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The episode starts with Ahana got very terrified when she has heard the sound of the gun shot.

All her stubborn, cool behavior, and fearless attitude have vanished when Vansh has clicked on the gun.
She wasn’t believing that she has got saved when she has seen that this bullet didn’t has harmed her and it has just harmed the wall that it is beside her.

She was being very frightened during that situation.
She wasn’t believing that she could own that so much fear inside her.
Ahana to herself: Ahana, you have to be strong. Don’t make them feel your fear. You are a very courageous girl that nothing could harm you. Vansh is just playing with your nerves so you could lose your balance and confidence. Don’t make him succeed in that.
Vansh has looked at her in a confident way.

Vansh( in an annoyed way): Interesting, very interesting! I can observe that the girl who was very cool and talking in a confident way starts to be very frightened! Where was your shameless and cool attitude?! A very tiny bullet has caused to you all those frighten and fear! Impressive! This time the bullet was just being very near to you and it has just got to be inside the wall that is very close to you, but the next time I promise you that I will not control myself and the bullet will be in the middle of your brain.
Ahana has succeeded in controlling herself.
So she could be able to face Vansh and stay calmed and just make Vansh be the one who lose his cool.
Ahana was looking at Vansh in an irritating way while she was putting her hand on her face.

Ahana: I’m not afraid from you Mr. Vansh. I just has got surprised from your unexpected behavior. I wasn’t imagining that the great Vansh Rai Singhania who everyone fears from him and he is being well known of his stability and his control on his own self has lost his temper that easily when he has just faced the queen of everything Misses Ahana Sharma.
Vansh has gotten very angry.

He has came very close to Ahana in an angry way.
Then he holds her neck very tightly.
She was trying to remove his hand, but without any result.
As Vansh was holding her neck very perfectly.
Ahana( barely able to speak): Leave me. You are making me being suffocated. Leave me.
At the same time, Riddhima was still being at the room waiting for Vansh and Angre while she was being worried about them and thinking about what is happening right now.

Riddhima to herself: Please God help us in getting rid of that Ahana. Please God don’t make her succeed in breaking Kabir’s heart once again. Please God give Kabir the strength to fight against that girl. Please God don’t make him get influenced from her once again. Please God make him be sure that she will always cheat him and she will never do anything more than that. Please God make him notice his love towards Ishani. I’m sure that Inshai is the only girl who deserves to be with my bhai. I hope that everything could be fine with my beloved ones very soon.
At the other side of the room, there was still be a very huge breakdown and worry inside Kabir who is supposed to be sleeping physically but mentally his is very awake and his mind isn’t able to stop thinking.
Kabir was dreaming of Ishani.
She was just looking at him in a shattered way.

Kabir( at his dream): Ishani, please don’t cry. I’m with you and I will never leave you.
He has came near her.
Then he has putted his hand on her shoulder.
She has gotten away from him.
Then she has looked at him in an angry way.

Ishani( at Kabir’s dream): Really?! You really will never leave me?! So why you have shouted and screamed at me that time?? Why you have told me to get away from you?! Why you have been that rude to me?! You don’t need me in your life Kabir so why I could stay at your life more than that? Why I could care about you when you already doesn’t care about me?!

Kabir( at his dream): Ishani please listen to me.
Ishani( at Kabir’s dream): You could have also listened to me at that time Kabir, but you didn’t have done that. So I also will not listen to you. Actually, why I will listen to you?! By what formality I have to listen to you?! Who is Ishani for you Kabir? Why you will care about me?! I’m nothing to you Kabir. I will leave from your life and I will never return once again.
Kabir was trying to stop Ishani, but she has given him her back and she has decided to leave.

Kabir( screaming): Ishaaaaaaaaaaaaaaniiiiiiiiiii.
Kabir didn’t has felt on himself when he has waked up that suddenly and he was just screaming with Ishani’s name.
Riddhima has rushed to Kabir when she has heard his scream.

Riddhima: What has happened Kabir bhai?? Are you fine?? Please relax and calm down. I’m with you and everything will be fine very soon. Just relax. I’m sure that you were just dreaming of a bad dream. It was just a bad dream and it will never come true so just relax.
Riddhima has made Kabir drink water.
He wasn’t in a complete concentration.

He was just thinking about Ishani and what he has dreamed of it.
He was afraid to lose her.
Kabir to himself: I can’t lose Ishani. I can’t make her be away from me. I have to talk with her. I wasn’t in my consciousness when I have said to her those stupid words. I didn’t have thought about her for a second due to my anger and shock. I don’t know what she has suffered from it during this time. I’m sure that she has pained a lot. I have to talk with her. I have to make her forgive me. I have to apologize to her and make her know that she is really very precious to me. I can’t make this dream true. I can’t make Ishani be away from me.
Riddhima was feeling Kabir’s worry and confusion.
So she has came closer to him.

Then she has putted her hand on his shoulder.
Riddhima: You will not lose her Kabir. I’m sure that you both will be together forever.
Kabir has looked at Riddhima in a surprised way.

Riddhima has looked at Kabir in a confident way.

Riddhima: Don’t be that surprised as your little sister isn’t that dumb and she could be able to catch her brother and know what he owns it inside him. I know that the bad dream that you have panicked from it is related to Ishani especially that her name was the only name that you have screamed with it when you have waked up. I know that you are afraid to lose Ishani. I know that she is very special to you. I know that you are owing something special to her bro, but you are just worried.
Riddhima holds Kabir’s hands very tightly.
So he could be able to feel her support and care.

She was looking at him in a very caring way.

Riddhima( continuing her words): Don’t think so much bro. Just be with her. Make her be sure of the feelings that you own it to her. Don’t lose her. Don’t allow anything to come between you both. I know that this is the most time that you need her on it. I know that she will be the only one who will remove all the hurt and breakdown that is inside you. Just listen to your heart and follow it. Don’t waste more time.
At that moment, Ishani has nocked the door.
Riddhima has opened the door and she has made Ishani enters.

Ishani( at the front door): I really need to talk with you bhabi. I know that it is very late and actually it isn’t so much time left for the sunrise, but I really need to talk. Your brother has really caused so much hurt to me today.
Ishani wasn’t able to say any other word when she has gotten inside the room as she has seen Kabir in front of her.
He was looking at her in a very romantic and caring look.

He was just staring at her so deeply.
Kabir: I know that I was very rude and stupid with you and you really have the green card to just hit me with anything, but at the end you have to listen to me.
At the same time, Angre has succeeded in separating Vansh from Ahana before she could lose her life.
Angre( calming Vansh down): I know that you are super angry boss, but you have to control yourself. You can’t allow thia girl make you out your own self in a very huge problem. You can’t leave her to die in that easy way.
Vansh was still being very angry.

He was just doing his best to control his anger.
Then Angre has turned to Ahana who was trying very much to take her breathes normally after she was near to lose them forever.
Angre was being very very angry on Ahana.

Angre: What Vansh has done with you is a very simple thing from what we all could do if you have thought for a second to just come once again in front of Kabir. Not only your family who will leave you and will kick you out from their lives like what has happened at the past and of course you know who was the reason behind that but also everyone on the street will just kick you with their shoes to just get rid of you and not be at this country anymore and you already very well that we could be able to do that.
Vansh( being cooled than before): We could be able to turn your life ups and down once again and destroy it so much. We could merely make you suffer a lot. If we aren’t harming anyone or causing problems to anyone, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t able to do that. We have the power to do anything Ahana. We just doesn’t prefer wrong ways.
Angre: But in facing evil and shameless people like you, we could cross any barrier and do anything to just put people like you in their correct position.
Vansh: So don’t you dare to come near us once again.
Ahana was being angry from what Vansh and Angre have said to her.

She was owing so much anger from what they have done and said to her especially Angre’s words.
Ahana( shouting): Don’t you dare Angre to say a word about my family. Don’t you dare to make me remember what the sweet Riddhima of you all has done with me. Actually, do you both think that when I will hear the confrontation words of you both I will be afraid and return back from where I have came?! Of course not guys. Ahana Sharma will never leave her motive incomplete. Ahana Sharma could just do anything to complete her revenge.
A tiny and evil smile has appeared on her face.

Ahana( continuing her words): I will never leave anyone of you all. Your lives will just be flipped by my hand. None of you all will be saved from me after what has happened today. I wasn’t including everyone of you at my revenge cycle if Kabir has forgiven me easily, but even if he has forgiven me easily each one of you will be included on my revenge cycle and of course the biggest one who will take a very special punishment is your lovely wife Vansh which is Misses Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania.
Vansh has gotten angry on Ahana.

He has putted his finger on his lips with a sign to make her silent.

Vansh: Just shut stupid Ahana. Don’t you dare to say a word about Riddhima. You would never be able to do anything to Riddhima when I’m with her.
Ahana has looked at Vansh in a very irritating look.

She was putting her finger on her mouth in a speculating way.
Ahana: Oh! You are looking like an angry bird Mr. Vansh! By the way, you are looking so attractive while being that angry. I think that if I have met you before Kabir I wouldn’t have made you be for any girl other than me! Anyway, I just want to see what you will do Mr. Handsome angry man to stop me. You will never know when and how all of yours lives have got destroyed and now just leave immediately as you have really got me out of the mood and I want to be at the cool mood very much so I could know how I will get my Kabir back along with destroying you all.
Vansh’s anger mood was still on.
He has looked at Ahana in a dangerous way before he could leave.
Vansh: You will never able to do anything as Vansh Rai Singhania will always be a shield to his family and he could merely destroy you just for the sake of my family.
Ahana( in an irritating way): Let’s see Mr. Handsome angry man.
At Riddhima and Vansh’s room, Ishani was ignoring Kabir and she wasn’t talking with him.

She was trying to control herself from asking about his health after seeing that wound appearing on his head.
Ishani: Riddhima bhabi, tell your brother that I will never talk with him. Tell him that I will never ever talk to him once again. Tell him that it isn’t easy at all to be that rude with Ishani Rai Singhania. He has to pay for what he has done with me especially that I was just caring about him.
She has stared at him for a second.

Ishani( completing her words): And about the things that he didn’t has told me about it, I still will be able to know it all as still I have my own ways and he has also to know that he has done a very huge mistake when he has treated me in that way.
Kabir didn’t has felt on himself when a smile has drawn on his face.

Ishani’s cute attitude has melted his heart and has made him forget all his pain.
Riddhima was also smiling while seeing the way Ishani was expressing her upset from Kabir.

Riddhima: Can you please relax Ishu. I know that he has made you got hurt a lot and I promise you that he will atone for his mistakes, but please relax and calm down.

Ishani: I will not relax or be calmed bhabi. Actually, I wasn’t knowing that he is at your room now so I will leave and when you are alone just tell me.
Ishani was going to leave when Kabir has stopped her by holding her hands very tightly.
He has grabbed her into a near wall while he was surrounding her by his hands so much.
Then he has immediately kissed her in her cheek.
Ishani was just fixed and she wasn’t able to do anything.

She was just staring at him in a surprised way.
Kabir: You will never be away from me Pagali. You are just mine. You could do anything to me to take your right, but you will never leave me. Because I love you Ishani. I love you so much.
Precap: “I will tell you everything has happened at the past. You have to know everything related to my past with that cheap girl”





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