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Episode starts with Riddhima and Vansh waiting in doctor's cabin for Riansh's reports,Vansh was lost in Riddhima's statement that Saumya is Riansh's real mother,he was confused a lot,still didn't wish to ask anything to Riddhima at that moment because they both wanted to give complete focus on Riansh's heallth at that time.Nothing was more important then riansh to both of them.
Doctor arrived,
Doctor:You both are really very lucky,due to the brain tumor in Riansh's biological mother,he too has developed one or two cells,but we are extremely thankful to god that it is noot even the first stage,means ,Riansh is completely safe,we just need to perform minor operation,and then you both have to take full care of your child.And we are making no delay,we will make the operation now.
Riddhima stayed stunned and speechless,and just looked at vansh,as only Vansh is the ray of hope for her.
Vansh nodded and signed the papers .
Riddhima crying: Doctor ,I want to meet my son first.

Doctor:i am sorry Mrs singhania,but he is under the effects of medicines and is unconscious ,that's why we want to perform this at the moment so that we don't have too make him unconscious again.
Riddhima and Vansh went and sat outside the ot.
Riddhima was crying bitterly,Vansh who was praying to God to save his son,was making the try to console Riddhima,
Riddhima in heart breaking voice: Vansh,I don't have any other reason to live
Then she broke down completely,crying ,and falling,Vansh handled her and took her hand in his and cupped her face and made her look in his eyes and with full confidence,
Vansh: Riddhima,nothing will happen to him.He is Riansh Vansh Rai Singhania,the son of Riddhima,you know his mother is the most strong person I had ever seen then how can anything happen to him?
Riddhima: I will die without him..
Vansh hugged her tight and kept saying he is fine.
After half hour,doctor came and congratulated them that everything is succesful and fine.
Riddhima was about to faint in happiness,thanking God and tears were still flowing unbearably,Vansh held her,and on vansh's face,was the pride of a real father whose son has defeated the enemy.
Then they went inside to meet riansh after sometime,and pampered him a lot,and then took him home and he was fine within a few days,throughout these days,Riddhima and Vansh were the support system of each other in taking Riansh's care.

Then one day Siya came,
Riddhima understood as why vansh called her.
They made Siya sleep with Riansh that night ,as she could take care of him,and Vansh took Riddhima with him to his room and locked the room...
Vansh: Riddhima,throughout these days,nothing had been more important then Riansh for us,I also said nothing ,as for me too ,he is my life and nothing is more important then him for me but now he is fine,completely fine.
Riddhima smiled and nodded.They then stayed silent.Riddhima had understood what vansh wants.He wanted his answers.
Riddhima sat with vansh on bed side and took his hand in hers and looked in his eyes.
Riddhima:Now what I am going to tell will be dfifficult for you to listen and more difficult for me to tell.
Vansh nodded and kept his another hand over hers  and started. to sign.
Riddhima closed her eyes and with deep breath,
"It was the day when you left for deal.we were in full contact,every moment of my life was devoted to your memories then..
Her flashback starts as she continue to tell.
" Riddhima gets a call,at late night,it was of Saumya,she had called her after many days sob Riddhima was stunned,
Saumya told Riddhima to meet her now,so Riddhima went to Saumya's flat.
Riddhima reached Saumya 's flat and went inside,it was dark ,
Ridhima scared:Saumuu dii,where are you.
Saumya: Come inside,
RRiddhima went inside.:Saumya di,why is it so dark?
Saumya: Because my life has complete dark now.
Riddhima scared:Dii what are you saying
Saumya:What I am saying,okay listen,when you left with your love ,with vansh ,i was left alone,at that time I got a hand,a ray of hope of getting ove,and that was kabir,fr Vansh love was true to you,he never asked you for anything,but kabir wanted to make it physical.So I agreed because I liked him.Then we were in a great time,but few days back ,i realised that,I am pregnant.
These words came to riddhima as thunderbolt,she was about to fall.
Saumya: I told him about it bbut he,he left me straight at that moment,I begged him to not leave me,but he left.
Then saumya smiled.
Saumya:I cursed him,and see riddhima,what i got,my curse worked on him.He died last night in car accident.
Riddhima was crying,shivering ,as she had daily tried to be in contact with Sauya,but Saumya had always said her so bad things,but still Riddhima was in deep shock because she loved Saumya by her heart.
Riddhima was about to hug Saumya but she stopped her.

Saumyaa: I just called you to feel your nephew once,I am going to abort it.
Riddhima stayed stunned,she felt repulsiveness by Saumya's words.
Riddhima screamed,that what are you saying.
Saumya screamed back that i am not going to spoil my life for this unborn child,who I am to this child?It was just a mistake.Its better to abort him as he is none in my life.
Riddhima stayed shocked,she cried,begged Saumya to not do anything such with an innocent life.
Suamya: There is one more way.If you are so willing to make him live,then why don't you become this child's mother?Now don't stand that much shocked.I am saying truth.You just take this child via surrogacy,and I will take Vansh.
again a thunderbolt fell on Riddhima.
Saumya: Take this child from me,and let Vansh see that you betrayed him and I..I will marry him.
Riddhima stood stunned,and gathered the courage to speak with difficulty.
Riddhima: If you dare to abort this child,I will call police.

Saumya laughed and showed her a bottle.
Saumya:See this bottle,thiss has such a liquid,that if police arrives at my door,I will just take one sip,and this child will die.And don't think that I will stay in jail then,I will kill myself.
Riddhima : Do you think Vansh will become yours by this?
Saumya: That's my problem not yours.Think for one nght and comeback tomorrow,otherwise I will abort it tomorrow..She made Riddhima out.Whole night Riddhima kept crying and thinking,all her childhood memories with Saumya,the way she considered Saumya her life,her time with vansh,the life of that unborn ,everything messed up in Riddhima's mind."
Flashback ended,she looked at Vansh crying,holding him tightly,
Riddhima:What could i do at that time vansh?I could not live without you niether without Saumya,so I just thought of that unborn.And thence i went for surrogacy,and ..(wipind her tears0I am proud of my decision when I look at Riansh.

She again went back in flashback,surrogacy happened,she was teary eyed all throughout the time thinking about vansh,then saumya met her ,
Saumya:Congratulations,you got a child,but beware,as soon as you dare to inform Vansh about this,if you make me fall inn his eyes ever,I will kill myself.
Riddhima smiled and turned her face.
Her flashback ended ,and she cupped Vansh's face and crying and sobbing said,:"That was my last day of being Riddhima Vansh,that day I myself died,and a mother took birth,then only a mother was left,I cried bitterly,almost everyday,told myself to forget about you,but was dying for you,when you returned on the day of gangaur,and broke down seeing me pregnant,you have no idea Vansh how I controlled myself to tell you the truth,Vans,its not hat I choosed Saumya over you,but I really didn't wish to force myself r my child upon ou.I wantedyou to say free rom llthis,to live our life,I did'twish tht child who had ecome mine tobe a burdeno anyone,when I got to know that badepapa forced you to marry Saumya di,I cried to the core of my heart,my wish was to just come running to you,and tell you that how much I am dying for have no idea ,how much I needed yu throuhout my pregnancyespecally(she cried more biterly becoing breathless,saying hardly),speialy at the tme of delivery,Ineeded you biterly.

And she broke down saying this,Vansh kissed tightly on her lips,she reciprocated back and pulled his headclose,and kissed even more tightly,then they seperated,again kissed back tightly,
Riddhima:Througout those 3 yers whenever Riansh askedme about knowVansh(smle came on Riddhima's face)when nurse asked me to name the child,I closed my eyes andfelt youaround me,it was my Riansh.
They both smild.
Riddhima then became serios: When di died you came to tak us,you showed the letter o dii,I was broken ,roken after seing you,brken on RIansh's dad demand,broken on Dii demand,after allit was Saumyas dii child too,how could I eny hr last wish for her child..
Vansh: And I amthat bad that I mde you cry throughout these threemonths.
Riddhima cuppinghis face agin,
Riddhima: No Vansh ,you made me poud ,proud on my decison by becoming such agreat faher,it realy takes so much vansh to accept the child of a girlwh betrayed you,

Vansh kissed her again ,then they laid back kissng each other,vansh got apart,she pulled him back,Vansh couldn't control,his tears were falling and merging in her tears,he kissed her hands,then her forehead and signed her to not cry,she pulled him and hugged him tightly.They spent the night together.
Next morning they woke up and smiled towards each other.

Precap: Vansh lift Riddhima and make her sit on counter,they share a cute moment.

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