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The episode starts with Vansh getting ready for the party.
He was in a hurry as he was late.
Vansh to himself(going near to the cupboard to choose a suit to wear it): I got to be very late due to the shocking information that I have known it from Angre! I have to hurry up and finishing getting ready fast.
He was going to choose a red suit when Riddhima has stopped him and offered to him a black suit.
Riddhima: This will be much better especially that we both will be matchy matchy together by wearing a black clothes. So what do you think?
Vansh: Perfect. You are absolutely right sweetheart.
Riddhima: So let’s make you change quickly as the reception party is really near to start and it will not be a good thing that the groom could be late on his reception party, right?
Vansh: Right.
Riddhima: So let me make you get ready fast.
Vansh has looked at Riddhima in a surprised and smiley face.

Vansh: Just a second, who will make who get ready?!
Riddhima: You have heard it right Vansh. I’m the one who will make my dearest husband get ready as it is a very simple right of my rights on you Vansh. You always have taken that right so give me also the chance to do the same.
He just has stared at her and he didn’t have said any word.

So she comes near him from his back.

Then she starts removing his shirt.

They were staring at each other very much.
They were feeling very attached while being that close to each other.
Afterwards, Riddhima starts making Vansh wear the new clothes.

He was making her very close to him while he was smiling very much.
He holds her hands very tightly.

Then he has kissed her hand in a thankful and romantic way.

Vansh: You don’t know how much I’m happy now while the most beautiful girl in the whole world is making me change my clothes by her own self. It means the world to me.
She smiles at him.

She was very happy while hearing his words.
Riddhima: It is a very tiny thing that I could do it to you Vansh as if I spent my whole life just trying to give you the credit for everything amazing you have done it to me, still it will not be enough. You are the reason of my happiness. You are the reason of every and any beautiful thing in my life.
He comes closer to her.
Then he has kissed her in forehead.

Vansh: You deserve the world sweetheart and trust me what I’m doing is very tiny thing from what I really want to do it for you. I promise you that I will always spread all the love and happiness in your life . Your happiness will always be my priority.
They have hugged each other a very warm and long hug.

After some time, Riddhima has made Vansh ready.
He was looking so handsome while wearing that black suit.

Riddhima was looking at him in an impressed way.

Riddhima: I was sure that you will look stunning while wearing that black suit and that what happens. Actually, my husband is always stunning in anything he wears it so it is a very normal thing to you as at the end you are the great Vansh Rai Singhania!
He has smiled after she has said those words.

Then he pulls her very close to him and he puts his hands around her waist to make her very close to him.
Then he has kissed her a very long kiss.
She was shy and her cheeks have turned red.
She was believing that she still gets shy when he kiss her in that way, but she was still happy from that kiss.
Afterwards, Vansh and Riddhima have gotten downstairs to start the reception party.

Vansh and Riddhima were looking like a lovely prince and princess while they were going downstairs.

All the preparations were ready to welcome them.
When Vansh and Riddhima have gotten downstairs, everyone has thrown flowers and glitters on them to welcome them and make them feel special.
Riddhima was smiling very happily.
She was enjoying that welcomes so much.
Ishani: We are really happy to celebrate your reception party Vansh bro and Riddhima bhabi. I’m really very happy for you both and I’m so excited for that reception party as I have prepared so many stuff to entertain my lovely new couple with it.
Riddhima: Your happens is just enough for me dear. I’m really happy to see you that happy my lovely Ishani.
Ishani and Riddhima have hugged each other.
They were looking at each other while they were smiling and enjoying that bond that was between them.

Then dadi has made Vansh and Riddhima sit together to start enjoying their reception party.

Kabir and Sejal were concentrating on Siya very much.
So they don’t give her the chance to do anything during the party.
Siya was observing how much they were keeping an eye on her.
Siya to herself: Even if you both are keeping an eye on, still I will be able to implant my plan and succeed on it as I know very well when and how I will start my plan. Enjoy so much guys as after that reception party just sadness and sorrow will be spread in all of yours lives and the happiness will be just in my life!
Moreover, the family members start performing their performances.
They have started with Rudra and dadi.
They were doing a very amazing dance performance and everyone was enjoying it.
Vansh and Riddhima were watching them while they were smiling.
Vansh was trying his best to enjoy his time with Riddhima while at the same time he was very carefully to observe what Siya is doing.
He was trying his best to be aware of everything is happening around him.
So he doesn’t give Siya the chance to cause any problems.
Riddhima has observed Vansh’s worry.
So she has putted her hands on his face to calm him down.
Riddhima: What is going on with my dearest husband? I still can observe that there is a huge worry is inside you even if you are trying very hard to hide it from me. As I’m your wife and your soul mate so I could easily know what you own it very deep inside you so you will not be able to hide anything from me Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania.
He smiles from her attitude.

Then he holds her hand while being close to her to feel her breathes.

Vansh: Today is a very important day to me sweetheart as I’m trying my best to catch that enemy and make the whole family know the real face of that enemy and this will not be an easy mission at all especially that this enemy is a family member so I have to be very carefully and alert. I really want to get rid of that problem very quickly so I could be able to live peacefully and enjoy my time with you sweetheart. So please pray for me and pray that I could trap that enemy.
She has kissed him in his cheek to comfort him.

Riddhima: I’m sure that my husband will trap that enemy and will give that enemy a very huge punishment. I have a huge trust in you Vansh and I know that you will be able to defeat your all enemies even if you will face your family member as your enemy. You have also to know that you will not do that alone as I’m with you and I will always be here to support you my dearest husband.
He was staring at her so much.
He was very thankful to her for being with him at everytime he needs her the most.
He has gotten so much courage and relaxation after she has said those words to him.
So he has kissed her hand.

Vansh: Your words have encouraged me so much and now I don’t have to worry at all when I could have that supporter and lovely wife. I love you so much Riddhu.

She was smiling very much from his words.

Riddhima: I love you too Vansh.
At the same time, Angre and Ragini have started their performance.
They were doing a very great and enjoyable performance.
Ishani was standing in a far area being stressed when Kabir has came near her.
Kabir: Hey hey. Why you are that distracted and being away from us?? Does there is something that is disturbing you?
Ishani: Of course not as actually I’m really happy being at Vansh bro and Riddhima bhabi’s reception party, but..
Kabir: Yeah but what?
Ishani: I’m just a kind of nervous to perform that dance performance.
Kabir has looked at Ishani in a surprised way.

Kabir: Really Ishani?! Are you serious?!!
Ishani: Yes Kabir. Why you are that surprised?!
Kabir: Because you are the best in dancing and you have performed so many dance performances before in a very perfect way. So how you could be nervous about that tiny dance performance?
Ishani: I don’t know Kabir, but it is the first time to me that I feel that I will not be able to do any right step and I will destroy Vansh bro and Riddhima bhabi’s reception party and that what I fear to do it as I can’t cause any problems to my lovely bhai and bhabi.
Kabir was impressed and amazed from how Ishani loves her family that much especially Vansh and Riddhima.
He comes closer to her.
Then has has putted his hand on Ishani’s shoulder to calm her down.
Kabir: Just relax Ishani. You are just nervous because you want to make Vansh and Riddhima’s party just perfect and because you are thinking about them so much, but trust me I know that you will perform a very lovely performance. You just must trust your abilities and you must to be sure that you can do it. So just take a deep breath and relax.
Ishani has took a deep breath.
The relaxation starts to appear on her face.
Kabir: Better now?
Ishani: Yeah very much better.
Kabir: You are so different and kind Ishani as I didn’t have seen a girl who cares that much about her family and loves her bhai and bahbi that much. I’m really so happy to know such an awesome girl like you.
She was smiling very much while she was hearing Kabir’s words.
She wasn’t understanding the reason that made her smile that much, but she was very happy hearing those words from Kabir.
She wasn’t saying a word.
She was just looking at Kabir very deeply as she has got shy from his lovely words.
Kabir to himself: What I have said?! Actually, why I have told her those words?! I really don’t understand why those times I’m doing things that I didn’t have done it before!! I have to change the topic to not make her shy and not embarrass myself.
Kabir has looked at Angre and Ragini while they were dancing.
Kabir: So be ready as Angre and Ragini’s dance is very near to finish. You have to be super ready as your dance performance with the perfect dancer Kabir Singh Travidi is very near to happen. So you have to be super perfect to suit him.
He smiles at her.

She also smiles.

Ishani: Don’t worry as there is a very amazing person has encouraged me so I will never upset that person and I will rock it with him at the stage. Actually, I’m feeling relaxed as you will perform that performance with me.
Kabir: By the way, I have forgotten to tell you something.
Ishani: What?
Kabir: You look so beautiful in that red outfit. Keep wearing that color as it suits you a lot.
They have an eye look after Kabir has said those words.
Ishani didn’t felt that she is looking that beautiful while wearing that outfit until Kabir has said those words.

She was just smiling very much and being very happy.
Then Angre and Ragini have finished their performance.
So Ishani and Kabir have started their performance.
They have done a very amazing performance.
After they have finished their performance, Ishani has taken Riddhima to the dance stage and they started dancing together.
They were sharing a very lovely bond while they were both dancing.

Vansh was looking at them while he was smiling.
Then he has observed Siya being standing at a far area.
So he comes near her and he was trying to control himself.
He has seen her playing with a knife.
So he has taken it from her.
Vansh: You don’t have to play with a dangerous thing like that as messing with danger its consequences will not be good at all. You don’t know when that knife will hurt you so much.
He has said those words while he was looking at her in dangerous way.

She has looked at him in a challenging way.
Siya: Don’t worry Vansh as I’m not that simple and sweet girl who could merely be hurt from that knife. I know how to be the one who hurt even the hurting stuff. So don’t be worry about me as I think that you have to worry about yourself more than me.
Vansh: What do you mean?!
She has tried to control herself.
Siya: Riddhima has finished her performance with Ishani so of course she is waiting for you to start your both performance and if you get late on her it will not be good for you so that’s why you have to worry about yourself!
She tried to fake a smile.
He also has done the same.
Then he has left her and he has went to Riddhima at the dance floor.
He takes her hand and they started their performance.

He makes her closer to him while dancing.

They were doing a very unique performance.
They were enjoying so much while being that close to each other being dancing together.

Then Riddhima has done her flying dance.

She was feeling very happy while Vansh was making her that high.
Then they kept dancing on heeriye song.

They have done a very lovely dance steps.

Siya was looking at them in an evil way.
Siya to herself: Enjoy a lot Riddhima and Vansh as after what I will do none of you will be able to be happy once again. Now it is time to start my plan while everyone is busy watching your both performance. It is time for the death of one of you and I have chosen that one.
She has gotten the bottle from her purse and she has putted some powder of it in an orange juice.
She has got sure that no one is seeing her.
Then she has seen that Vansh and Riddhima have finished their performance.
So she has given the juice to the waiter.
Siya: Give this juice to Mr. Vansh as he didn’t has taken anything since the party has started and be sure to just give it to him not anyone else.
The waiter: Okay ma’am.
The waiter has given a juice to Vansh during the reception party.
Siya was smiling while seeing that.
Siya to herself: Good bye Vansh. Now, no one will come between you and your death. Checkmate my cousin! I will enjoy a lot seeing you dieing with that rat poison. Finally I will get rid of you forever along with seeing your dearest wife paining and suffering till she could also die with you. The game is over Vansh. Enjoy your failure my dearest cousin.
Siya was witnessing Vansh while holding the juice after he has taken it from the waiter.
Vansh( holding the juice): I was really needing that juice as I have done so much effort today and I’m really thirsty.
Riddhima: So drink it fast Vansh as you have to gain some energy.
Vansh: Yes you are right.
Vansh was making the juice very near to his mouth.
Siya was observing that and she was very happy.
Siya to herself( smiling): You are going to your death by your own Vansh. Take care dude!
Precap: Death! 💀

The end of the episode. I hope you like it. Let’s see what will happen next. Be very ready guys the twist is on the next episode. Stay tuned for it. I’m still waiting for more guesses. I’m waiting for all of yours guesses and I will announce if anyone has guessed the twist right. Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes. Thank you so much guys for making me have succeeded in reaching to my target on the previous episode. I hope you could make me reach to my target on this episode. My target is the same. My target is to reach to 25 comments( excluding my comments). I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode. The upcoming episode will be published depending on all of yours respond. The next episode will be published when you all could make me reach to my target on this episode. I wish that you all could make me reach to my target soon so I could be encouraged to update the next episode daily. I know that you are all very supporters and you all will help me in reaching to my target. Please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. So please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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