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Written by H@imanshu

Author’s pov

Never Riddhima imagined in her worst nightmares that Kabir will be hating Vansh and wanting to destroy him for a selfish reason. and She kind of Helped him to reach his motive and made his way easy to destroy the rest of the family. After understanding everything she was so helpless, and hating herself for her stupidity that took Vansh’s life. Vansh !! The man whom she came to destroy, and seems to succeed despite his innocence! Her life went upside down after the revelation of Anupriya and Kabir’s plan to take over everything. They removed the only Obstacle toward their aim, and Unfortunately, Using her.

She went back to their room and remembered all their moments together, she didn’t love him for sure, But her heart was filled with respect and adoration toward him. The way how he was always adamant to protect his family from every danger was praiseworthy. But now the guilt is not letting her forget that she wronged him and caused his death.  She has to rescue them from this devil. She told herself making a mental note that this is the least she can do for Vansh.

R: But How Will I do all alone? back then, If I asked Vansh about everything I got to know Maybe things wouldn’t have gone so far, I guess it’s time to gather some help, but who? I need a walk to think about what to do next! I won’t let them reach what they want, and Not going to repeat my mistake again.

R’s pov

I recalled the number of times Vansh tried to explain to me that he didn’t hurt Ragini Still I couldn’t believe him. and felt a guilty tear on my cheek, I murmured: I am sorry, Vansh!

Author’s pov

Whilst she was walking absent-mindedly, Some goons noticed her and signaled to each other So that they formed a circle around her. She looked confused for a moment but then understood their intentions.

One of them took out a knife and signaled toward her bangles: Them or Your life!

R(Taking them off and throwing them toward him): Take them, and leave me alone.

The other one: Naah naah wait ! Take off all your pieces of jewelry now and give them to us.

R(exhaled a deep breath): Take all.

She wanted to go but one of them stood in front of her: I gave you all that I had.

He looked at her hand: This one too !!

R: See, I gave you everything except this one, I can’t give it to you! It’s my husband’s last memory.

She tried to move but one of them caught her hand and tried to remove her ring only for her to slap him hard on the face: I am warning you, Leave me or else

He put the knife on her neck: Or else? It seems that this girl doesn’t know who has the power to threaten here, Let’s teach her a good lesson.

He pushed her toward the other one, while he was ready to attack her but a man caught her before she could get hurt, ad fought with them. Luckily he won over them.

His back was facing her and she went behind him: Thank you so much for saving my life, You did me a favor.

: Never mind, Pretty.

He said while turning only to make her eyes went wide open: Vansh????? You are fine? They said you are (She couldn’t complete her words and her tears started flowing)

: Excuse me, gorgeous? I think you have some kind of misunderstanding here. I don’t know about whom you are talking but this is the first time I am seeing you here.

R: Vansh, I am sorry, I know you are angry with me, But Please I have something to tell you, It’s so important.

She held his hand, while he gave her a wide grin: Woah, I didn’t know that you’ll make a story to talk with me, You even gave me a name !! But sorry my name is Vihaan, and Of course (Looking at her from head to button) we can talk anything you want (winking) Anywhere !!

R(jerked her hand): Vansh, what do you think you are doing??? You’ll come in front of me (Noticing him) without your beard, and I’ll believe it’s not you? I am not a fool ok! I am telling I have something to tell you about our family! They are in danger.

Vi: Excuse me Ma’am, Your family not mine, and I don’t know what the hell you are talking about? At first, I thought you are one of the girls who want to hang out with me But Now I think you are mental. And I have no time for it.

He left her behind and she fumed angrily at his behavior.

R: what’s wrong with him? (to herself adamant) No Vansh, You’ll not fool me with this silly game! The family needs you and I will take you back to them.

She followed him till he reached his house and went inside.

R: shit !! He is inside now, what to do? I want to check there, He can lie to me about his identity but he can’t erase it.

He went out again after a friend comes to his house and luckily she noticed where he is keeping the key to his house, She opened it and entered.

R’s pov

First I have noticed a camera in front of the door, So he must be using cameras inside too. She held her dupatta and hid her face analyzing the house attentively, but didn’t find any.

R: Oh, Thankfully no cameras here. Perfect !!

She found many pictures of him, he looked different but still, she can’t convince herself that he isn’t vansh.

She started searching in the drawers and found unnecessary things, then her eyes fell on the Id Card, and opened her mouth in shock.


On the other hand, Vihaan checked his pocket: Damn Dude, I forgot something in the house, WAit, I’ll come back soon !!

She looked around and was about to go then she noticed him coming through the screen.

R: shit shit shit !!!!

She went ad hid in the cupboard cupping her mouth so that he doesn’t hear her breath.

Vi: WHere did I keep it?

She heard the sound of the drawers being open, and then he said: Thank god. Found it !

His phone rang: Hello Dad, I am coming now wait !!

She heard his footsteps and the door is closed.

R(sighs): Ufff I was about to fall in trouble.

Said while going out of the cupboard only to hear someone who answered her back.

: Then why did you enter the house of this trouble?

She looked terrified at him while he showed her his phone on which The camera captured her.

Vi: Who’re you and what are you doing here? You have three minutes to explain or else I’ll call the police, Pretty. Kya hai na, So curious I am To know for whom I owe honor to have such a beauty inside my house.

Author’s pov

Having no other way but to face him, Riddhima with her face still hidden came face to face with him.

R: I am not scared of the police, I came here for a reason.

Vi: And that reason is? Oh, Acha, I get it, I am so handsome, So you couldn’t hold yourself Back (with a flirting wink)  I understand your state!

R: Vansh, Stop this rubbish! Why are you acting as if I am a stranger???? Your family’s life is at stake, They will die if you don’t come. Don’t you care about them? Doesn’t their lives matter to you?

Vi: Why will it matter to me? You are wasting time, 2 minutes have passed, pretty, One minute left to save yourself, What are you doing here?

He took out his phone, SHe cursed: Shit he will really call the police, WHat to do now to stop him?

Vi: Finished !! (He dialed the number, and made his finger closed to show that he’ll call them)

R: fine, see this !

She showed him on the phone hers and Vansh’s picture.

Vi: WHat the hell? are you a real stalker? I didn’t know that I have someone stalking me. Get out of here, So sad that with your beauty, you are (He moved his finger near his head showing that she is crazy)

R(angrily): won’t we move on from this silly game? I said they’ll die.

Vi(meet her eyes): I do not care! Whoever will die, Let him die, why will I interfere?

She was taken aback, Vansh would never said that about his family, in fact, He would have started moving by now to rescue them.

R’s pov

Is he really not Vansh? Forgetting about the silly differences, The beard, and the way how he talks, It can be a game, But the emotions toward his family, The id card that shows he is Vihaan,  Is it fake too? I have to forget about this for the time being and focus on the important thing.

R: Give me proof that you are not Vansh.

Vi: I am still being so lenient with you, Just because of your pretty eyes, I’ll feel bad seeing them shedding tears while the police are dragging you to the cell.

R: Look, I am sorry to sneak into your place and sorry for calling you Vansh. I did because I wanted to believe badly that you are him.

Vi: who is this Vansh that you are dying to see?

R: My dead husband, (Lifting up her phone again toward him) Here it is, Vansh Raisinghania. (He rolled his eyes) Wait you still think that It is your pic? let me correct this misunderstanding now so that we talk about important things.

She found old articles about Vansh, Till she shocked him with the last one

“Billionaire Vansh Raisinghania is going to marry physiotherapist Riddhima”

R: This article was before our marriage, Do you think the reporters faked it too?

Vi(widened his eyes): This is real !! You are not lying! A billionaire? ! Oh my my, I reassemble a billionaire? Vihaan It must be your lucky day, I knew that you were always special. Woah beta !! He patted his shoulder making her look at his weird behavior.

R: and why do you suddenly feel so lucky? He is a billionaire, why do you feel happy about it? (Raised her eyebrow) Do you think you’ll take his money?

Vi( Raised his eyebrow): Maybe not, pretty!

R: Right!

She was going to leave from there but his next words stopped her, ringing some bells

 Vi(ide smile) : I thought someone needs desperately Vansh to save your family, but you can go!

She looked at him widely then said: You mean (she slapped her forehead) why didn’t I think of it?

An old man came: Where are you Vihaan Beta?

Vi: Dad

The man looked at Riddhima: WHo is she? Is she your guest?

Vi: dad, she is my client, I will finish with her, and follow you.

The man said with a warm smile: No, It’s fine, Beta, I am going. Your friend is outside, He will go with me. Needless to worry.

R’s pov

So this is his father !! what I thought and what it turns to be !! I wasted time doubting him instead of doing what is necessary !!

The man left and I looked at Vihaan, He seems to be caring despite his strange behavior. I think there’s some good quality in him.

Vi: See, Ma’am Vihaan makes deals, no charity here! I don’t have time for it, so what is your deal?

VR Mansion

Kabir was curious to know where did Riddhima goes, She vanished all of sudden, and it can’t be in his favor.

K: She must be doing something against us, Maa. We can’ let her freely be going out.

An: We can’t cage her too, she is considered now the one who gave you shelter here, so if we do something, The doubt will be created for nothing, Therefore Kabir, Calm down and think.

K: We have to do something with her, Vansh made dadi the nominated, And dadi trusts Riddhima, so if we use Riddhima, what will happen?

An(smirked evilly): Then The head of Raisinghanias will be in your pocket, Beta.

K: Start your preparations, Maa, Riddhima will become your Bahu. Woah. Again? It seems like it’s destined that she’ll be the only Bahu you have.

An: Yeah (sarcastically) Dil khush kardiya with this happy news, This much I love her!

Kabir laughed at his mother’s hatred toward Riddhima explaining his next step to his mother.


Anupriya went to Dadi’s room hurriedly: Maa, come with me.

D(panicked): what happened?

An: Something so dangerous if we don’t stop it, A corpse will be soon in this house.

The glass of water fell from dadi’s hand: WHat do you mean, Anupriya?

An: Come Maa.

She took her with her to Vansh’s room and cried: Maa, I was missing Vansh so much. (Wiping her tears) I came to rearrange his room, You know how much he loved everything to be organized. but see what I found !! Poison!

She showed her the bottle, dadi cupped her mouth with tears, and Anupriya: We lost Vansh, and if we don’t do something we’ll lose Riddhima too. I can’t imagine How is her state now. Maa, we have to find a solution fast.

D: Meii Riddhima se Baat Karti hun !!

An: Maa, I am sorry to say that, But a woman can’t take her husband’s death, She needs someone.

D(shocked): what Are you saying, Anupriya?

An: Maa, think about it, It didn’t pass even a year since they got married, and she lost her husband, Who’ll know better than me how it feels? I don’t want my Bahu to go through the same pain.

D: Riddhima will never say yes !!

An: Maa, I will try to convince her not to do it.

Riddhima came and looked shocked at Anupriya: I don’t accept it, How did you think I will get married?

D(crying): I told you Anupriya, Riddhima isn’t like that, But this bottle?

Before she could open her mouth, she saw in Kabir’s direction who was pointing toward dadi showing her a knife, She opened her eyes. Dadi asked her again: This bottle is here, what does it mean Riddhima?

Riddhima started having a white foam coming out of her mouth while Kabir smirked.

D(shouted): Riddhimaaaaa !!!!

Fb starts

Riddhima arrived in VR mansion and Kabir stopped her in the middle.

K: what is the new plan?

R(smirked): why? scared ??

K: Not a chance to scare me Since  I scare people!

R: I don’t have time for your nonsense.

K: then They won’t have much time to live.

R(gritted her teeth): what do you want?

K: I am going to give you a gift, Open it!

He gave her a box, and she looked confused at him: You have gone mad.

She tried to give it back to him but he distanced himself from it as if he’ll be electrocuted. She looked doubtfully at the box and open it only to find it empty.

R: what is this joke? what do you wanna say?

K: If you dare to say anything upstairs, I am going to finish them one by one, You know and you’ll have to be sure that I won’t spare them. Now go.

She didn’t understand till she started having the white foam that it was poison.

Fb ends

K(to himself): A scene here is necessary for my plan, No way I am going to fail. (picked his phone) Hello doctor we need you urgently in VR mansion, It’s an emergency.

Anupriya cried near Riddhima: I told you Maa Riddhima will try to take her life, See now what happened!

K’s pov

K(fake tears): first my brother and now his wife, I can’t return him to us, but I can try to save her, dadi. I know that the time is wrong but I am ready to marry Riddhima for Vansh !!!!

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K’s pov

The doctor came and treated Riddhima then declared that her body is so weak due to the poison.

D: why Riddhima?wasn’t my sadness over vansh’s death enough that you want to kill yourself. Anu Priya, you are right! Riddhima needs support and (controlling her tears) I agree to their marriage.

I(shocked): dadii! How can you!

D: look at your babhi’s condition!!  She is dying! His death broke her!

I: if she is so broken over bhai’s death, do you think she’ll be happy to remarry??

This ishaanii shouldn’t be electrocuted! I shall be sewing her mouth that is uttering rubbish!

D: no one will force her, she will do it if she wants only!

I signaled mom to take them all out, they exit and I spoke.

K: now open your eyes!!

Author’s pov

Riddhima obeyed his words and opened her eyes.

K(clapping): very well!! you almost convince me too.

R: the drama ended??

K: not yet, one more thing! When they ask you, you have to agree.

R: I won’t!

K: they’ll die!

R: you’ll get nothing in this case!

K: you are challenging me!

R: naa I am stating what you can do and what you can not, and believe me killing them is not in your hand because you need them to blackmail me,   Isn’t it?

K: it’s your misunderstanding!

R: correct it, go for it and kill them but then nothing will be in your hands, your dream of ruling this empire will remain a dream forever.

K(warning her): I will kill them all except dadi, whom I will finish only after getting everything. And I won’t need to do much, all I have to do is Shedding few tears in front of her recalling Vansh, and she will give me everything with eyes closed.

R(side smile): is it so? Then why do you need to marry me? Ahhh yes, won’t be you the primary suspect?  I mean wherever you go, a corpse is there, believe me, the fingers will be pointed toward you only thus you need to play calmly without blood, right?

K: riddhima, don’t play with me! You really don’t know what I can do!

R: I saw what you can do! Giving me an empty box to cause a chemical reaction, it means one thing, my life for you is so precious that you can’t take the risk of giving me a real poison! I want something in return!

K: In return for what?

R: marriage! You can consider it, my marriage’s gift.

K: what???

R: All the pieces of evidence, I want it tonight, I won’t say yes before getting them.

K: it will never happen! You can dream about it, but I won’t let it happen. And don’t feel so happy, your life is important for my plan and plans can be replaced.

Kabir left the room and Riddhima smirked: We’ll see Kabir either you’ll do it or not.


The family came and check on Riddhima, dadi hugged her: Thank god that you are fine, Do you know what did I go through when I saw you dying? Riddhima, If you were feeling so helpless why didn’t you tell me?

Riddhima hugged her cryingly while Dadi patted her back.

D: I understood what you are going through, and Now I agree with Anupriya.Anupriya,Chanchal??

An & Ch: Ha maa

D: Start the preparation for the marriage.

I: Dadiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!

D: Ishaani, You close your mouth, this is my final decision!

I(with hatred at Riddhima): I don’t believe you are too desperate to marry; His death’s sadness is so fresh still youuu (Tears) I can’t hate you more!

She stomped her feet while leaving the room.

R(weakly): Dadi, First I want to tell you something !!

D: Ha, tell us.

R: Kabir regretted wronging Vansh, He said it was a mere misunderstanding therefore he said he is going to burn the FIR in front of all of us so that Vansh’s name be clean.

Kabir was unable to react with shock, He kept looking at her while she smirked with a “Reject if you can” look. Dadi went to him and put her hand on his head.

D: God had snatched my grandson but it was so merciful with me that he brought back another one. By doing it the respect and love for you will grow Kabir, You’ll clear Vansh’s name, This is the best gift you’ll give me. thank you beta.

K’s pov

Damn you Riddhima !! You played with me and made this old woman emotional ad I can’t let go of this opportunity, Vansh is definitely dead, giving the FIR won’t be useful for them, In fact, it will be for me, to impress this old grandmother.

Author’s pov

Kabir leaned and took her blessings: Dadi, what are you saying? How can you thank me? I am your grandson, and he was my brother, wait I am coming.

He brought everything and set it to fire, While Riddhima smiled to herself: I told you, Kabir, you will definitely do it, Now, Time for the next plan.

Dadi hugged him thanking him for what he did, and left the room so that they start preparing for the marriage.

R’s pov

Now, I need to do that for the next step, It’s necessary.

Kabir received a message from a number he frowned then went angrily to Riddhima snatching her phone.

R: what the hell?

K(checking it): Nothing !!

He went again and she smirked. Another person received a message too and went waiting for the person who sent it to appear.

The other day

Everyone in VR mansions was unconscious while Riddhima sneaked out of it heading to a place, She knocked and he opened the door for her.

Vi: Pretty !! I thought you didn’t miss me and you won’t show up!

R: save this nonsense for later, Here it is what you asked for, This Riffle is so precious for the family, And I am bringing it to you in exchange for your help.

Vi(snatching it): I heard about it !! Oh shit !! I can’t believe I am seeing it for real. Woah what a price! I love it. Vihaan accepts your deal.

She sighs feeling sorry for taking the riffle and bringing it to him. she hoped he was vansh so that she won’t be doing a huge mistake. She ignored her thoughts.

R: Now, Let me explain to you all, And remember there”s a deal between us.

His phone started ringing, and he answered: Hello maa, WHATTTT????????

He started going and she asked him confused: where do you think you are going?

She held his hand but he jerked it: I am sorry but the emergency case, I have to go.

R(angrily): No way !! I brought you what you want, You’ll come with me.

Vi: no way !!! my father is in hospital, and no money can be more important than him. (giving her the riffle) Take it, and save it. My dad first then deals.

She silently kept the riffle aside: I am going with you.

He didn’t answer, The whole way, He didn’t utter a word and she was looking continuously at him.

R’s pov

I thought he is Vansh and playing a game with me, But what is happening now !! Let me see either he is lying or telling the truth.

We reached the hospital and looked at the man who was in a bad state in shock.

Vi: Doctor, what happened to dad?

D: He went into an accident and bled for a long time, He needs a Blood transfusion urgently.

Vi: I am ready.

D: come with us.

Author’s pov

He went with them and she sat near the woman who was crying: Aunt, don’t worry !! Uncle will be fine.

Vihaan came after a while with the doctor, and she was convinced that he isn’t Vansh.

Riddhima signaled him to come and looked at his arm: I am sorry for bothering you, This is my address, Please I need your help, I will inform you later how !! I am sorry for your dad’s state, I hope he’ll be fine, But now I need to go.

Vi: I will definitely help you after making sure that dad is fine.

R(polite smile): I will wait.

She went and Vihaan went to the woman: Don’t worry uncle is fine, Vihaan donated the blood, and his treatment fees will be paid by me, Aunt.

Riddhima came back while Kabir woke up wondering what happened to him all of sudden, She heads to a room: Thank you for your help, Ishaani !!

I: It’s necessary to flop Kabir ad his mother’s plans, I will never let them Have Vansh’s bhai’s property.  even if I ‘ll have to be on your team.

Riddhima side smiled: Soon, He’ll come! The one who’ll make them shiver with fear.

After 3 days

All of them looked shocked at him, and nobody could do anything other than opening their mouth.

V: what happened to everyone? Aren’t you happy with my return? Seeing your pale faces makes me feel as if you saw a ghost here.

D(whispered): Vansh !! (cried) Beta, you are fine !! (He smiled coming forward and take her blessing)

V: Dadi! you know I hate tears!

D(smiled with tears): Vansh came back to us, Where were you? They told us that you are (she couldn’t complete the word)

V: Naah dadi, Maut Apke Pote ki zindagi nahi le sakti, meii Utna Kamzor nahii hun, Kuch bhi Aapke Pote ko hara nahi sakta.

R(to herself): great Job, Vihaan carry on ! (looking at Kabir’s shock) I am having fun while looking at his face.

D: we lost hope when You vanished Beta! Police couldn’t find you ad (shrugged her thoughts) Now you came everything will be fine.

V(smiled): Ha dadi, Ab main sab kuch sahi karunga ! (To Ishaani) WOn’t you welcome your brother?

I: Bhai !! (hugged him) I missed you so much !! Where did you go leaving us! You don’t know what happened in your absence. (with hatred) This Riddhima gave Kabir your position in this house, she was about to get married to him. and this Kabir suddenly came to our house and became our brother.

V: Brother?

I(despise toward him): Ha, By coincidence, he turned out to be our so-called brother.

V: Mom’s lost son?

Anu: Ha Vansh, He regretted what he has done, It was a mistake that he corrected by getting rid of the FIR in front of us.

D: Ha Beta, He did it.

V: and what are all these decorations for?

I(evil smile): He is so good that he was marrying your wife for her sake. I am telling you, Bhai, It’s their Plan !!

D: Ishaani, Keep your mouth shut, Don’t you see all the bandages around his body, He is still not covered fully.

I: It’s necessary for him to know what is happening behind his back.  His so-called brother and so-called wife are marrying.

He clutched his fists angrily and broke everything there in anger, then looked at Riddhima in anger: Few days, Riddhima, I was gone just for few days, ANd you found a groom for you and marrying him?

R: Vansh, please listen to me, I didn’t want to

V: I don’t wanna hear your excuses! (Held his arm)

R: vanshhh !

V(shouts): I said I don’t wanna hear your voice! Aaj ki baad Hamare beech meii koi rishta Nahi hai.

R & D(shocked): Vansh

V: this is my final decision, Dadi.

R(sadly): If it is Vansh’s decision then I am going to do as he wants, dadi;I will bring my luggage.

She went whipping her tears while dadi scolded Vansh: You don’t know what happened when you weren’t here? She tried to kill herself because she couldn’t bear it. it was my and Anupriya’s decision to get them married.

V: Mom, You too?

An: Beta, I couldn’t see her bad condition, therefore, I decided to think about her welfare, It’s not her mistake.

D(warning him): and what you said, you have to back off from it and apologize to Riddhima now !!

I(hid her smirk): Things are going as we planned. Vihaan stopped the marriage and Convinced everyone that he is Vansh. But I have to have a word with him.

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Fb starts

He went again and she smirked. Another person received a message too and went waiting for the person who sent it to appear.

She went and faced the person who was waiting for her in the secret room.

I: what the hell ?  were you the one who sent that message? Do you have any idea how terrified I was because of your dirty game? and what do you mean by “I know who killed your mother, your Bhai and Sia??” What is your new game? I know very well that you were spying on Bhai !! And Can’t convince myself that this entry of the new Brother is a coincidence and not a plan of yours.

R: If your allegations are finished, can I talk now?

I: I have no time for it, I am going!

She walked angrily leaving the place and Riddhima spoke: I confess that I was a spy who came to gather pieces of evidence against Vansh.

I(looked shocked at her): Wow, How shameless you became to say that! Or by Bhai’s death, you don’t care anymore !! (smiled sarcastically) You have to, after all, My dadi trusts you more than me !!

R: can’t we stop this enmity for a while? You want the truth then hear it till the end don’t speak in the middle till I finish. I came here to spy on him, You are right I knew Kabir and was sent by him, but what you don’t know is the fact that not only Kabir who wanted to destroy Vansh, There’s another person who hated your Bhai so much.

I: Aryan can’t be this daring, and Chachi won’t do it. I can’t believe you are thinking of accusing someone else of your mistake.

R: What if you hear the confession? will you be on my side for Vansh’s sake?

I: That is a very big IF, Because I don’t believe that someone had this courage enough to hurt him, They can be greedy but can not murder him.

She smirked and kept the Bluetooth headset in her ear.

R: stay here!

She nodded whilst going to Anupriya’s room as she has to take advantage of Kabir’s absence, He will be gone for many hours. But still, He is not easy to fool.

Anupriya gave a mocking smile to Riddhima as she came: What are you doing here? Came to beg for their lives?

R: Naah My soon-to-be mother-in-law, I came to say that you need me so you are the one who needs to beg me.

An(Held her neck): Last time, It was just chemicals, but this time, it Will be a real poison, If I can kill Uma, Vansh and Sia, Why do you think I can’t add you and them to my list? Nowadays, You are playing without any fear, You forgot that We can kill them in no time. So it’s better if you obey silently what Kabir says.

She pushed her while she coughs non-stop to catch some air, Anupriya said: Don’t forget this warning !!

Riddhima left with moist eyes due to the suffocating feelings and went back to Ishaani in the secret room.

She found her cupping her mouth crying: She killed them !!

R(put a hand on her shoulder): I understand your feelings, the trust that you had toward her is broken now, and it hurts as she was your mother. However, (With tears) Who will give Vansh justice if we keep crying here?

I: Let’s inform police !!

She was going but Riddhima held her hand: No

I: I’ll go!

R: where is your evidence?

I: The record!

R: If Kabir can fake evidence against Vansh and make it look real, Don’t you think he can destroy the real ones too? Moreover that before her arrest he can finish your family.  I can’t take the risk, We’ll give the police this record only when we get his confession as well.

I(wiped her tear): How can we do it?

R: I have a way, but the price is so high! Using this method, The marriage will be stopped and we’ll send them where they belong. But For it, I need something that our family owes and it’s precious. This is his deal!

I: who is he?

R(showing her the pic): Him! (Ishaani’s eyes were out of sockets) Before you misunderstand, He isn’t your Bhai, just a lookalike, I made sure of it. Even At first, I thought he is Vansh, But No, Unfortunately, he isn’t.

I: You mean we can

R(smirked): Bring Back Vansh Raisinghania himself! We don’t have much time, Kabir and Anupriya made the first step to convince dadi about marriage and we are going to flop their plan in our way. Remember well that we should still be enemies in front of them.

Fb ends

Vihaan entered the room where Riddhima turned and smiled: Good Job, Vihaan, You did a great work in convincing them, If I am not mistaken, Kabir will fall into the trap I prepare for him.

Kabir went to Ishaani’s room, she snapped at him: What are you doing here? Ohhh You are scared because of Bhai’s return? You have to be, I am going to enjoy it so much.

K: who told you he is your Bhai?

I: What do you mean? Do you still have doubts? come with me !!

She took him with her to their room: See he is Bhai.

K: shhh let’s see.

Riddhima looked at Vihaan: All due to you, Vihaan, Everything was possible!

Ishaani cupped her mouth widening her eyes, then was about to enter but Kabir pulled her away.

K: See, I told you he is not Vansh. Now, Let’s go and tell everyone.

I: if they have to choose between believing in me and in Riddhima, They’ll choose her, so forget this solution, This man dared to Play with us. I am going to bring substantial proof that he is not Bhai.

Kabir smirked and Ishaani looked at him (to herself): You fool, You’ll prove in front of the family that he is Bhai, Then The property that you wanted will make you lose it and make a mistake that cost you a high price. Wait and see, hum tumhara kyaa haal karte h !

They left and Riddhima smiled widely: He took the bait.

Vihaan laid on the sofa lazily: So this is The billionaire’s life? He is called Billionaire for a reason, Pretty Raisinghania.

R: Thank you, Vihaan, for your help.

Vi: Dollar biwi, I am not doing you a favor, It’s a deal, so never mention it.

R: Still I want to say thanks, You left your  dad, and came with me to save my family. There’s nothing more precious than the family, and I know that is your work, I respect it. Every one of us has his own way to fulfill our family needs. At first, I thought you were a badtameez person, But Then after seeing you with your dad, How worried you were, You reminded me of someone. Maybe because I have wronged him so much, I don’t want to do the same with you. So I am so thankful for your support. It will be a dangerous war, and you expect anything from the enemy.

Vi(looking straightly in her eyes): I understand why I am fighting, why are you fighting?

R: For the rights of my husband, I am fighting. This is the only good thing I can do for him now.

Vi: You seem like you wronged him so much!

R: I did, we don’t have time for what I did. The important thing is this property, It shouldn’t be taken by Kabir by any means.

Vi: So the property is the reason, you want to take everything for yourself,  Am I right Or Am I right?

R: Vihaan, There are many things that I can’t reveal now Because we don’t have time.  but It’s not like what it seems to be !!

V’s pov

What is your game, Riddhima? After your cheat, WHat do you intend to do with my family? and how did you manipulate Ishaani into helping you! I must have underestimated you, sweetheart !! You are more dangerous than Kabir himself. And you’ll be the last on my list.

Author’s pov

They noticed Dadi near their door, and Riddhima removed her unexistent tears hugging him: Vansh I am sorry, I admit my mistake, But please don’t leave me! Please.

He encircled his arms around her: Dadi told me that you were obeying her words, You have no mistake in it still I am hurt that you agreed. What if I didn’t come? Was our relationship meaningless for you?

Dadi smiled seeing their moment and decided to leave.

R: No Vansh! Believe me! I would have never been another man’s wife.  I wanted to be with you when I realized you were gone. But dadi feared losing me too therefore She wanted me and Kabir to

He closed her mouth with his hand stopping her and They had an eye lock, And Riddhima’s eyes were teary (to herself): Why do I feel like crying? Why Am I seeing Vansh? Why this pain in my heart?

His grip on her was stronger, He didn’t know either because he was angry or felt bad to see her tears.

V(to himself): I made once a mistake of trusting these pretty eyes, Still they had the power to make me lost and weak. But I can’t forgive or forget what you did Riddhima! But your tears!

Unwantedly his hands moved on their own wish and started wiping her tears.

She recalled Vansh and cried more, He realized what he was doing: She went! (she looked at him) I mean his dadi!

His statement made her come back to reality, He was Vihaan and not Vansh !!

R(fake cough): I think we convinced dadi, so she won’t have doubt about you. Be aware, dadi loved vansh immensely, and He adored and respected her, So never say No to her.

V: Why whenever you speak, I hear the guilt in your voice, What did you do to him that you can’t hide your guilt, Mrs.Pretty? i knew the moment I saw you that these eyes of yours can take lives.

Riddhima recalled her allegations toward him, when she spied on him, and finally handing Ragini to Kabir.

R: you have to ask what didn’t I do !!

V: Means? See My dollar biwi, I don’t understand deep words, I am a straightforward person who prefers simple words.

R: What I did is bigger than being explained in simple words, Vihaan. Let it be, Our talk won’t change the past but we can discuss The next plan, You know what will be?

V: Of course, It will be for tomorrow. Now, Excuse me, Dollar Biwi, I am going to sleep.

He headed toward the bed and she looked at him dumbfounded.

R: you’ll sleep there?

V: Yes, Where do you think I’ll be sleeping? No way, I am going to sleep on the sofa for you, Even for your khubsurti I can’t let my back aches! I have to protect my back so that I can walk like him !

She unwantedly smiled: Do you know that you don’t stop uttering nonsense? but still I find it funny!  Between you ad him, there are many differences! Thank you !!

V(weird look): You’re back to be mental again, Why are you thanking me now?

R: Because with every minute I spend with you, I realize how good he was and how blind I was.

She controlled her tears and went to the washroom then started crying: Why do I miss him now? Why this pain is not bearable anymore! Why can’t I control myself around Vihaan? I didn’t love Vansh, Or Did I? and why now??

She exited the room and he hit the wall with his hand: I have to deal with this matter fast.

She came back and took her pillow ad blanket heading toward the couch but was pulled back by someone.

V: When I am playing his role, It’s not good if I behave otherwise. If someone sees us, He will doubt, therefore (He made her sit on the bed) this is your place !! (to himself) No you idiot, this is not what you intended to do, what are you doing? You are messing up everything !! after an intern war, I decided not to spend the night there  !!

I left the room going out of the mansion but found Ishaani there.

V: Ishaani, what are you doing there?

I: Actually Bhai, I lost my earing somewhere but still due to the darkness I can’t see anything.

V: don’t bend when you are pregnant, I will look for it.

He bent trying to find the earing while she came behind him, He heard a sound and turned: what was that?

I: what bhai?

V: You didn’t hear the sound?

I: which sound?

V: never mind, I don’t see anything, go and sleep now, It’s not good for you to stay awake in this condition.

She was walking back when she saw Kabir upstairs and gave him a thumb up to which he smirked.

K: Few days, Mr.Imposter, You and Riddhima’s game will be ended.

He called Ishaani: When You’ll do it?

I: Tomorrow, Then I’ll get revenge on them for playing with the family.

K: If you need my help, You’ll find your brother always with you.

I: Kabir, We are on one team for a reason! You know That despite helping you, I will never consider you my brother, so save this emotional drama for dadi, she’ll believe you.

She cut the call after her last line, and he cursed her: as If I am interested to make you my sister, Now I’ll bear you, but later when you stop being useful I’ll show you who is Kabir!

The other day, Ishaani went in the morning while Angrey was confused because of her weird moves.

Ang: where have you been?

I: Important work.

Ang: what is that important work?

I: Do I ask you what important work you have? No, right? SO please respect my privacy as well !!

Ang: Ok sorry for crossing my lines, You can have your so-called privacy !!

He left.

I: Sorry, Angrey but Riddhima asked me not to tell you, She is afraid of your reaction.

Fb starts

R: Ishaani, I want you to promise me !

I: what promise?

R: To not tell Angrey about what I told you.

I(perplexed): what ?? wHy???? It will be useful if he knows!

R: Try to understand!! Angrey was the closest person to Vansh, Do you think he’ll bear to see his murderer and The man who is playing his role in the house? If he loses it after seeing Vihaan or Kabir, The plan and efforts will be wasted. He can never be a part of this plan.

I(after thinking for a while): You are right !! I promise!

Fb ends

: Boss, Ishaani is behaving strangely!

V: She is manipulated, Don’t blame her, Angrey! When she knows the truth, she’ll understand everything!

Ang: But Boss, don’t you think that manipulating Ishaani is not easy !! Convincing her seems impossible but manipulation?

V: If she can play Vansh Raisinghania himself, Then Ishaani Raisinghania will be for her an easy prey!

Angrey wasn’t fully convinced still he kept quiet.

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Vs pov

I returned to my room and looked at my so-called wife who turned everything upside down, trapped me in a murder case, and behind my sister’s state. but how she and Kabir became enemies? And how did she convince Ishaani?

Riddhima, you don’t know what I made ready for you, the same way you hurt me I am going to hurt you!

He called Angrey: Change o the plan, The video on which Riddhima kidnapped Ragini I want it to reach the police station the sooner you can! Now I can’t bear seeing her ace here. Kabir will be handled Later.

Ridhima came and closed the door !!

R: After you being proved that you are vansh, you’ll have this property. as per our contract, Ater 15 days, this property will be transferred again .

Expected from you Riddhima !! But sorry you’ll never have this property!

R: To dadi’s name again but only after reaching our aim.

I looked dumbfounded at her, I expected her to say that the property will be hers, but here she’ll take it from dadi only to give it to her later, why? Did I misunderstand Riddhima???

Author’s pov

Riddhima looked at her phone as she saw Ishaani calling her non-stop.

R: Hello, Ishaani! Did something happen?

Another scene

Kabir held the DNA results coming back to the house and met Riddhima on the way.

K: Start your countdown, your time here is almost done.

R: Kabir !! What are you intending to do?

K: Needless to know now, wait !!

Angrey called Vansh: Boss, a problem happened!

V: Kya Hua, Angrey?

Ang: ******

V: whaaattttttt???? you have to know who did it !

On the other hand, They heard Kabir’s loud voice: Dadiii mom chachiiii everyone, Can you please come here !!

They hurriedly come worried about the reason behind his loud voice in the mansion.

D: Kabir, why are you shouting? Dadi, A traitor is inside our house who is fooling us, with the help of a member of the family whom we trust !!

D: Kabir what are you saying? how can this be possible? Why would a member of the family help a traitor? I think you are misunderstanding, Kabir!

K: dadi, Even I reused to believe in the beginning that she can do that, but I have the proof!

Ar: Will you tell us what happened without suspense?About whom you are talking? who is she?

K: Riddhima !!

All o them looked at her shockingly: Dadi, I don’t know what Kabir is saying!

K: she is lying, dadi!

V: and who are you to call my wife a liar?

K: Your wife? (He laughed) Sorry everyone but I can’t hold myself!

An(warning): Kabiirrrr !! He is your brother ! You better respect him!

K: Mom, O course I would have respected him if he was my brother !!

D(angrily): What are you saying, Kabir?

K: I mean he is not my brother, so I don’t find myself obliged to respect the man who came to take my brother’s place. He isn’t Vansh!

They looked toward Vansh thunderstruck who simply smiled: Kabir, I think you forget to take your medicines today!

K: Oh really? We’ll see who’ll need these medicines!

Vansh extended his hand: show me! I am waiting!

K: I and Ishaani doubted him therefore we performed a DNA test, And here are the results that will prove that I am right! Vihaan, You can’t fool this family anymore!

I: Obviously he won’t!

D: You too Ishaani?

He took the envelope and opened it showing the results to everybody: This is the truth o this imposter.

A slap was laid on Kabir and ishaani’s faces by dadi: You are not ashamed both of you? to accuse your brother and accuse him?

I: But Dadi, he isn’t our Brother,(Dadi raised her hand again and Vansh held her hand between his hand)

V: Dadi, Please !

D(disgusted): Look at your brother whom you are accusing !! He is saving you !

I: He is not my brother !!

D: don’t show me your Face now, Ishaani !! Or else even Vansh won’t save you !

Ishaani angrily left and Kabir looked shockingly at the papers: How does it happen? Dadi I saw the original papers, someone changed them (He looked at Riddhima only to find her smirking)

An: KABIIIIRRRRR !! Shut up now ! and apologize !!

K: Mom

SHe signaled him to do it because oF Dadi, and he nodded his head forced looking at Vansh: I am sorry !

R: He didn’t hear you, did you, Vansh?

V: Naaa

He looked at them with hatred then went closer passing near Riddhima only to fall in front of Vansh.

R: OH God Kabir, I am sorry, did you all because of me? I am really sorry. Galti se ho gaya tha!

K(to himsel): I will show you Later Riddhima !

V(leaned to support him and whispered): She showed you your place, Always remember it.

K: we’ll see who will show who his place. (loudly) I am sorry, Vansh !

Kabir went to Ishaani and found her angry: Kabir, How did the reports change all o sudden? How can you be this idiot?

K: I brought the right ones, I don’t know who changed it. Why Am I even wondering? she must be Riddhima !!

I: This Riddhima !! I won’t spare her !!

She tried to go but he stopped her: No, It’s enough the scene they made downstairs,Ddin’t see how dadi was so angry? we have to find another way ! Let me think !

He went and Ishaani smirked taking out the envelope: Idiot Kabir ! It’s not Riddhima but me.

fb starts

V: don’t bend when you are pregnant, I will look for it.

He bent trying to find the earing while she came behind him, He heard a sound and turned: what was that?

I: what bhai?

V: You didn’t hear the sound?

She hid the scissor behind her back, and took the hair.

I: which sound?

V: never mind, I don’t see anything, go and sleep now, It’s not good for you to stay awake in this condition.

She was walking back when she saw Kabir upstairs and gave him a thumb up to which he smirked.

Kabir was not aware about the fact that even Vansh was part of that act.

Then while he was trying to tell everyone about the so-called Traitor she changed the reports.

FB ends

The evening

Angrey came trying to find Dadi, But found only ANupriya, Kabir, Aryan and Riddhima.

Ang: BAbhi ! You don’t know what happened today ! !The doc examined SIa and said that she is waking up !

R: what??? (cupped her mouth in happiness) finally ! she’ll wake up I am so happy !!

Ang: Soon, she’ll be between us.

Kabir and Anupriya looked at each other shocked !!

The other day

dadi came and declared tat they are going to visit their relatives as they invited them. She insisted for everyone to go, and they got ready forced but Riddhima refused as someone has to stay with sia.

Ch: I don’t know why Maa is forcing us !

Ar: Mom, We have no choice but to obey her.

They were all waiting outside.

V: take dadi with you, Aryan as I have a work to do before.

Ar: sure, Bhai !

Riddhima weirdly looked at him: Now what are you doing?

V(ignored her question): I am going !

Anupriya came back to the mansion and heard the voice o Sia.

Ang: Sia, dadi will be so happy when she knows that you woke up ! wait let me go and Inform her. You have to rest.

S: Babhi

Ang: I know what you want to say, but rest or now.

she hid till he went ! and entered the room with the injection: you shall have stayed in Coma, but no you had to wake up now to cause me a headache, I won’t let you ! Like the way I shut your mouth the first time, I have no problem in shutting it again. Goodbye Sia.

She exposed her arm to inject her but she exclaimed: what is this? This is a ….. puppet?

She pulled the cover only to find a ake hair similar to Sia’s.

An: Shit ! it’s Riddhima’s plan !! but Sia’s voice?

: It’s because of It (playing an old record o Sia during Ishaani’s marriage calling her Babhi)

An(gritted her teeth): so you are on her team now !!

Ang: And soon everyone will get to know too your real colors.

An: I can get you kicked out !

Ang: I can jail you !

An: Beore that, Kabir will arrest you, It’s not hard you know !! I he can get VR arrested then what he’ll do to you?

Ang: Time will tell ! (He was going and then stopped) and yes, Sia is in a place where you can not even think of.

Vansh on the other hands broke everything and shouts : How wrong I was !! I thought Riddhima did everything but No !! The woman I called Mom and worshipped her turned out to be behind every pain I went through. Wait Anupriya, If I don’t get revenge on you for what you did with me, with Riddhima and The family then My name won’t be Vansh !

He recalled making the plan of sia getting back to her senses to expose the enemy.

V: My doubt was correct, Riddhima is innocent and I wronged her ! I have to tell her everything now !


Vansh came into the room thinking deeply, He intended to stop Angrey but something else happened.

He found Riddhima panicking, while trying to follow the voice !!

R: Ishaani, where are you !! !

V: what happened Riddhima?

R: Vihaan, Ishaani, i can hear her voice but can’t find her, She is shouting or help.

He put his ear on the wall only to get shocked: She is stuck in there.

R: I am so worried !! she is pregnant, what i something happen to her?

V(panicked): No, Nothing will happen ,wait !!

He moved a book and the hidden door was opened.

V(screamed): Ishaaaniiiii !!!

I: Ha bhai

V(examining her): Are you fine??? You were shouting but You look

I: fine?

R: So our doubt was right, Ishaani, He opened the door, It means Indeed He is not Vihaan but Vansh.

FB starts

Riddhima looked at her phone as she saw Ishaani calling her non-stop.

R: Hello, Ishaani! Did something happen?

I: I saw Angrey in the hospital ! He held a similar envelope !

R: what do you mean?

I: I mean we were supposed to change the reports after reaching home, But the reports are already changed.

R: Does it mean

I: Ha, He is Vansh Bhai only !!

R: Let’s confirm, I have a plan !

fb ends

V(thinking ) : It means you took the USB?

fb starts

Angrey called Vansh: Boss, a problem happened!

V: Kya Hua, Angrey?

Ang: I can’t find the USB.

V: whhatttttt???

Ang: I am sorry boss ! I have lost the footage !!

fb ends

I: Ha Bhai, I thought Angrey was trying to take revenge on your supposed death, therefore when I saw the footage I stole it from him.

R: You are not the only who can use his brain, Did you think you are the only one who can plot, Vansh Raisinghania?

Author’s pov

Vansh looked guiltily at Riddhima who just kept looking at him.

R: don’t you have more words? Maybe to flirt with me or taunt me? More plans? I mean fake parents, fake identity, and fake personality! Why take all these efforts? You didn’t just disappoint me, you did let down your family! Letting them in danger while you were playing this childish game! agar tumhe badla Lena hi tha, to sidha Vansh bankar ki Tarah lete…
Meii tumhari aur respect Karti, not this cowardly way as vihaan!

V: Riddhima, I (tried to touch her hand)

R(backed off): no no! Don’t!! You were really a disappointment vansh!!

I: Riddhima!

R: sorry ishaani but I can’t forget it.

I: fine! Now, we have no time for undue arguments, let’s get rid of the enemies then we can discuss later our differences, cool?

V: let me call Angrey too, he is a part of it.

Angrey’s mouth was wide opened looking at them who outsmarted them especially his wife who took the footage without his notice and he never doubted her because he knew how much she hated Riddhima!

V: now, we have not only one proof, but two pieces of evidence of Anupriya’s crimes still kabir left.

R: kabir is convinced that Ishaani is on his side, still she needs protection now, Angrey, your focus will be on protecting Ishaani so that he doesn’t harm her in case she was exposed.

Ang: don’t worry, I will never let him harm her and our baby.

V: and Riddhima’s safety will be by me.

R: I can protect myself without you pretty well! I survived many days and can survive more!

V: It’s my duty!

R: no, your duty was to trust your wife, not your enemy.

V: did you trust your husband? Didn’t you too trust your enemy too?

I: guys! Guys!! We have no time for this! Focus on the next plan! Kabir won’t stay idle.

Kabir fumed in his room, Anupriya tried to calm him down.

K: riddhima got on my nerves, mom, she humiliated me in front of everybody. And made dadi slap me, today is her last day!! If she survives one more day, my name won’t be kabir!

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An: and this Angrey too knows the truth about me, he can tell that old woman at any time.

K: time come to get rid of her! Then we’ll handle Angrey too.

Ishaani and Angrey left Riansh alone, they both looked down.

V: Riddhima

R: you were right! I am no one to point out your mistakes and lectured you about trust when I didn’t trust you in the first place.

V(cupped her face): this is not what I meant! What I wanted to say that we committed the same mistake! We didn’t understand each other. Do you know how I felt? Back then, it was so heartbreaking to hear that you did come into my life for him, Riddhima!

I hated the fact that I had feelings for you, but you had it for another man!

And Anupriya created a misunderstanding in such a way that I wanted badly to hurt you, still, I couldn’t. Therefore I made the plan of Sia’s recovery to reach the truth. Despite the whole plan, I trusted you instead of everything and I am glad I did! I was intending to tell you today everything!

R: do you think I didn’t regret it? No!! On the contrary, I felt immense pain after that incident, because I misunderstood you, wronged you! I felt so horrible. Your family’s life was at stake, and no one was with me, I had to fight alone, luckily I convinced Ishaani. And When I saw you as Vihaan, I was sure you were Vansh but in the hospital, you managed to convince me that you are not.

V: Vihaan was a plan but his dad’s accident was real, and my worry was real too, he is the one who helped me on that day, and I am still indebted to him. In the hospital, he was inside and donated blood for his father.

R: nice trick! I admit that you really fooled me!

V: still you turned the tables upside down and brought out the truth, I appreciate your intelligence!

R: An advantage of being your wife for months!

They both chuckled but then Vansh said: how did Ragini die?

R: kabir killed her to accuse you, I ran with her on that day, but failed into saving her. I am so sorry and (she stopped knowing how he’ll feel after hearing the truth) I get to know who killed Maa.

V(shivered): w..h..o??

R: Anupriya! This is the secret Raginj wanted to tell you about!

V(on his knees): no! I spent so many years looking for my maa’s murderer while she was always in front of me. Riddhima, she fed me, and stay up late when I was sick! She embraced me when I was sad over my maa’s death! How can she do it!! How can she be so merciless!

He broke down and Riddhima went kn her knees and hugged him: shhh vansh!!

V: maa will never be at peace! We gave her position to the woman who mercilessly killed her! She was every day smiling at us, calling us her children when she is the one who made us orphans!

R(wiped his tears while crying with him): I can’t see you weak! We both can punish her! She deserves it!

Ishaani came there again: Bhai, babhi! I have something to tell you, the orphanage called!

V: oh no!! nooo !!

Ang: Boss, Sia’s life can be in danger, We thought that Kabir won’t reach her there. But we have to go !!

Vansh and Angrey ran toward their cars toward the orphanage.

V: No, I won’t let something happen to Sia. Drive faster Angrey!

Riddhima was going toward her room but was drugged and dragged to a car, Kabir took her to an isolated building.

She was tied up to a chair and looked at him with hatred.

K: You were playing with me along with that useless Husband of yours, And thought that I won’t understand? At first, I didn’t, But then After witnessing Angrey and Ishaani exiting your room, I understood very well. He shall have died back then, but No, He has to make another entry and ruined my plans. But you !! I badly want to torture you, If you didn’t compel me in front of the family I would Have jailed him by now.

R: Mmmmmmmmmm

K: Don’t worry, I won’t kill only you, even your husband has to pay for daring me! But first things first ;

R: MMmmmmmmmm

K: what? (Removing the cloth)

R(smirked): first check your messages, Maybe you’ll find something interesting!

He looked at her perplexed while taking out his phone and found Mishra tied up.

Aryan was holding a gun toward Mishra’s head.

K: How dares you, Aryan?

R: He doesn’t dare, But fear makes people do anything! He feared you, But not more than Vansh. I mean you don’t have even half of the aura my husband has. Mishra himself will blabber everything about your crimes. So let me help 10 9 8

k(screamed): what the hell you think you’re doing?

R: Your countdown.

K: You and Vansh are dead.

He left not before instructing his men what to do.

K(to himself): Aryan, you are stupid! Vansh shouldn’t give you this mission!

He looked around to see either someone was there but found no one. He watched the place till He saw Aryan leaving the place for few minutes.

He came and tried to wake up Mishra.

K: wake up !!

M(started gaining consciousness): Sir !!

On the other hand, Kabir’s men went inside, Then one of them looked at the other: Who put it here? Was it a game?

The other: I have no idea, I am glad nothing happened! but who did it to her?

The other: I don’t know and I don’t care! let’s obey him.

He took out the gun and Shot her, Kabir came running there.

K: Nooooo stoooopppppppppp !!!

He went with shivering hands to her and removed the cover off her face.

K: Mom??
FB starts

M: Sir, You shouldn’t have come !! I heard them !! Your mom! they’ll kill her!

Kabir widened his eyes realizing that it was a trap for him, that’s why he reached there easily. They wanted him to go there.
FB ends

Vansh came along with Riddhima, Ishaa,ni, and Angrey.

V: You impressed us with your smartness, You believed we aren’t keeping Sia safe? Naa Kabir, Before Ishaani came and tells me, the orphanage said that someone was asking about Sia. Apparently, Half-bro, You wanted to check either she was there or not so that you use her. You went there, and My men had the instruction to shoot you if it was necessary. And The woman you threatened, was appointed by me. If she wanted, she would have killed you, However, we aimed to know what you intended to do. Your whole focuse was  on kidnapping Riddhima and we took advantage of it to kidnap Anupriya , with a very simple trick , your idiot men were confused and killed her. Haan! Mishra was a pawn to distract you till we change them.

R: about your men! you are wondering how they were fooled, right? let me tell you.

FB starts

R: Release me, please !!

The man: SHut up! we have orders to kill you!

R(cried): I feel so bad !!

he pointed the gun toward her: Let me free you from this feeling!

R: what will happen to both of you?

The other: what do you mean?

Then they heard the sound o the timing of a bomb. They went near her and found a bomb was activated and was hidden with her dupatta.

R(cryingly): You’ll die too with me !! Bappa, They are so young to die still

One of them started running and the other stopped him: what about her?

The man: she’ll die anyway, Run and save yourself !!

They went and Vansh came from the back door, and put unconscious Anupriya on the chai,r and covered her face.

FB ends

V: your men are cowards, just a fake bomb and they fled away. They had to be! After all you are their boss!

I: and one more thing, you are not the only one who saw us, we saw you and kept and eye on you.

Ang: and we played our roles to make you believe that you have won.

R: I told you! Countdown has already started!

K(cried): No mom !!! Oh god, what did I do ??? Because of me you died !! no not because of me, These idiots (He shots his men then turned to riddhima and Vansh) I will kill you all now !! No one will be spared!

A bullet was shot in free space: Surrender, Kabir! You are under arrest !!

K: No, I am going to kill them !!

Another bullet was fired: I won’t repeat my warning, Surrender!

K: Goodbye Vansh!

He shot in Vansh’s direction but he felt the bullet pierced his back before he fell on the floor looking at Vansh’s smirk.

Pol: thank you Mr.raisinghania for providing proof against kabir, I assure you that he’ll be charged with kidnapping, murder, and many other crimes!

V: thank you! (To himself while looking at Anupriya) we call it Karma! The son for whom you snatched my mother is the same one who killed you. And the brother who wanted to jail me will be jailed on the charge of killing his mother. Now everything seems at the right place.

Back to VR Mansion

Ishaani hugged Vansh: Bhai, Mom got justice. And they are finished.

V(hugged her): I am proud of you for supporting the right side, and giving Justice to Maa, She’ll be proud too. Thank you for not letting Riddhima alone in this fight!

She distanced herself from her Bhai and went to Riddhima: Since the first time we met, I behaved badly with you, Insulted you many times still Thanks to you, our family is safe. I am indebted to you and feeling sorry for my previous behavior, Is there any chance that you can forgive me? Well, I don’t promise you to be a very good sister-in-law, But we proved we can do great work together.

R: Indeed I was telling myself that you wronged me so much, Ishaani, WIthout any reasons! you really were bad still I can’t forget who helped me, I you didn’t support me, I wouldn’t Have succeeded. So Yes, I will prefer to be always on your team, Who knows? Maybe you’ll need me to plot against your husband? (winking)After all, he was plotting against me too, A payback is necessary! (they hi-fi  each other and Angrey looked at them terrified)

Ang: You are not serious about it, Babhi?

I: Kya Hua, Mr.Bodyguard? You are scared? But you have to be, Am I right Or AM I right?

VAnsh smiled enjoying the new bond o his sister with Riddhima However she excused herself.

R: Excuse me, Guys! All of us are tired because of this hectic day, and Tomorrow will have to explain everything to the family after their return. so we need some rest so that we answer their questions.

V: Riddhima

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She strolled out of Ishaani and Angrey’s room heading toward their room;

I: That means she is still angry with you. Best of luck, Bhai !!

Ang: Best of luck, Boss !

He went behind her and found her already asleep: Riddhima!

She didn’t answer him !!

V: I thought we moved on from this topic !! I explained my reasons and regretted lying to you! Still, you are upset?

She didn’t answer him and he exclaimed: Riddhima !!

She ignored him although he knew she was awake, But he didn’t stop trying to talk with her.

V: I know that you are not asleep, however, we will solve our arguments once and forever! Listen to me!

R(turned to him): Don’t you see that I am not interested? Whenever I remember what you did, How you made that stupid Plan, My blood boils. So leave me alone now! I was silent just because o Ishaani and Angrey ok!

V: I agreed that I am guilty of what I did, Still you

R: Oh let me remind you of what are the reasons !!! first of all, You were doubting every step I take even If I had no mistake in it, You always accused me !! like the day You found what was written in that letter, You directly accused me! and didn’t even trusted me when I said I wasn’t the one who did it. and it wasn’t the only situation where you didn’t believe me !! when I said Anupriya poisoned you, You threw the food and lashed out at me when I was right at that time! You could have investigated or used your brain but No! You could see only Riddhima faulty, Right?

V: You are right and I am wrong! but did you think for once that I dropped my plan to know who sent you here just Because I wanted to trust you? New feelings have appeared after the shootout and I couldn’t doubt you anymore.  Do you think it didn’t hurt me to be separated from the family? It didn’t affect me to see them planing your marriage? I don’t know what was I doing !! still, it was all that I could think of. and one more thing,   No matter how bad I was, I tried to be good to you, Did you ever wonder why? Because I loved you damn it!I am a self-made person Riddhima !!  never Have I ever felt like a loser till Kabir declared that you cheated me for him. What If you were me? Would you forgive me?

R: You are correct, I wouldn’t have forgiven you! It’s not easy to do it.

V: Then the same thing happened with me too, I doubted you but only Because I knew you had a hidden agenda. And you doubted me Because I tried to keep you away from my secrets. You have the full rights to be upset still If you think that my mistake is unforgivable then you are free to go!

He heard something outside and went to check but didn’t find anyone there. Riddhima didn’t answer him and he gave up.

The other day

Vansh woke up earlier and went to the office as He didn’t want to hear her answer. Riddhima found a suitcase arranged in her room.

R(angrily): what does he think of himself? He can decide whatever he wants?

She heard Angrey and Ishaani’s voices And went to them confused.

R: what is happening here?

Ang: Nothing babhi!

I: If you consider your trip with Bhai abroad is nothing! Then yes Nothing is happening !

R: Trip? where? when? How?

I: Tonight for a month!

R: whaatttt?????

I: Yeah Exactly! I had the same reaction! and They are going tonight! and we’ll have to face the family alone.

R: This is not the problem Ishaani !! (angrily) He is doing whatever he wants! Talking about divorce then this sudden trip! Without informing me! Great! No, it’s perfect !!

She returned to the room only to find the ticket.

R: I didn’t notice it, He is well-prepared to run! coward !!

Angrey glared at Ishaani who was cracking up at Riddhima’s anger: Tell me again what is the use of this stupidity?

I: To show them that they can’t actually bear a separation! In anger, They were saying big words, but they don’t actually mean it, got it now dumbo?

Ang(in disbelief): Dumbo? (to himself) I can’t believe she is the same Ishaani I married, She is totally changed, and plotting to reunite Boss and Babhi!

fb starts

V: Then the same thing happened with me too, I doubted you but only Because I knew you had a hidden agenda. And you doubted me Because I tried to keep you away from my secrets. You have the full rights to be upset still If you think that my mistake is unforgivable then you are free to go!

He heard something outside and went to check but didn’t find anyone there. Riddhima didn’t answer him and he gave up.

I(palmed herself): I knew it !!! Bhai, When it comes to emotions, He is a tube light !!

Ang: Do you mind telling me what are we doing now? spying on a couple is not a good thing!

I: Spying? we are not spying!

Ang(crossing his arms over his chest): Then WHat are we doing in front o their room?

I: Mmmm It called discovering the progress of their fight !!

Ang: what nonsense !!

I: arrgg it doesn’t matter, we are spying ok !! and Now we have to help them to reconcile! Bhai! Instead of pacifying her, is talking about divorce! Such a weirdo Bhai!

Ang: Don’t talk about Boss like that !!

I: Hey Bodyguard! don’t start your work here! I talk the way I want.

Ang(shut her mouth with his hand): Shhhhh They’ll hear us, miss spy!

I: mmmm (bit his hand) Let me think !!

Ang: so what is the plan?

I(grinned) : separation !

Ang: what??? Are you mad?

I: shhh shut up! just do as I say ok!

FB ends

Ang: You know what? I think that your plan will make them more distanced.

I : Not interested to know your pov!

She moved her hair with attitude before she leaves and he laughed!

Vansh came back, he asked Ishaani: Did the family come back?

I: Not yet, Bhai! But someone is going to leave the mansion tonight!

V: Who?

I: Riddhima is so upset and arranged her clothes. I think she must have finished packing by now!

V: what rubbish !!

He went furiously to his room and found a suitcase there.

V: what is this Riddhima?

R: My decision, vansh !!

V: Is it your decision?

R: yes! nd I am not going to back off !!

He strolled toward her angrily and she was walking back till she sensed the tough wall behind her.

R: I won’t be scared!

V: neither I want you to be! (He leaned toward her lips while her eyes were out o sockets)I love when you dare me, and your eyes shine, I just love your chocolate eyes!

She fought a smile and he slowly touched her lips, only for her to close her eyes, Their first kiss together was gentle only for it later to be more dominating.

Angrey pulled Ishaani with him to their room: enough !!

I: I was enjoying the success of my plan !!

Ang: It’s embarrassing to watch others’s intimate life  !!

I: aweeee are you embarrassed Mr.Bodyguard? so cute !!

She pulled his cheek and he made a cuter face: Ishaani, My cheeks !!

They looked at each other and she tiptoed and pecked his lips, Thus they were involved in their own world too.

Vansh broke the kiss: You can’t leave me !

R: Who said I was leaving? you are the one who wanted to leave !!

V: What ??? but you said it’s your decision!

R: I was talking about emptying your suitcase and tearing up your ticket!

V & R : who told you I was leaving?

V & R : Ishaani !! (wide eyes) Ishaani?

R: It means she lied to both of us?

V(laughed): So you tore the ticket? Why?

R: emmm nothing!

She moved and he pulled her back in his embrace: Dollar biwi, You are lying now,  Am I right or Am I right?

R: and what about the so-called divorce?

V(hugged her): I am sorry, I didn’t really mean it ! for a moment, I thought of letting you go i you don’t want to stay with me, But when Ishaani said you are leaving I regretted it so much !!

R(hitting him): Dare you to mention it again!

V(chuckled): Never !! (looking straightly in her eyes) tonight I promise you to start all over again and give you the happiness you deserve. I love you, Sweetheart !!

R: I love you too, Vansh! (Placed her head on his chest) I thought I didn’t love you but when you came as Vihaan, My heart was broken to remember each time I was being indifferent to your pain. It made me realize your Value and your love. Never go again!

V: Never!

Months later

Kabir was punished for his crimes, and Ishaani gave birth to an adorable girl whom she named Bela.

Ishaani and Angrey fell in love with each other, With time, They became closer, and understood that they were destined to be together.

Riddhima and Vansh started planing to make their own family especially after Bela’s arrival in their lives, They wanted their own bubble of joy.


so that’s it, I hope you like the story, Ignore the mistakes Please. And thank you for reading it. (By the way Dear Yashi, My name Is ferdaous).

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