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Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 78 – Telly Updates

The episode starts with Kabir complete telling Ishani what Ahana has done with him at the post.
Ishani was being very angry while hearing Kabir’s words.

Ishani: How dare her to cheat you that much?!! How dare her to hurt you and play with your feelings?! How dare her to just leave you for the sake of another guy just for his money?!!
Kabir has came near Ishani to calm her down.
He was looking at her in a calming way.

Kabir( in a caring tone): Please relax darling. Just calm down for me. Everything has got fine now when you have entered my life so there isn’t anything to worry about it. Your Kabir isn’t that weak to allow a cheap girl like this Ahana to break him. I have got able to pass this breakdown and I will always be able to do that if you are with me Ishani.
Ishani has hugged him very tightly.
She was being very emotional.
She wasn’t believing that Kabir has faced this breakdown at the past alone.
She was being very very angry from that Ahana.

Ishani: So that girl has just left you after having a richer person?

Riddhima has smiled a making fun smile.

Riddhima: Do you think that a cheap girl like her will be courageous to face Kabir and tell him that she doesn’t want to complete with him?! Of course not my dear Ishu. She was being with Kabir and that guy at the same time. She wasn’t wanting to lose anything from her hands. She is a very cheap girl who is very selfish and she is just caring about herself and she could destroy anyone around her just to reach to her motive.
Angre: She was being enjoying while she was playing from the back of Kabir.
Riddhima: She was believing that she could be able to do that for more time.
Kabir: But she doesn’t know that the truth doesn’t take so much time until it comes out.
Vansh: She has got exposed in a very hard way and she has lost each and everyone was supporting her.
Ishani: But how this has happened? How she has got exposed?
Vansh has smiled a proud smile.

Vansh: This has happened by the special powers of the most unique girl in the universe Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania.
After Vansh has said those words, Riddhima and him had an eye look.

Kabir: Yeah that’s true. My dearest little sister is the one who was doubting that stupid girl so much and she was feeling that she is hiding a very huge secret and she didn’t has got satisfied without getting to the whole truth.
Angre: Then she has got a lot of proofs against Ahana and she has given it to Kabir.
Kabir: Actually, Riddhima didn’t has just get satisfied by exposing Ahana in front of me as she has done another dangerous and brilliant stuff in punishing that stupid girl.
Ishani was being excited to know what Riddhima has done with Ahana.
The happiness and excitement were noticeable on Ishani’s face.

Ishani: So tell me bhabi what you have done with this stupid Ahana?? I really want to know how you have given her a very hard punishment.
Riddhima was smiling a cute smile.

Riddhima: Let’s make this as a mystery for some time. Of course after some time I will make you know what I have done with this stupid girl. For now, let’s just celebrate the confession of you and Kabir bhai. Let’s enjoy our trip like we have planned to do.
Vansh: Yeah. We really need to relax and enjoy our time together as the first day of our trip at Manali has got wasted and we can’t allow that girl to spoil the rest of our trip.
Angre: And already we will never leave that girl to repeat what she has done at the past once again so you don’t have to worry at all Ishani as the rest of the story will be revealed very soon.
Ishani: Yes guys you are all right. We have to enjoy this moment so much.
Kabir: Actually, it is very very near for the sunrise so let’s get out and watch it while walking all together so we could enjoy the cold weather that will be mixed with the rays of the sun.

Angre: Yeah. Let’s do that. I will go to get Ragini and let’s do that all together.
At VR mansion, Chanchel has came to Sejal to check on her.
She has found her being on a video call with a person.
Sejal( on a video call): I’m really thankful to you so much Vyom for your support. Thank you for helping me starting this new business. Thank you for guiding me to start my career.
Vyom( on the video): You don’t have to thank me Sejal as at the end we both were being colleagues at the same college so I have to help my college friend. Actually, it is a pleasure to work with you Sejal. I’m sure that we will do a very brilliant work when we open this company together. And actually, you don’t have to thank me as I’m the one who was wanting to do something special nowadays so I will be the one who will use you so much.
Vyom has smiled at Sejal in a confident way.

Sejal( on the video call): Oh! I have really missed your amazing sense of humor.
Vyom( on the video call): Don’t worry Sejal we will meet each other a lot during those times so you will get bored from me and my attitudes.
Sejal has smiled from Vyom’s words.
Then they have ended the video call.
Chanchel has came closer to Sejal.
Chanchel: I can observe that there is a huge happiness being noticeable on your face. Does this is related to the startup of your career?
Sejal: Yeah aunt. It is related to my career. This man is called Vyom Khana. He is my old college colleague and we were close buddies, but after we have finished college we didn’t have got the chance to keep in touch like before. Then we have met suddenly nearby and we start to talk once again and he has offered to me to start a fashion company together as he knows that fashion is one of my biggest hobbies. So that’s why we were talking together about that as he has really made me very excited for this project and I feel that I will find myself because of the help of my friend Vyom.
Chanchel was smiling while seeing Sejal’s excitement.

Chanchel: I’m so happy for you dear and I’m sure that you will do an outstanding work.
Sejal has hugged Chanchel.
Sejal: Thank you auntie.
At the same time, Riddhima has gotten ready to enjoy the sunrise with Vansh.
She was looking so stunning and beautiful in a simple dress.

Vansh has got surprised when she has seen her beauty.
He was staring at her so much.

He has came near her.
Then he has made her very close to him.

He was wanting to feel her breathes and sink inside it.
Vansh( while sinking on Riddhima’s beauty): How you are always able to be that beautiful and gorgeous? You are always able to make me fall more and more deeply for you sweetheart. You are my angel who I will always love her and get admired of her beauty.
She has smiled so much while hearing Vansh’s words.

Riddhima: I will always shine that much because I have a man like you in my life who is always taking care about me and being sure to always spread happiness in my life. You will always be my one and only man.
They have hugged each other very tightly.

They were enjoying being that close to each other.

They were being happy that they have got the chance to feel relaxed once again after what has happened when they have reached to Manali.
They were happy that they will finally be able to enjoy this trip being very close and attached to each other.

Riddhima: So let’s go to be able to watch the sunrise before we got to be late.
Riddhima was going to leave to get outside the room to watch the sunrise, but then Vansh has stopped her by holding her closely to him.

Then he has immediately lifted her.

Riddhima has got surprised from Vansh’s unexpected behavior.

Riddhima: Vansh, what are you doing?
Vansh: Now, we could be able to go together and enjoy the sunrise.
Riddhima: Really?! We will go there while you are lifting me like that?
Vansh: Yeah. As this makes me be able to spend the most times being that close to my sweetheart.
She was liking his idea.
So she was just staring at him while being very relaxed being that close to him.

Afterwards, Vansh and Riddhima have reached outdoor where everyone was waiting for them.
Vansh was still lifting Riddhima.

He was wanting to make her feel how she is very special.
Then he has made her get down and they have joined the others in spending time together while enjoying the sunrise.
Ishani and Kabir were being very happy together.
Ishani was staring at Kabir very much.

She was wanting to be sure that he has finally became hers.
Then Kabir has noticed Ishani’s stare.
So he has looked at her in a speculating and smiling way.

Kabir: Knock knock. I can observe that you are staring at me very much. Can I know the reason behind that Miss Pretty Rai Singhania?
She has smiled when he has called her pretty.

Ishani: I’m just staring at the angel that God has sent him to me to make my life more beautiful. I was thanking God so much that you are in my life Kabir.
Ishani’s words have touched Kabir’s heart.
He was being very happy while hearing her words.

Then he has came closer to her and he has made her near his heart.
Kabir: Trust me sweetie, I’m the one who must to always thank God that you are in my life. I promise you that you will always be the girl who will rule place in my heart till my last breathes.
There was a huge romance being spread between the 3 couples as not only Riddhima_Vansh and Ishani_ Kabir who were romancing so much but also Ragini and Angre were enjoying their time and romancing so much.
They have decided to give some nice flavor to the gathering until the sunrise could starts by dancing couple dances.
So they have started with Vansh and Riddhima.

Who as always have a done a very special and lovely dance performance.
They were enjoying dancing together while the snow was fallen on them.
They were being very close to each other in a very romantic way.

After Vansh and Riddhima have finished their dance, Ragini and Angre have followed them and they have started dancing.
Vansh and Riddhima were covering themselves with one blanket to be more closer to each other.

While they were watching the dance performance of Ragini and Angre who were doing it in a very brilliant way.
Everyone was enjoying and being very happy.
They have felt that the trip has now got started.
After some time, the sunrise starts.
They were looking at it while they were all smiling.
Ishani and Kabir weren’t leaving each other’s hands and they were being very close to each other.
At that moment, Ahana has got to be at the lobby of the hotel which were all of them being there on it after that have watched the sunrise.
Ahana was being shocked seeing Kabir and Ishani together.

Then she has felt the presence of someone from her back.
This person has gotten to be Riddhima.

Riddhima: Finally, we got to meet once again cheap girl. I’m sure that this time you will enjoy more than before as this time I will make you suffer a lot so you couldn’t be able to just think about coming once again on my brother’s way.
Ahana was looking at Riddhima in a very evil and hating way.

Ahana: Do you think that by your words I will be afraid?! No darling, I think that you already have known me enough to know that Ahana Sharma would never be afraid from anyone’s words. Actually, I’m glad that we have met face to face once again so I could take my revenge from you idiot for what you have done with me at the past and I could make you pain a lot while seeing me getting Kabir back to me. Kabir who you have made me away from him at the past by exposing me in front of him.
Riddhima has looked at Ahana in an smiling and irritating way.

Riddhima( making fun): Oh!! Really?! Do you still think that you will be able to get Kabir bhai back to you?! How?! Especially that you have already seen him that close and near to Ishani so of course you have understood what has happened between them.
Ahana has looked at Riddhima in a speculating and angry way.

Ahana: What do you mean?!
Riddhima holds Ahana’s hand aggressively.

Then she has dragged her to be in front of the others.
Then she has pushed her under Kabir’s feet.

She was looking at Ahana in a very hate way.

Riddhima: This is the place that you deserve it stupid Ahana. Just under my brother’s feet. You have done so many stuff at the past and I have thought that after what I have done with you was enough and I thought that you would never return once again into our lives, but you have proved to me that you are a very shameless girl who I mustn’t feel pity on her. What you don’t know it idiot is that Kabir bro and Ishani have confessed their feelings to each other and you will not be able to separate them even if you have tried hard so don’t you think that you are just being in Kabir’s mind.
Ahana has got shocked.
She wasn’t believing that Kabir became with another girl not with her.
Precap: “I will break your heart Riddhima like you have broken mine. I will separate you from your beloved husband forever”




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