEONE WAS HERE.

She looked at the CCTV camera and completed: Bring me the footage now, Maybe he came here along with Kriti. But why is he kidnapping her?? I thought he’ll leave her somewhere, but he took her with him. Something is wrong here !! (Looking at Vansh) Who are you??? why will he be wanting to take your daughter?

V: who told you Kriti is my daughter? I am her Uncle, She is Kriti Raisinghania, The daughter of my dead Sister.

R: damn !! Your surname is the reason, The bas*** will definitely ask for money !!

She smiled and Vansh snapped: Are you mentally sick? You are smiling at the fact that she is kidnapped and there’s someone who will ask for Ransom in exchange for Kriti?

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R: No, He’ll get the money on my dead body, But I can’t let go of such a great opportunity, Now Can I?

V: So greedy you are!

R(Lift up the gun and touched his mouth with it): A criminal I am, Not a primary teacher!

He twisted her hand in one sec and took the gun: And I am not a weak man, If I am forced I can be a criminal!

R(eyed him from up to down): I like it, This is my favorite type of man.

V: what the hell!!

R(seductively): I love the kind of men whom you can control, The strong type (She encircled a hand around his neck) You have to be more scared now, when I like something (He felt her hand on his hand) I take it just like this gun (Showing him the gun in her hand, She started going then again faced him) And Now, I like you! 

V’s pov

Kriti !! I hope she is fine! She shouldn’t be a part of it, I was so foolish to leave her behind alone!

R: don’t worry!

I looked at the stone-hearted woman who was pacifying me and she completed: We’ll find her! Because no one can fool me and run, I told him that his escape is impossible, and so his end is destined. The girl shouldn’t be there in the first place, I will bring her back as I promised. ( To Angrey) did you find anything?

Ang: Unfortunately, Nothing is there other than today’s footage is missing.

R: Interesting !! It means he was indeed here that’s why he erased it, and he thinks he is going to fled away with it, So wrong! All of you check any CCTV Camera that is around this place, Angrey, I want to know either He has another property, anything, Track the last time he used his credit card, I want to know everything.

V: And you’ll know this how? this is a piece of confidential information, And the company won’t give it to you.

R(laughed): Aren’t you so simple? (Smirked) There’s nothing that I want and I don’t get. Angrey, call him and tell him to get it for us.

V(doubtfully): WHo?

R(approached him and leaned to his ear): Needless to know!

Ang: Hello Kabir, we need you to track a credit card where it was used for the last time. we don’t have time !!! Please fast !! (He ended the call and faced Riddhima) He said he needs some time, He’ll reply soon.

V: wait, is he someone who is working in the bank?

R: No

V: a hacker?

R: No

V: police officer?

She smiled and his eyes were wider: You have police officers helping you?

R: aweee,  I think you are more innocent than Kriti, Strong still so different.

V: I hate this method of yours, Just spill the beans, what do you want to say?

R: My angry man, Chill! What I meant is that of course, I have them in here (Opening her palm) I think you are still underestimating my power, Mr.Hot Raisinghania.

V: Can’t you be straightforward? You have to use twists in every sentence you utter.

Ang(warning him) : Don’t talk with Boss in this tone.

V(lifting his eyebrow): Or else?

R(warning tone): Angrey, Let me deal with him, Don’t interfere again. (To Vansh) I told you I like you because of it, If someone else were you, I would have shot him and threw him out of my car by now. but something is so attractive about you.

V: Not interested in you at all, I want to find Kriti, That’s it.

R: WHo asked your Pov? I decided that I like you! That’s it.

He shook his head at the crazy woman with whom he is stuck, while she ordered Angrey: Take us to the mansion, We have to rest for a while till Kabir reaches Kriti.

V: Rest? while she is kidnapped? I don’t know what he is doing to her?

R: Nothing, Because he needs her to get money, Maybe not Money! (widened her eyes) DAMNNNNN !! Why didn’t I think of it. I know what he wants.

V: what?

R: Something your family has!  So old, and precious. your diamonds! He must have figured out who Kriti is, and took advantage of the situation, That smart Son of the b**.

V: whattttttt??? (shocked) Diamonds??? How did he know?

R: So indeed he found a way, Maybe Kriti is the way he was talking about.

V: What are you saying? I can’t get it, come to the point, please.

R: Vyom came to me with a proposal, He said he found the diamonds I am looking for, as a fact I knew who has the diamonds too, But he said he a way to reach it, I thought he was lying so that he could kill me, Nevertheless, He kidnapped Kriti and didn’t let her till now, It means one thing, He was intending to kidnap her later, But by coincidence and your carelessness, He could do it earlier. It wasn’t planned yet to his benefit.

V: Oh God, Does it mean that he’ll do something to Kriti?

R: Use your mind, Kriti for him now is more precious than his own life, He won’t even touch her hair.

She walked inside her mansion, taking off her shirt and heels, and laid on the sofa while putting her legs on the table.

R: You can keep staring at me while sitting too, The chair won’t bite you.

V: stop your nonsense, What is next?

R: Chilling!

V: I am going to look for her, I shouldn’t have trusted you since the beginning!

R: If you go, you’ll return to square 0, And I am sure you don’t want to waste the efforts of these hours.

He sat huffing at her blackmailing skills, She stood up, and went with her to a room.

R: You can sleep here for few hours till I wake you up. You really need rest, If you want to find her. I might be a criminal, But I would have never let a scratch on that girl, It was shocking to see her there. She reminded me of someone.

He looked at her eyes that masked an unknown feeling before he could notice it and then coldly say: Therefore It’s my responsibility to save her, Even by putting my own life at stake.

She left him behind looking at her retreating figure not understanding what is her truth.

He received a call and closed the door gritting his teeth: Never Have I ever seen a father that he kidnaps his own daughter.

At the same time

Angrey came inside her room hurriedly: I did check what you ask, Vansh Raisinghania doesn’t have any sister. He is lying! Kriti is not his sister’s daughter.

R(smirked with an unknown feeling): Dhoka! Interesting! On this happy occasion, These lines are perfect

Yahaan Aaya koi hai 

Jahaan kabhi ek baaz tha

Shakal se maasom dekhte the

Aur woh ek dokhebaaz that

( I will keep showering you with the bad Shayari till you start commenting again 😂)

She laughed loudly then looked determined at Angrey: Let’s see what he wants! With what motive he comes! And either Kriti is really kidnapped or It’s just a trap of his. (looked forward) What a loss! I was starting to like him so much !!

Author’s pov

Advay called Riddhima: are you ok?/I heard that there’s a traitor inside Sharma mansion.

R(glaring): I know how you knew but Bhai, you know very well that I don’t spare traitors, don’t worry, I have something in store for him, you just wait and watch.

Ad: if you say so, just be aware.

She ended the call: Angrey, you know what I usually do to talkative mouths?

Ang: I am sorry, boss but Advay sir was adamant to know everything about you therefore I obliged. I am really sorry!

R: this brother of mine!! Let it be; I need time to think about everything calmly from the beginning. And empty the whole Mansion, No bodyguards or servants should be here.

ANg(shocked): But Boss It’s dangerous!

R: I always embrace the danger, This is our life, A jungle, Either you can be the predator or the prey. And I am not planning to be the prey.

Ang: Still, Someone has to be here with you to protect you.

R: Rather than being a queen and being unable to protect me, I prefer to die. Meine Chang ko maaar diya , Toh yeh Kya cheez hai? It’s my order, Angrey, During the next half hour, I want only me and Vansh in this mansion. we’ll see.

Ang: Be aware Boss. I’ll be just a few Metres away, The moment you need my help,call me.

R(smiled): Thank you for never disappointing me Angrey, But it won’t’ be the Last day of me being your boss. Just go. and remember what I told you very well.

He nodded his head and was going where Vansh couldn’t sleep, He got the call and gritted his teeth: Never Have I ever seen a father that he kidnaps his own daughter.It wasn’t our deal.

Vy: Majburi thi, I had to use my Plan B.

V: How is she?

Vy: Happy and Pampered as usual.

V: What is next? I am inside Sharma mansion.

Vy: Two precious things, But Let me tell you the second thing first.

V: what?

Vy: Kill her!

V: WHATTTT????How can I ???

Vy: I want her dead by the morning. Will you complete your part of the deal Or shall I call it off?

V: No no no I am going to fulfill it. (Closing his eyes) Tonight I will kill Riddhima.

Vy: Great! Of course, If you want Kriti back.

V: Don’t hurt her, You promised me  ! (Vyom ended the call) I gave everything for Kriti,My diamonds !! However, He won’t let her go if I don’t do as he wants. I didn’t know that he planned to trap us when he asked me to come to that place along with Kriti, He said He will go from our life once and forever If I do so, Therefore I went. She is the only weakness that I have, And I can’t endanger her life; I have to kill Riddhima.

V’s pov

With shiveering hands I drank water to calm myself down, then I took the gun and hid it sneaking to her room but no one was there, I think the queen has a weak security system.

She was sleeping,I pointed the gun toward her, then I saw my Kriti’s face, my hand shivered and I pressed it with the other hand to control myself.

V(moist eyes): I have to do it! I am sorry.

He recalled tehir moments

Fb starts

Scene 1

R: You can sleep here for few hours till I wake you up. You really need rest, If you want to find her. I might be a criminal, But I would have never let a scratch on that girl, It was shocking to see her there. She reminded me of someone.

He looked at her eyes that masked an unknown feeling before he could notice it and then coldly say: Therefore It’s my responsibility to save her, Even by putting my own life at stake.

Scene 2

R(seductively): I love the kind of men whom you can control, The strong type (She encircled a hand around his neck) You have to be more scared now, when I like something (He felt her hand on his hand) I take it just like this gun (Showing him the gun in her hand, She started going then again faced him) And Now, I like you! 

Fb ends

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The gun fell from his hand and he sat there: Kritit ! I can’t do it even for her !! How Can I say that she is like my daughter? I let her in danger and can’t bring her back.

A message reached him and he stood up immediately and shot In her direction: I am really sorry !

He called Vyom: I did it ! I killed her !

Vy: Send me evidence, Do you think I am fool to believe you !!

V(shouts): Just stop it !! What else you want? I kiled a woman !

Vy: The proof or I’ll send Kriti there.

Vansh sent him a pic of her dead body, and Vyom smiled: Finally ! But still you have to bring me The painting.

V: what painting?

Vy: You have to look for it, It’s so old and precious, My revenge is finished still a benefit is necessary.

V: where will I find it?

Vy: Look for it.

He ends the call an dlooked at his daughter : who could know that you can be this useful? You made Vansh Raisinghania A puppet in my hand, I loved it. Now, Not only her, even him is finished, Riddhima’s men won’t spare him.

His daughter was in tears crying although she couldn’t understand what he was talking about, she could sense that whatever he sais, it was so bad.

Advay entered there and found his sister’s clothes filled with blood and he looked at Vansh with angry eyes then the next moment, Vansh felt a bullet pierced his shoulder  and fell .


Vyom exhaled a deep breath looking at the diamonds He has, And then at his daughter: Now you are of no worth, My Brother who was protecting you is dead now. I am at peace after taking his life, Two birds with one stone, Riddhima who ruled the underworld is now dead, And Vansh who was the eligible son of Raisinghania is dead too, That too after comitting a murder; Now your turn.

He guided his gun toward Kriti’s head and bullet was fired while he fell, looking at the black heels with steady steps which he could recognize very well.

Vy: Impossible, You’re

R: Dead? I have this talent too of turning the impossible possible, I thought you missed me therefore I came for you.

He pressed his wound with his hand: I saw your corpse.

K(shouted): Vaaanshhhh

He opened his arms for her and she hugged him: You too???

R: Jo Hota hai woh dikhta nahi h aur Jo dekhta hai woh hota nahi h, I am sure you heard this line before.

Before Some time

Vansh felt a bullet pierced his shoulder and fell  as a voice shouted his name before pushing him.

Advay looked at her: Riddhima???

Angrey came there: We tracked the call, and found Vyom.

Fb starts

Scene 1

R’s pov

I don’t trust anyone therefore I kept a spying device on his clothes while I was keeping my hand around his neck.  Now, I refuse to believe he is traitor, He lied but why? I will figure it out.I was listening to what he was saying and slowly I understood everything.

Vy: I want her dead by the morning. Will you complete your part of the deal Or shall I call it off?

V: No no no I am going to fulfill it. (Closing his eyes) Tonight I will kill Riddhima.

Vy: Great! Of course, If you want Kriti back.

V: Don’t hurt her, You promised me ! (Vyom ended the call) I gave everything for Kriti,My diamonds !! However, He won’t let her go if I don’t do as he wants. I didn’t know that he planned to trap us when he asked me to come to that place along with Kriti, He said He will go from our life once and forever If I do so, Therefore I went. She is the only weakness that I have, And I can’t endanger her life; I have to kill Riddhima.

With shiveering hands I drank water to calm myself down.

I clutched my hand angrily, Vyom’s end is with my hands. Hearing Vansh coming inside my room, I closed my eyes.

V(moist eyes): I have to do it! I am sorry.

The gun fell from his hand and he sat there: Kritit ! I can’t do it even for her !! How Can I say that she is like my daughter? I let her in danger and can’t bring her back.

A message reached him and he stood up immediately and shot In her direction: I am really sorry

The message was from Angrey

“Theres’ someone keeping an eye on you, You have to shoot, and no need to worry, Nothing will happen to her with the bulletproof vest, We’ll save Kriti as we tracked the call”

Fb ends

He was bleeding heavily : Angrey bring the doctor now !!

V: No Kriti !!

R: Just lay here, I am going to bring her.

V: No, I can save her (He closed his eys with pain)

R: Look at your condition, It won’t take Vyom even  A minute to finish you. I know where is he? and I will bring her back.

V(held her hand): Please, Let me go with you ! Kriti needs Protection, He is dangerous.

Riddhima nodded her head.


R: Vansh, TAke Kriti and get out of here.

V: No!!

R: Angrey, get him the hell out of here forcefully if it is needed, He is bleeding and so weak to even stand.

Ang: Let’s go, Vansh.

V: No !!

Riddhima raised her eyebrow: Take him out. (she pressed with her heels the place where her bullet hit Vyom) I have an important work that I can’t delay, And I don’t want Kriti to see him.

Angrey forcefully took them out of the place while Vyom gave her a mocking smile: You are doing it for him? You don’t know taht he is your enemy, A secret agent  ! You’ll get rid of me, Then he’ll catch you !!

R(smirked): I know and if he turned out to be a cheater he’ll die before he can arrest me, With each step he took, He passed a test that I have put for him. (caressing his wound with the gun) How did you think I became the queen?


Author’s pov

Riddhima came out of the place signaling her men to get rid of Vyom’s body. Vansh was getting weaker with time.

R: damn your foolishness! Couldn’t you just listen to me?

V: Thank you! (closing his eyes) I am indebted to you.

His head rested back as he lost consciousness, Kriti shouted: Papaaaaaaaaa!

Riddhima looked at the girl who started crying with emotions and hugged her, removing her tears.

R: Are you scared?

Kriti nodded her head cryingly, and Riddhima gave her a sweet smile: But your papa is fine, but he needs his Kriti, He is just sleeping now.

K: Really?

R: Yes, He was tired because he was looking for Kriti. If you don’t cry he’ll be fine and you’ll have fun together, Now Will you cry?

Kriti signaled in a negative way and Riddhima turned to Angrey who was ready to drive.

R: Give me the keys! We need to reach hurriedly, and this is my specialty!

He looked dumbfounded at her and she drove to the mansion at a very fast speed not giving a head to the cars who were about to be rolled over because of her.

R’s pov

we reached my mansion where the doctor I called was waiting for our arrival, Vansh was in a bad state, and I felt bad for the little girl, She turned out to be his niece for real. But why that Ass*** Wanted to kill them? this is what I don’t have an idea about.

After the doctor treated Vansh’s wound, I checked on him and found Kriti sleeping near him, They seem to be having a normal life, The one I will never have !! I shrugged my thoughts then left the place to Advay Bhai, I don’t know I feel so annoyed and if it was someone else who shot him, I would have killed him. but I know Bhai, He didn’t do it on purpose, It was a misunderstanding.

R(crossing her arms over her chest): Bhai, what was that? Why did you interfere in my matter? you know that I hate it so much, still, how could you shoot him?

Ad: Why did you expect me to do seeing you drenched in your own blood? It reminded me of the bitter past, Already forgot how My daughter was killed?

R(bitterly): Never ever forgot that sight, Chang killed her therefore I made him live a life worst than dogs then killed him when I was satisfied. He spent The whole year in my basement screaming while I cut each time a part of his blo*dy body.  the scene of her corpse never left my mind, No matter how much I try. But it doesn’t give you the right to shoot people !!

Ad: WHy are you hyper over it? since when you are caring about these small matters? Don’t tell me (open eyes) You fell for him? He can be his enemy!

R: Well, it still not decided either he is, or not. The last time he has a chance to shoot still he didn’t, It means killing me wasn’t his intention at all, Still, one more test is needed to be passed. He fails, He dies!

Ad: What do you mean?

R: I was doubting the way he took the gun, He was either one of us Or in the police force, therefore I contacted Kabir, He told me who he is. A secret agent, But he has many chances to catch me, why didn’t he do it when we were there?

Ad: Maybe he was so weak to do so.

R: That what I need to discover.

Ad: Tell me if you need anything !! You’re so stubborn, No matter how much I try to stop you, You won’t agree.

R: Take care of yourself.

She strolled out of his room and found Angrey’s head looking down.

R: you know what mistake you did! Nowadays, You are committing so many mistakes, Angrey, And if it isn’t for your loyalty, I would Have punished you.

Ang: I am really sorry, Boss, For a moment, I was distracted, and didn’t see Advay sir going inside the mansion.

R: Be aware next time.

Ang: what about that?

R(understanding): Time will tell.

Vansh woke up and found Kriti cutely sleeping near him, He remembered how his dad told them about Vyom being his son, but Vyom was so ungrateful and envious and killed his dad to get everything. However his dad had already understood his son’s intentions and left everything for Vansh, During the period Vyom lived with them, A woman came and declared that she has a daughter with him, and can’t afford to take care of her anymore therefore she’ll just leave her there. Acting Nice he took care of the girl, Vansh gets attached to her especially that he had newly lost her wife-daughter in a sad accident. Kriti meant everything to Vansh and Vyom kept blackmailing him to take over everything especially the diamonds, that he has taken.

V: Thank god this nightmare is finished, and you are not anymore in danger. I had to win as long as you are with me. You are rightly named “Kriti”.

he hugged her ad she opened her eyes: Papa !!

V(moist eyes): what !!

She hugged him: Papa,  I cried so much but aunt said you are sleeping. Because you are tired, we’re you so tired?

V: I was, BAby but not anymore. (to himself) she is good at heart no matter what she shows, she is the reason why I and Kriti are safe. I am indebted to her but I can’t stay here, we need to leave.

I was going when something caught my eyes, There were few papers, I checked them. Holly shit! These files can make her fall in trouble! I took it, then strolled out of the mansion along with Kriti.

Riddhima was looking at each step he was taking: You did wrong, Vansh! Now No one will save you! Even me !!

She clutched the glass till it breaks in her hand: The first time I am trusting someone and he is deceiving me! I guess the time comes to show him the other face of mine.

He was giving her his back: I gave you many chances to prove yourself, Yet you had made your mind to deceive me, Now the poison will kill you and before the doc can figure out which poison it was given to you, You’ll die.

Fb starts

Riddhima kept the poisonous water in Vansh’s room: If you are loyal, You’ll be saved.

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With shivering hands I drank water to calm myself down, then I took the gun and hid it sneaking to her room but no one was there, I think the queen has a weak security system.

Fb ends

Vansh left Kriti as he was holding her falling on his knees, Giving Riddhima a clear vision of what he was doing, whilst she stood there shocked before a tear fell on her cheek: Vanshh !!

She looked at the fire that burnt the files regretfully and then At Angrey who came running behind her: You’re always f*** late, why didn’t you inform me !!! What were you doing?

Ang: The antidotes first !!

R(held his hand): Stay with me!

After so many hours, He was better, The antidote saved his life at the right moment while Riddhima cursed herself Thousands of times for endangering his life. She realized that she can’t afford to lose him, Even being the queen, she needs him with her.

K(to Vansh): Papa, Did you play so much without Kriti, You keep falling asleep !!

V(Hardly chuckled): Yes, Your Papa Played so much, Thus you have to play with me so that I don’t sleep.

Riddhima came and bent toward Kriti’s level: don’t you want Ice cream? I have plenty of it. Go with that uncle, He’ll give it to you.

K(looking at Angrey): He is scary.

R(laughed): Angrey, stop scaring the girl!

Ang(confused): what Shall I do?

R: smile a little bit, Maybe !!

Ang(trying his best to smile): See I am not scary now.

K: He is scarier now!

R(chuckled): He is a good man, I promise! (Kriti seemed to be more prudent and Riddhima looked at Vansh)

V(nodding his head): You can go with him !!

They were gone and Vansh looked at Riddhima who was feeling guilty.

V: what is it about?

R: I want to know few things.

V: I am all ears.

R: Who are you? why didn’t you what you were supposed to do?

V: You mean arresting you? (She nodded her head in a positive way) Because I am not an agent anymore, I left that life! I am only the normal Vansh Raisinghania, The ex-agent! I left that life after the death of my wife and daughter. The attack was to kill me but they died instead, and I couldn’t bear it, So I left it. That’s why Arresting you weren’t on my list, All I wanted to do is rescue Kriti and go away from here. Time to go now, This time I saved you but next time, You’ll have to save yourself.

R: can’t you stay here?

V: I can’t !! where there are fear and danger! I can never give Kriti to life like that.

R: I will protect her.

V: I said the same about my daughter, and do you know where is she now? Dead! I’ll never repeat the same mistake again.

R: Please, Vansh !! I can leave everything for you, We can start all over again (He walked away but stopped when he heard her next word) I love you !! Please !!

But he went out of her mansion along with Kriti, Letting the queen having tears in her eyes.

One month later

In England

Vansh was sleeping while He is hearing a voice waking him up cutely.

V(closed eyes): Kriti !!!

K: Papa, wake up, I have to go to school !!

V: I am awake !!

K: Pappppaaaaa!!!

V(opening his eyes): Okey doll, here I am, Good morning.

K(looking at something): Papa, Isn’t she Aunt’s pic?

V: Emm no (hiding it) It’s nothing !! Go and get ready I am coming !!

She went and he looked at her pic:

: As usual, You are looking dangerous, that you really are, but so beautiful, Good morning! Sometimes I regret my decision and other times I convince myself that I did right. I hope you are not cutting someone into pieces today!

He laughed at his silly joke, He was missing her, With time he realized that he loved her too. Although the darkness that was around her, She did steal his heart, however, he never tried to find or contact her.

He kept her photo in his drawer again as his new habit of talking to her all time. And went only to find Kriti ready and having her breakfast.

V: Woah, Kriti today is having her breakfast without any drama. I am amazed. Oh, I know why now !! The trip right?

K(excited): Yes, Today we’ll go on a trip, I am so excited.

V: let’s go now, I am going to be late !!

Vansh bid her bye and went to his office, He was managing his own company that he inherited from his dad, and was doing pretty well. The secretary came hurriedly.

Se: Sir, Switch on the tv.

V: what happened?

Se: check it, sir.

He switched it on only to find an explosion happened caused the school bus to be burnt. He couldn’t react, He only whispered: Kriti !!

He ran to his car to the place where the accident occurred, the fire was everywhere, He cried !!

V(crying): Kriti !!

They tried to stop him but he fought with them to reach there shouting: KRIITTIIIIIIIIIIIIII

: AHhhh your papa is shouting so much, Isn’t it?

He turned only to see Riddhima sitting with the kids in a corner keeping her hand on her cheek.

R: You are late !!

V: Kriti! (he hugged her checking her either she was hurt) Are you fine?

K: I am totally fine !!

A man asked the driver: what happened?

Dr: there was a bomb in the school bus, and a madwoman came and saved us, She gets us out of it, Before it could explode.

R: Yeah, Or else you would have been now fried meat!

The man: Who are you?

V: The madwoman !!

R(gave him a look): Ungrateful!

He took Kriti in his arms while she followed him, he faced her: See, Thank you so much for saving Kriti but you can’t come with us.

R: says who?

V: me !!

R: I do not give a damn, I am coming with you.

V: not happening.

R(took Kriti and put her in the car): see it happening!

She sat in the seat near him, and he sighs: What am I going to do now?

R: Give up!

V: I won’t.

R: we’ll see.

He drove to the house making sure Kriti was fine then went back to Riddhima: What do you want?

R: You !!

V: I don’t want you!

R: You are lying!

V: I am not

R: Then what is this doing with you? (showing him the pic he kept in the drawer) actually, the kids never keep secrets. (she whispered to him cutely)  moreover that I knew you took it, After your departure! That’s why I came.

V: for the pic?

R: for the man who is keeping it with him!

V: It doesn’t mean I have something toward you.

R: Let’s figure it out.

She pulled him toward her fusing their lips while his eyes were wide in shock but soon he was kissing her back with the same passion, She had for him, She smiled in the kiss making him distance himself: What?

R: You were lying! You feel it too but you are scared!

V: Yes I am terrified, Not for myself, For the girl inside, after filling my life again with hope, I’ll die if something happens to her.

R: and I’ll not let anything happen to her or to you, I left that life, and came to you as Riddhima only Riddhima! I craved this normal life too! and wanted to live it with you, to give her a mother’s love, Although it will be hard to change myself still at least I tried Because I didn’t know that you are too coward to accept your feelings. I am going !!

R’s pov

I was trying hard to find Vansh after the last time he left, I understood his fear and decided to end everything then go to him. But I got to know about the bomb on the bus, therefore, saving the kids was more important, I thought After changing myself Vansh will accept me, But he refused. He doesn’t know that his enemies are still behind him therefore they tried to kill Kriti along with all the kids. He thought that leaving the job and the country will make them safe but he is wrong! Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell him about it and scare him more. While going I felt a hand stopping me, She was Kriti.

K: aunt where are you going?

R(patted her cheek): I came only to see you, Now I am going! Take care of yourself.

K: But papa is always missing you, He always says that to your picture.

R(looked at him): what the use? He is so coward ! and I hate cowards! Needless to worry Vansh, When I go now, I will never come back. I promise you.

She turned to go again ad Kriti pleaded Vansh: Papa please tell her to stay !!

V:  The queen has to go (she felt hurt) Because we want only Riddhima here!

She turned to him: Means?

V: It means I am sorry because I was really a coward. We can live here away from the dark world peacefully. I am sorry to hurt you, I love you, riddhima!

She smiled widely hugging him: Finally !! You are so slow to realize! I love you too.

K(sad): and me?

V & R: We love you too !!

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After a week

Riddhima ad Vansh had a small party where they announced their marriage, Kriti was on cloud nine to get a mother.

Vansh brought his business partner to introduce him to Riddhima: This is Aryan Trivedi, Riddhima, My business partner, He wanted to see my beautiful bride.

Ar: Glad to finally meet the gorgeous lady.

R(smiled): Thank you, Mr.Trivedi, This is so sweet of you.

Someone called Vansh and Aryan eyed her from top to button: you’re such a beauty, Riddhima!

R(smiled): Mrs.Raisinghania !!

Ar: what a loss! Vansh found a beautiful gem!

R: Indeed I am, isn’t he lucky? If you want you can try your chance.

Ar: Really? Then I’ll be so interested to do so.

R(smiled winking): Wait for me!

Aryan left the party happily thinking of the way he found to harm Vansh.

After the party

Riddhima was nowhere to be seen, and vansh was worried: Where did she go on our first night?

After one hour she came back, Vansh hugged her: I was so worried about you, where did you go?

R: I remembered something and went to bring it.

They walked hand in hand to their room where it was beautifully decorated with flowers, Red ones. He sat and she sat in his lap.

V: Easy Mrs.Raisinghania !!

R: Not tonight!

V(side smile): The night seems promising.

R(whispered seductively): More than what you imagine! But first I want to promise you to always love you, and never let the darkness affects our happiness. I am going to do my best to protect our small family as long as I live.

V(touch her nose with his nose): and I promise you to love you both so much, and never leave you behind alone, I love you.

R: I love you too. Back to the topic, Where were we?

V(winking): The promises.

She exposed her shoulder to him giving him a view of her delicate skin, and he traveled his lips on it giving her wet kisses, while they were engrossed in their own world.

The other day

V: what do you mean Aryan disappeared?

Sec: I don’t know sir! He gave his shares to you and vanishes, no one can reach him.

V: Ok, I will end the call.

R(confused): what happened Vansh?

V: You remember my business partner? Aryan?

R: I am not sure I met so many people!

V: anyway he is nowhere to be found. Maybe that bastard is trapping a girl again and he’ll show up.

R: OR Maybe won’t !!

Fb starts

R(smiled winking): Wait for me!

Aryan left the party happily thinking of the way he found to harm Vansh.

Another place

Screams could be heard echoing in a house if the walls weren’t soundproof.

R:  Aren’t you enjoying my company now? Did you think you can use me to harm Vansh? Then you are damned Because I am going to give you the worst way of death you could ever imagine.

She said while digging the other nail in his hand while he screamed more: Won’t you hit on me? Awee I am hurt, Your mouth was talking non-stop there, and here All you’re doing is shouting.

She dug another nail: I would have spared you for your badtameezi but for trying to attack Kriti, Your penalty is a painful death.

She threw his body in the bathtub where the hydrofluoric acid was filled.

R: Vansh and Kriti are not only the reason why this queen is no more but also can be the reason for her return as well. You did a mistake when you didn’t identify whom you chose as an enemy.

She left after making sure the papers were with her and no traces were of the body. Like this, Aryan Trivedy’s existence was over.

Fb ends

V: what?

R(Coming back to her senses): Maybe he isn’t trapping a girl, Maybe a work?

V: Oh yeah, That could be too. Forget it. (Touching her towel)

R: Vansh, I just took a shower don’ttttt

But it was too late as he started his sweet torture again !!

R’s pov

This side of me will always be hidden as long as you and Kriti are out of danger, But The queen will come back if she has to, I can’t afford to lose you ever, and I’ll make sure that you never have an enemy.

Author’s pov

Vansh kissed her forehead closing the cupboard door behind her where the clothes with red stains are there.


TU Guys, Ignore the bad Shaayari hahaha, and I hope you enjoyed the story, Sorry for the errors. Thank you for reading it.

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