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Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 80 – Telly Updates

The episode starts with Ahana being very broken from hearing Kabir’s words.

Kabir( being angry): I would never forget what you have done with me stupid Ahana. What I was owing to you it was just at the past and actually I don’t believe that it is a real one so don’t waste my time in this nonsense. I will never be yours and I will never allow you to be near me or to cause any problems to my beloved ones. If you have thought to do anything to them, I will be the one who will face you and will cause so many troubles and struggles to you. Don’t you dare to come near me once again.
Ahana: You are just saying nonsense words. You still love me and you will keep loving me. Don’t you dare to say that you have forgotten me.
Ishani was looking at her in bored and disgusting way.

Ishani: Oh God! You still will repeat the same words?! Do you really don’t having any single self respect?! Everyone here is keeping hurting your ego and confronting you so much and you are still being here and able to look at our eyes!! Shame on you.
Angre was still being angry while looking at Ahana.

Angre: Get out from here by your own decision otherwise I will kick you out from here. We don’t want a stupid girl like you to spoil our trip. We just want to enjoy our trip without seeing your irritating face.
Vansh: It is for your safety and reputation Ahana so it is better for you to get away from our lives otherwise you are the only one who will face the consequences. So get out from here without giving to yourself more hurt and insult. As all of us here know your bad deeds and how you are a cheap girl. So don’t think that you will be able to change anything. None of us will allow you to succeed in your plans. So keep your plans and motives to yourself as we will never be affected from what you will do next. So it is better for you to leave now for your own safety, but if you are ready to face all the people who will be angry from you when they will see your videos so keep being here as I will not wait for more time to upload the videos on the internet.
Vansh has looked at Ahana in a challenging way.

Ahana to herself: You have to leave now Ahana. You will not be able to get your Kabir. Actually, he has insulted you a lot so he doesn’t deserve to be with you. You have to go now so you could be able to know what you will do to punish them all and hurt them all especially Riddhima and Vansh Rai Singhania.
Ahana has looked at them in an angry way.

Ahana: I will leave now, but don’t all of you think that the game has got ended at that point. This game will be ended when I decide that. I will return once again and I will destroy you all. I will destroy you all very hard. I will make you all regret of insulting me that much. I will make you regret Kabir on refusing me and hurting me that much.
Then Ahana has looked at Riddhima in an evil way.

Ahana: And you Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania, you are the most one who will face a very disaster revenge from me. So try to enjoy those moments as much as you can as the upcoming moments will not be easy on you at all. Your whole life will be flipped very hardly.
Riddhima was worried and shocked while hearing Ahana’s vows.

Riddhima was trying to stay stable to not make Ahana feel that she is afraid.
Riddhima: I’m not being afraid from you stupid Ahana. You will never be able to do anything to me so keep your vows to yourself idiot and get out from here.
Ahana: Let’s see how much your confidence will last for more time after what I will do.
Ahana has said those words while she was being very angry.

Then she has left from the lobby of the hotel.
Ishani was smiling for getting rid of Ahana.

Ishani: Finally we have gotten rid of that stupid girl. She was like headache. Thank God that she now has known her place and she will not be able to come on our way once again.
Vansh has surrounded Riddhima while holding her hand so tightly.

Vansh( in a caring and calming way): Nothing will come between us Riddhu. Everything will be super perfect and nothing bad will happen. So chill and smile as we finally have gotten rid of that cheap girl and now Kabir is being happy with Ishani and nothing will disturb him now after he has ended his past by his own hand. So you have to celebrate now and don’t panic. So please smile for me. I really want to see your heart taking smile.
She has smiled at him while she was staring at him so much.

He has came closer to her.
Then he has kissed her in her cheek to comfort her.

Vansh: Please keep smiling so much. I really adore your smile sweetheart. Always smile and don’t worry about anything as your Vansh is with you and he will never allow anything to disturb his Riddhima.
He has hugged her a very tight hug.

Riddhima was hugging Vansh very very close to her.
She was wanting to calm herself down by being in his arms.
Moreover, Ishani has came very close to Kabir.
Then she has hugged him very tightly.
He was smiling while she was hugging him that closely.

He also was hugging her very tight and warm hug.
Kabir: I’m with you sweetie and now nothing will be able to separate us. You are God’s gift and blessing to me and I will never be able to lose it at all.
She was just hugging him so much.
Then she has whispered at his ear.
Ishani: I love you.
After she has said those words, she has kissed him in his cheek in a shy way.
He has smiled after she has kissed him that cute smile on his cheek.
Kabir: I love you more than myself my lovely gift and lovely Ishani in the whole world
They have smiled and they have just got to be more close to each other while hugging each other that tight hug.
At Ahana’s room, she was being very shattered and broken while she has seen the last picture of her with her family being putted on the bed.

There was beside it a message.
This message was written on it:
“We don’t want to have any sign from you stupid. For us you have got died from the previous 7 years. We have thought that you have done the most cheap thing that you could do it, but when we have known from Mr. Vansh that you have returned to the country just to keep doing your cheap behaviours we have known that you are really doesn’t belong to our family. You are very cheap and we don’t want to have your picture with us. Don’t you dare to think to come on our way. Return from where you have gone as everyone here is hating you so much. Go to hell stupid girl.
Ahana was shocked and shattered while she was reading this message.

She was being broken and burning from inside.
She wasn’t believing that she has lost even the small stuff that she hasn’t lost it at the past.
Ahana to herself: I have lost everything now. I didn’t have reached to anything from what I was wanting it. I have lost Kabir, my ego, my self respect, and the last sign of my family’s love. I have lost each and everything. Everything has got out from my control, but I will not give up. I’m not weak and I will always be strong. No one could break me at all. I’m the most powerful girl, I’m Ahana Sharma who doesn’t get weak at all.
Ahana was being broken, but at the same time there was a very huge hate and evilness being noticeable inside her eyes.

Ahana to herself: I will not leave anyone of you. I will break all yours hearts. I will cause so many hurt and pain to all of you especially you Riddhima.
Afterwards, Kabir and Vansh were talking with each and sharing their happiness of the confession of Kabir and Ishani and for the courage that Kabir has taken it to end his past forever.

Kabir: You don’t know how I’m being very happy Vansh after I have confessed my feelings to Ishani. I’m also being very happy that I got succeeded in completely forgetting anything related to my past. I’m so happy that I got able to face that stupid girl without having any single feeling to her. I’m super happy that now I’m being able to not be stressed once again from my past.

Vansh was smiling so much while seeing Kabir’s relaxation and happiness.

Vansh: I’m very happy to see you that relaxed and calmed down Kabir. I’m happy that you are the one who has won against his confusion and against his past. I’m very happy that the peace has returned once again to your life.
But afterwards Kabir’s face has turned to be a kind of worried and stressed.

Kabir: But I’m still being worried Vansh. I’m worried about you and about Riddhima. I’m worried that Ahana could do anything to cause any problems in your relationship with Riddhima. I’m very stressed about you both. I’m very worried and don’t know what could happen to you both.
Vansh has came close to Kabir.
He has putted his hand above Kabir’s shoulder to calm him down.
Vansh: Just relax and calm down Kabir. Nothing will disturb my relationship with Riddhima. I’m able to handle anything this girl could do it as at the end I’m not a normal man I’m Vansh Rai Singhania who isn’t a cheap girl like this Ahana will be able to defeat him and separate him from his Riddhima.
Kabir has got relaxed from Vansh’s words.
At that moment, Ahana has called a person.
Ahana: I have done so many stuff to you and now it is the time to pay that for me and do a favor to me. I want you to come to Manali today. I want you to help me in destroying the life of a very irritating girl to me and actually you already know her so you also will enjoy with me a lot.
Ahana kept talking with that person.

She has told him everything she wants it from him.
Then she has left the hotel and went to a nearby hotel.
So she could protect herself from Vansh’s vows and at the same time she could be able to be near them to witness the destroy of Vansh and Riddhima’s relationship.
She was smiling in an evil way.

Ahana to herself: Not so time left until Riddhima’s life will be destroyed so much. He is on his way now to Manali and his arrive means a disaster has arrived on Vansh and Riddhima’s lives. Just wait and watch what Ahana’s partner will do now.
She has called this person once again.
Ahana: You don’t have to come to me when you arrive to Manali as you already know what you suppose to do. Let’s just be in contact through the mobile and in just the emergency we could meet. I just want you to get to the hotel that Riddhima and Vansh are on it and be sure to cause so many problems to them. I want them to be very apart from each other. I’m sure that you will be able to do that very much as you also would never leave your right from Riddhima. I know that you will never forget that she wasn’t seeing you or noticing your feelings.
The man: Don’t worry Ahana. You don’t need to remember me of what Riddhima has done as I would never forget that. She is the only girl who I have loved her during my whole life so how I could forget that pain that I have got it when she didn’t has loved me back. So don’t worry I will be sure to separate them very much and cause so much problems to them.
Ahana was smiling an evil smile.

Ahana to herself: The bad times of you both Vansh and Riddhima have started. The end of your love story is really near and none of you will be able to do anything. I know that my partner will be able to fire the separating fire between you both. Just wait for it Riddhima darling.
At Vansh and Riddhima’s room, Riddhima was being very worried from Ahana’s vows.
She was just keeping distracting herself while itching on her hand.
Vansh has observed her stress and this worry.

So he comes closer to her.
Then he has lays on his knee in a very romantic way.

Vansh: I love you so much sweetheart. I can’t bear seeing you worrying. I want to always see your happiness and joy. Your Vansh is with you so you don’t have to worry at all. Nothing will happen I promise you with that. So please chill and don’t panic. I really love you and I will keep loving you till the end of my life.
Riddhima has got emotional from Vansh’s words.
She was being very happy while hearing those words from him.

She she has got to be in the same state as him.
Then she has hugged him a very long hug.

Vansh was making sure to make her very relaxed by making her very close to him.
He has whispered at her ear.
Vansh( in a romantic way): I’m with you and I will never leave you. You have to be sure of that.
She has also whispered at his ear.
Riddhima: Your words have made me very relaxed so much Vansh. I love you so much.
They were being very close to each other while enjoying their time together.

Vansh was being sure to make Riddhima feel very relaxed and happy.
He wasn’t wanting her to worry at all.
So he was being sure to shower her with so much happiness.
He was enjoying a lot while staring at her.

They were enjoying their time together and they were being very while being that close to each other.

At the same time, a guy has entered the hotel.
Only his back who was being noticeable.
Then his face has got showed.

The man to himself: I’m back Riddhima. I’m back and I will just cause problems between you and your beloved husband. Rudra Singh Rathour would never forget his heartbroken and he has returned to give the same heartbroken to you my one and only girl who I love her and still love her till now.
Precap: Vansh was being angry on Riddhima.












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