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Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 75 – Telly Updates

The episode starts with Kabir being very broken and shattered.

Riddhima and Vansh were trying to control their shock.
So they could be able to support Kabir and not make him feel that he is alone.
Vansh has came near Kabir.

He has putted his hand on Kabir’s shoulder to support him.
Vansh: I know that what you are facing it now is a very hard and tough thing. I know how you are being very shattered and heartbroken now Kabir. I could understand what you are feeling and feel the same as what you are feeling, but trust me your shatter and broken will never help you in anything. It will just cause more and more hurt to you. You have to stay strong and don’t make anything lose your strength.
Riddhima has looked at Kabir in a worried and caring way.

Vansh( continuing his words): Ahana will never be able to cause any hurt and breakdown to you once again Kabir. You have to be sure of that. You have to be sure that of your strength. You have to be more stronger than that Kabir. You have to make her know that her presence or not will never change anything to you. Just be strong.
Riddhima was being teary and she was crying along with being very angry.

Vansh has surrounded Riddhima by his arms to support her.

He was looking at her so deeply to make her control her own self and not cause more stress and breakdown to Kabir.

Vansh’s deep look and support has made Riddhima a little bit relaxed.
She starts to have the strong and stable face reaction.

She was trying to control herself for the sake of Kabir.
So she could be able to support him and be with him.
She has came near Kabir.

Then she has hugged him very tight sibling hug.

She was trying to support him very carefully.
Riddhima: You are a very strong person Kabir bhai. You would never allow a very cheap girl like this stupid Ahana to break you. She will never be able to destroy your life or cause any other hurt to you once again. Your sister Riddhima will always be with you bhai and she will never be able to leave her amazing brother to be harmed from this cheap girl. You would never allow her to disturb you and destroy this lovely trip.
Vansh: As simply this trip was just for you Kabir. You have to enjoy it and don’t care about this stupid girl at all.
Riddhima: She would never be able to do anything. We will always be with you and we will keep supporting you.
Vansh: Just tell us Kabir what she has done and said? What nonsense she has said it to you when she has met you??
Kabir was being very broken.

He was being very broken everytime he remembers that Ahana and what she has done to him.
He can’t imagine that he has remembered each and every hurt he has suffered from it at the past just by seeing her in front him.
Then his broken face reaction has turned into a very huge anger and frustration face reaction.

He got to be very very angry.
He starts telling Vansh and Riddhima everything has happened between him and Ahana since she has came in front of him at the terrace of the hotel.
Riddhima was being very angry and heartbroken.

Riddhima to herself: Stupid Ahana, trust me I will not leave you at all. I will never give you the chance to hurt my brother once again. You will face me once again now idiot and this time I will not spare you and I will do more than what I have done with you at the past.
Vansh was also being very angry.

He was being very stressed about Kabir.
Vansh to himself( being angry): This time you will face me cheap Ahana and you don’t know what will be the consequences of facing Vansh Rai Singhania. You have given so many hurt to a very close person to me Ahana and you have to be punished from doing that.
Riddhima and Vansh were trying their best to not appear their shock and anger in front of Kabir.
They weren’t wanting to cause more shatter to him.
So they have kept supporting Kabir and make him forget his heartbroken.
They have made him a little relaxed.

He was feeling very comfortable when he was with Riddhima and Vansh.
He comes near them.
Then he has hugged them very tightly.
Kabir: Thank you so much guys for your support. Thank you for always being with me and standing by my side. Thank you because you both were being very encouragers. I would never be able to pass that critical situation alone. I would never minimize a little of my breakdown if you both weren’t with me. Thank you Vansh and Riddhima for being in my life.
Vansh and Riddhima have hugged Kabir back.
Riddhima: Don’t thank us Kabir bro because simply we didn’t have done anything. It is our duty to support you bro and we will always do that.
Vansh: So please don’t thank us Kabir. We just want you to be happy and relaxed. We just want you to be very strong and don’t make anything hurt you or make you be shattered.
Riddhima: Don’t think a lot about anything and just think about yourself and your health.
Vansh: You have to relax and take some rest now. Leave everything to us and we will fix it. You just relax here for now as you will not be able to go to your room while you are being at that state.
Vansh and Riddhima have made Kabir lay comfortably on the bed.

Then they have left him to relax.
They were standing in far area at the room to not disturb Kabir and at the same time they could be a little near to him if he has needed them.

Riddhima was being very worried about Kabir.

She wasn’t able to control herself and her fear.
Vansh was being very worried about Riddhima while seeing her in that state.

They were both being very very worried and they weren’t able to think about anything other than what Ahana is going to do and how they could be able to stop her.

Riddhima: Vansh, I’m very worried about Kabir bhai. This stupid girl could really do anything just to reach to her motive. I know her so much, I know how she can’t see anyone happy and relaxed, I know how she always like to destroy everyone’s lives. I know that she will never be satisfied without destroying Kabir’s life along with taking revenge from me. She is a very cruel and dangerous girl. She could do anything Vansh. She could destroy my whole family and that what I will never be able to tolerate it. We have to do something very qui…
Vansh didn’t has given Riddhima a chance to complete her words.
As he has kissed her a very long kiss to calm her down and don’t make her stress more.

Riddhima has gotten very relaxed when Vansh has kissed her this long and romantic kiss.
Her stress, worry, and anger have gotten minimized so much after Vansh has kissed her.
She was needing to feel that secured and saved and that what has found it when Vansh has kissed her.
At the same time, Angre was being at the lobby of the hotel.
He has received a call from his men that has made him got very angry.
His anger and shock increased more when he has crushed with Ahana.
She has smiled at him in an irritated way.

Ahana: Oh! Angre! It has been a lot since I have seen you last time. I’m really happy to see you here as at the end you are the best friend of my love Kabir.
Angre: Your love?! Really?! Are you kidding me?! Do you are still calling Kabir as your love even after what you have done with him?! Are you mad?! You will never be Kabir’s love stupid Ahana. You will be just a very irritating past to Kabir who has just given him a lesson in his life and he will never look back to that past.
She has looked at Angre in an irritated way.

Ahana(in an annoyed way): Angre don’t be an angry Angre as you used to be at the past. Kabir will always be mine and very soon we will return together once again and no one will be able to stop that. So I think that it is better for you Angre to be with me if you want to not be included in my revenge and to not see the lives of your beloved ones being destroyed by me.
Angre has looked at Ahana in a dangerous look.

Angre: Oh! Really?! Do you think that I will leave you destroy their lives and I will stay quite?! No stupid Ahana. You still doesn’t know who is Angre Rathour and what he could do just to protect his close friends and by the way there are so many stuff that have changed on me that you still doesn’t know it so you still doesn’t know what could I do.
Ahana starts laughing.

Ahana( laughing out loud): Oh! How sweet of you Angre?! Let’s see what Angry Angre could do.
She has left Angre while she was laughing very much to irritate him more.
Angre was being very angry.

Angre to himself: I have to make Vansh and Riddhima know what has happened. They have to know that this Ahana is at Manali and she is being at the same hotel that we are all on it.
At Vansh and Riddhima’s room, Vansh was sitting at the chair while he was still very worried.
Then Riddhima comes near him and she holds his hand.

Riddhima: Vansh, we have to do something. I’m really worried about Kabir. We have to stop this Ahana. I can’t see Kabir bro in that state. Please do something.
She was still being worried and she was very stressed.

He has made Riddhima sit behind him.
Then he has kissed her hand to comfort her.

Vansh: Just calm down sweetheart. Trust me, nothing will harm Kabir. I’m here and everything will be fixed. You can’t be worried that much Riddhima because my heart really pains a lot when I see you in that state so please relax for my sake.
She has thrown herself in his arms to feel secured and relaxed.

Riddhima: Just be that close to me and I will be fine. When you be with me Vansh, everything becomes very easy on me.
He has looked at her in a confident way.

Vansh: Don’t worry as Vansh Rai Singhania’s presence is written in your destiny Riddhu and you will never be able to change that even if you have tried very hard.
Vansh’s words have drawn a tiny smile on Riddhima’s face.

Then she has kissed him in his cheek.

Riddhima: You are always able to draw  a smile on my face even if I’m in that very bad mood.
He has made her closer to him.

Vansh: It is one of my hobbies sweetheart so I will keep doing it.
They have smiled.
At that moment, Angre has came to them.

They have known from his face reaction that he has known about Ahana being at Manali.

Angre has gotten shocked to see Kabir being hurt on his head and laying on Vansh and Riddhima’s bed.
Angre( being worried): What has happened to Kabir?! How he has gotten that wound?!!!!
Vansh: Relax Angre. Everything is under control and we have cured his wound. Just tell me why you are being that worried? Actually, I could observe from your face reaction that you have known a shocking news Am I right or am I right?!
Angre: Yes boss you are right. I have known that Ahana is at M..
Riddhima: Yeah she is at Manali, we already know that.
Angre: Really?!
Vansh: Yes as who do you think will be behind Kabir’s critical state other than her?!
Riddhima: Just tell us how you have known that?
Angre: My men have told me that and then I have crushed with her and she has vowed to me that she will never leave us and she was wanting me to be with her otherwise she will not leave anyone of us.
Angre has told Vansh and Riddhima everything has happened between him and Ahana.
Vansh was being very angry.

Vansh: I will not leave that girl. I have to go to her now. She must to know the consequences of messing with anyone close to Vansh Rai Singhania.
Riddhima was also being shocked along with being angry and shattered.

Riddhima: Yes Vansh you are right. We have to go to her and make her know her state. I will come with you to her.
Riddhima was going to leave, but Vansh has stopped her by holding her hand.

Vansh: No Riddhima you will not come with us. As you have to stay here.
Riddhima: But why Vansh?! You know that I will never be satisfied without giving that cheap girl a very tough lesson.
Angre: And this is the idea bhabi. You can’t come in front of Ahana now as of course you will be the first target in her revenge cycle that she was talking about it so you don’t have to come in front of her now.
Vansh: And the most important thing is that you have to stay with Kabir as he really needs your support and we can’t leave him alone. So you have to stay with him.
Angre: And you don’t have to worry as we will not leave that girl.
Riddhima has gotten convinced from their words.
She has accepted to leave them go alone to Ahana.
Afterwards, Vansh and Angre have came to Ahana’s room.

Ahana was looking at them while she wasn’t giving any surprised reaction.

Ahana( holding her mobile while sitting at the chair): Welcome Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania. I was waiting for you. I was sure that your assistant will inform you with my arrive. I was sure that we will not take so much time until we could meet and here we have met at the first day in your Manali’s trip. Very nice to meet a person like you Mr. Vansh.
Come and have a seat as I have to welcome you as it is the first time to meet each other.
Ahana’s cold attitude has made Vansh more and more angry.

He didn’t has felt on himself when he has gotten his gun from his pocket and he has came closer to Ahana.
Then Vansh has pointed gun at Ahana.

She wasn’t afraid at all and she wasn’t giving any fear reaction to him.

Actually, she was very cool.
Ahana: Oh! You got so nervous Mr. Vansh. What is the reason of all those anger?!
Vansh’s anger was very high.
Vansh( being angry): Just shut cheap girl. You have done a lot of stuff and now you have to take your punishment for that. I will never leave you Ahana Sharma. It was your good luck that when you have cheated Kabir I wasn’t still knowing him as I wouldn’t have spared you, but now I’m with him and you will never be able to destroy his life.
Ahana: Really?! Do you think that you will be able to stop me?! Sorry Mr. Vansh even if you are a very powerful man, you still will not be able to defeat Ahana Sharma. Actually, you don’t how I could destroy all of yours lives. It is my hobby to play with people’s lives so don’t underestimate me and don’t think that I will be afraid when you point gun at me. You would never be able to shoot me so put the gun down and don’t disturb me.
Vansh was very angry from Ahana’s words.
So he has clicked on the gun and a bullet has came out.
Precap: “I will never leave anyone of you all. Your lives will just be flipped by my hand. None of you all will be saved from me after what has happened today”




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