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Love Beyond Limits (A RIANSH LOVE SAGA) Chapter #29 – Telly Updates

Written by H@imanshu

Hey everyone, Again I got late in posting because of my never ending assignments. So, I am not adding pictures today except for the two that I added. I hope you all don’t get upset!!👉🏻👈🏻👉🏻👈🏻👉🏻👈🏻

Chapter 29: “The House of Mysteries!!”

The episode starts with Riddhima being shocked while reading the message. She was not in her senses. She was thinking deeply about something,
R(herself): He is back? What does this mean? Who sent me this message? Its a private number. Is someone just trying to mislead me or is it…..(trembled thoughts) has he really returned?
She was lost when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She jerked the hand in shock but then realized it to be Kabir!
Kabir: What did I do?
R: N…Nothing! What do you want?
K: Were you even listening? Riddhima! For God sake! Unlock the car! Everyone is suffocated enough with your crazy drive.
R(serious): Yeah sure!
She unlocked the car but didn’t come out herself. She was again lost.

Meanwhile, All other youngsters except Vansh also came out of the car. First Aryan came down trying to walk,
Aryan: I am really feeling like a squeezed cloth! Thank God! We are at home. He was about to fall down when Ishani supported him.
Ishani: You are useless Aryan! Even you can’t walk properly.
Aryan: If I am useless, then find someone else to squeeze next time!
Then, Kabir and Sia came out together.
K: Sia! I am still feeling like someone is shouting in my ear. I lost my hearing!
Sia: Oh Sorry Kabir! Ishani is sometimes like this. She shouts alot. I am sorry on her behalf.
K(murmurs): I was talking about you! Who would say sorry on your behalf!
After them, Sejal jumped out of the car excitedly,
Sejal(Excited): Yay!!!! We are in Delhi! I am so excited!! (Taking a long breath) I am feeling so light right now! Is’nt it Angre?
And then, finally Angre came out with the worst face he could possibly make. Their was beautiful stain of love on his coat. He looked at it and felt disgusted. It was a stain of “Sejal’s vomit”. Listening to Sejal’s words, Angre glared her saying,
Angre: Yeah! You would definitely feel light after vomiting on me.

Riddhima was still sitting at the driving seat totally unaware of the fact that someone who has not yet got off the car, was staring her. She caught sight of Vansh who was staring her suspiciously. She stole glances from her looking outside the window and thought,
R(herself): I have to remain calm. Vansh can sense danger easily. He will doubt my behaviour.
Saying so, she faked a smile and came out of the car.
Vansh who was staring her doubtfully, thought,
V(himself): Since the time we have started our journey, Riddhima is behaving odd. She seemed worried and scared. Is it normal or is she hiding something? Something is really bothering her.

He also got down the car. Riddhima gave the car keys to the guard that was standing there to park the car. Riddhima trying to cheer up all,
R: So, How was the drive?
Ishani: Really Riddhima?
R: Yeah! I mean I had fun. So, I think you also had it. I was driving so didn’t look back whether you all enjoyed or not.
V: What made you think that we enjoyed?
R: I think you all love madness. I just wanted to try myself a LITTLE too.
She focused on the word “little” looking at Vansh as if it was a threat that “never try to mess with her again”. Vansh narrowed his eyes and glared her. She winked and guided everyone towards the main door. It was a big mansion. Everyone was just in awe. They all were surprised. Riddhima pressed the door bell.
Sia: Why are you ringing the door bell in your own house?
Kabir: Actually, Mrs. D’Souza always stays in the mansion. So, she will open the door.
Sejal: Mrs. D’Souza?
Aryan: She is the caretaker of this house. But more like a guardian to all of us. She loves Riddhima alot.
Riddhima: She loves both of you too.
At the same moment, Mrs. D’Souza opened the door and hugged Riddhima. Riddhima reciprocated too. They had a small sweet moment. After that, Riddhima guided everyone inside with her.

When they all entered the mansion, someone is seen outside the boundaries of the mansion keeping an eye on her. He called someone and spoke,
Voice 1: Yes Sir! She has reached in Delhi!
Voice 2: I told you to kill her at sight! (Angry) What were you waiting for?
Voice 1: Sir! There are some other people with her too. That’s why, I didn’t shoot.
Voice 2(loud): I don’t care! I want Riddhima dead! Do it even if you have to kill a hundred people for this. You got it?
Voice 1: Ye….Yes Sir!
Voice 2: Don’t be a coward! I hate cowards like you. If Riddhima didn’t die within 24 hours then you would not see the next morning I swear!
Voice 1: Ok….ok Boss!
Saying so, he cut the call and ran away from there before anyone could catch him.

Mrs. D’Souza served evening snacks to everyone. All of them were chitchatting together and enjoying. They were gossiping with MD(I will write MD for Mrs. D’Souza for my convenience). MD knew them all from before as Riddhima used to share everything with her. MD had immediately recognized all of them and was excited to talk with them. They were all having a fun time but Riddhima was missing from there. She was in her room walking hurriedly and tensed from one corner to the other.
R(tensed): Why had he not called or texted yet? He is not realizing the intensity of this matter. If he has really returned then each and every moment is really important for me.
Not taking it anymore, she texted him,
R: Where are you?
After 5 minutes, he replied,
Text: We will not meet today!
R: What? I had warned you not to betray me.
Text: He is following you everywhere! He had known somehow about our meeting. That’s why, I postponed it.
R: How do you know?
Text: That’s not important! I am warning you! Be aware! Otherwise, you will not see the next morning!

Riddhima was about to reply him when she found Vansh standing at the door of her room. She immediately put her phone in her pocket.
R(posing to be normal): What are you doing here?
V: Finding you!
R: You need something?
V: Yeah!…You! My sweetheart!!!
Ishq mein Marjawan plays.
Saying this, he started coming close to her. She started moving back. She was slowly walking back when she felt wall behind her and she stopped. Vansh came close to her and placed his both hands on the wall blocking her way out. She was looking directly in his eyes. He came closer to her face slowly. She closed her eyes feeling his closeness. He was about to kiss her but then, he moved towards her ear and whispered,
V(husky voice): Being the host, Don’t you think you should give us a house tour, Sweetheart!!!
Riddhima opened her eyes and looked at him. He moved back with a smirk.
R: I will ask MD to give you all a house tour.
V: Is MD the house owner or you? Won’t you join?
Riddhima’s phone started vibrating in her pocket. She became nervous.
R(nervous): I am living here for the past 5 years. I know each and every corner of this house. I have some work. She will give you the house tour. She is no less than an owner.
Saying this, She gently passed beside him and moved out of the room.
Vansh was standing at his place being suspicious,
V(himself): In the car, she told that she was in Kashmir for 2 years. Now, She is saying that she has been living here for 5 years! What’s all this?

He came downstairs where Riddhima was talking with other Raisinghanias. He joined them.
Sejal: Riddhima! You have not even gave us all a treat for becoming Chief! We want a party.
Ishani: Yes Riddhima! We want a lavish dinner in a restaurant. Nothing more nothing less.
They all started insisting her so, Riddhima agreed.
R: Ok fine! Do whatever you want. I will take you all for the dinner but right now, I have to complete some work. You all go with MD as you wanted the house tour.
Riddhima walked towards MD saying,
R: MD! Kindly, Show them each and every corner of the mansion (whisper) But not that room. You know well!
MD nodded. Riddhima went towards her study room. MD guided them all with her. Everyone explored Riddhima’s mansion that was no less in competition with the VR Mansion. They saw, Riddhima’s room, some guest rooms, kitchen, dinning room, theatre room and much more. When they went towards the study room, Riddhima was not there.
V(confused): She was here! Where did she go?

Then, they moved out of the study and showed them all the beautiful poolside area. All the youngsters started having some fun there. But Vansh was lost in Riddhima’s thoughts only. So, he came out in the hall finding her. He went upstairs in Riddhima’s room but she was not there too. He was standing there besides reeling watching downstairs when he saw a space in between the kitchen and study.
He came downstairs towards that area. It was a long corridor. He went in and reached at its end. There was a closed door there. He knocked once on the door but no one responded. So, he was about to open it when,
“It’s Locked!!!”
He heard a voice behind him. It was of MD. She came to him.
MD: It remains locked!
V: But why? What’s inside it?
MD(nervous): Its…Its a store room.
V(stern): I want to see it too.
MD(making excuses): I don’t have the keys.
V(doubtful): You are caretaker here. Right?
MD(stern): But Riddhima has not permitted anyone to go inside this room. Not even me.
V: Why?
MD(nervous): Because…..because….
“Mrs. D’Souza!”
Both of them turned back. It was the youngsters.
Ishani(excited): Where are you both roaming? Come on! We want to explore the terrace too.
MD(relieved): Yeah Yeah! Lets go. Come Vansh beta!
MD taking long steps hurriedly. She guided everyone towards the terrace.
While going upstairs, Vansh found Riddhima coming out of her room.
V(confused): Riddhima! You here?
R: What’s so confusing about it? Its my room.
V: I mean I checked you in your room just a while ago. You were not there.
R(hiding her stress): I was here since the time you all went for house tour. Maybe I would be in the washroom when you came.
V: I checked the washroom too.
Angre: Oho Vansh! Its her house. She can be anywhere. Come on.
Vansh was not convinced but ignored it thinking he might be overthinking.
When they left, Riddhima came back to her room and thought,

Flashback starts,
A room filled with extreme darkness was shown. Nothing was visible. It was all dark and dusty. There was no source of illuminations or ventilation in it. Then, someone turned on the flashlight of the mobile. It was Riddhima. She pointed the flashlight towards a small box and opened it. From the box, she took out two phote frames. She put both of them on the table and started caressing them. She had tears in her eyes. In one picture, there was Ajay RaiSinghania, Riddhima, Mrs. D’Souza and two men of Vansh’s age standing beside Riddhima. She started crying.

Then, she looked at the second picture. It contained one of the two men from previous picture smiling and hugging another boy nearly of 12 years. She took the picture in her hands and placing it close to her heart, she sobbed alot. She sat down on the floor and cried alot.
R(crying): I miss you!…I really miss you alot!….I am falling weak!…..But I don’t want to……I need strength!…..I really need alot of strength to face him!….You know well how close you both were to me!!!!..You!!! And him!!!…How….I can’t even tell it to Dad or Vansh…I can’t tell this to anyone…I don’t want anyone to suffer like you….How am I going to face him!!!…he cheated you!! He cheated me!!!! He cheated all of us!!!!….

She was crying holding the picture when she heard a knock on the door. She freaked out. Then, she listened Vansh and MD’s conversation, got up and left the place from back door.

Flashback ends.

R(fierce): Vansh should never know about the secrets of that room. I can’t put his life in danger. I am not sure if he is back but Its high time that I take some action against him. Its time to call “The Tripple M”!!!

(One more thing guys! I am a very frank person and I really appreciate honest opinions whether they are in my favour or not. So, I was having a feeling that I am losing the charm of my story. I don’t know why I am feeling like this but these days, I am really not that much satisfied with my own writing as I was before. I always feel that something is missing! Well, I was never perfect before too, I could find many flaws in my all my updates but still I was satisfied but these days, I am not. I am feeling like I am not giving my best. So, I really want you all to give your honest opinion in this regard and believe me Even if its a negative one, I don’t mind at all unless its an honest one. I have really shared my true feelings with you all and expect this from you all too in return.)

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