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Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 73 – Telly Updates

Written by H@imanshu

The episode starts with Ishani being very shocked and heartbroken from the way Kabir has treated her with it.

She was being very shattered.
She wasn’t believing that Kabir could treat her in that aggressive way.
Kabir( in an aggressive and angry tone): Please leave now Ishani.
Ahana was watching them while she was standing outside the room.

She was looking at them in a very evil look.
She was being very relaxed while seeing Kabir very angry on Ishani that much.
Ahana to herself( being happy): Even if Kabir is still upset from me and he didn’t have given me the chance to make him forgive me, still I have reached to a victory by causing a problem between this new love story that was being started between Kabir and that stupid girl. That Ishani will never be able to take Kabir from me whatever are the circumstances. I’m sure that their relation will never get into any serious step after Kabir has reacted with Ishani in that way and this is the thing that is making me very relieved.
Afterwards, Ishani has gotten out from Kabir’s room after he has insisted on being alone.
Ishani was being very shocked while she was was getting out from Kabir’s room.

Ishani to herself: Why Kabir?! Why you have treated me in that way?!!! I wasn’t wanting to disturb you at all, I was just wanting to support you and know what was the thing that was disturbing you that much. Why Kabir?!!! Why you have given me that hurt?!!
While Ishani was being in that shatter, she has found Ahana in front of her.
Ahana has looked at Ishani in a surprising and irritating way while she was putting her hand on her face to annoy Ishani very much.

Ahana( in an irritating way): Oh! I can observe that you have gotten to be very broken from the way Kabir has treated you that much! You have gotten broken so much, right?! I’m really sorry for that dear, but what you aren’t knowing about my Kabir that you mustn’t come in front of his face when he is angry especially when this stuff is related to his Ahana.
Ishani has looked at Ahana in a very shocked and shattered way.
She wasn’t understanding what Ahana was saying it to her.
Ahana has looked at Ishani in a more irritated way.

Ahana to herself: I’m really enjoying a lot while seeing that stalking girl being that sad. I will give you a very hard lesson so you could never think for a second to be stalking on Ahana’s boy.
Ahana( in a very annoying way): Ouch! I have forgotten to introduce myself to you. I’m Ahana, Kabir’s first love and the only love in his life, I know that you are Ishani the sister of Riddhima’s husband. So nice to meet you dear.
Ahana has offered her hand to Ishani to shake hands.
She was doing those stuff to irritate Ishani so much.
Ishani didn’t have shook hands with Ahana.
She was just super shocked while she was hearing what Ahana was telling her and how she was saying that she is Kabir’s first love.
Ahana: I think that you have got shocked, right? Anyway, I just want to tell you that you don’t have to worry about Kabir as his Ahana has returned back to his life and she will never leave him. He is just a kind of upset from me and I will be able to handle him as no one will be able to know Kabir more than the only girl that Kabir has loved her in his life which is only me and just me.
Ishani has got very angry while hearing Ahana’s words.

She was looking at her in a serious way.

Ishani( in a strict way): Look Miss Ahana, I really don’t care about anything that you are saying and I really don’t care to know anything from you because simply you are a stranger for me and even if you have introduced yourself, you still being a very strange person to me especially that the closest person to me has got very annoyed because of you. So I really don’t want to hear anything from you and about Kabir, I will be able to get him out of that mood as of course you will never be able to do that because simply you are the reason of his sadness so how you will be able to cure this sadness and hurt that you yourself have caused it to Kabir.
Ahana: Just a second, how da…
Ishani: Please leave me complete my words. You have talked too much and I was just keeping listening to you so you have to leave me talk. You are keeping saying that you are the only girl that Kabir has loved her in his life, but who has told you that?! From where you are being that sure of that?! Especially that it seems that it has been a lot since you have met Kabir, so how you have known that he just loves you and not any other girl?! Maybe he has loved another girl and you aren’t aware of that.
Ahana was being very angry while hearing Ishani’s words.

Ishani( completing her words): By the way Miss Ahana, you don’t have to worry about me at all. As I’m able to handle my own situation and I will be able to clear everything has happened between me and my best friend Kabir so don’t care about me at all and just care about yourself dear.
Ishani has turned her back to Ahana.
So she could leave her after she has tried to put her in her limits.
Before Ishani could leave, Ahana’s worse has stopped her.
Ahana( trying to keep the shape of being strong): My dear Ishani, no one will support my Kabir other than me. I’m the only one who is in his heart darling as this is a very logical thing darling. I’m his first and only love Ishani just remember that dear.
Ahana’s words has made Ishani being very angry more than she was already angry.
Ishani was being a little relaxed when she has confronted Ahana, but after what Ahana has said to her all the shatter and heartbroken have returned once again.
After Ishani has left, Ahana was just smiling.

Ahana to herself: The arrow has beaten the exact target! Ishani has got totally broken and that what I was wanting it to happen. Do you think that you were be able to make me lose confidence after what you have said Ishani?! You are so innocent and stupid girl darling! I’m Ahana Sharma and nothing could be able to make me lose my confidence especially when it comes to my love Kabir. I’m sure that there isn’t so much time left until Kabir and I will be together and return like before. My return will just cause troubles to you all especially for this stupid Riddhima. Just wait and watch what Ahana will do to take her revenge and take her love back.
Ahana was looking so evil and very dangerous.

At the same time, Riddhima and Vansh were being at their room and they were enjoying their time so much.

They were being very happy being together.
There weren’t aware from what has happened with Ishani and Kabir.
Then Riddhima has got the ability to stand on her feet.

A worrying reaction was noticeable on her face.
Vansh has looked at Riddhima in a speculating way.

Vansh: What has happened sweetheart? Why you have gotten out from your place?! You have to take so much rest and don’t stand on your feet.
Riddhima: I’m absolutely fine now and I’m able to stand on my feet and move by it so you don’t have to worry. I just have gotten out from my place in that way because I don’t know why I have felt a very strange feeling about Kabir bhai. I think that he isn’t good. I’m worrying a lot about him. So I think that I have to go to Kabir bhai to check on him and I will return to back. I will return back in a couple of minutes.
Vansh has stopped Riddhima by holding her hands.

Vansh: Relax sweetheart. You are just worrying about Kabir without any reason just because you are worrying from the arrive of that Ahana. I believe that he is now just enjoying his time with the weather or doing anything to enjoy with it and you are just the one who is worrying without any reason here. Just relax and calm down. You really need some rest so let’s take some rest now and then we could go to him together.
He has kissed her in her hand.

Then he has made her sit on his lap.

She has looked at him in a cute and surprising face reaction.

Riddhima( in a mocking tone): Oh! So does this is the resting time that you were talking about it?! Don’t say that it is a rest time Vansh because I can observe that you are thinking about something else.
Vansh has smiled very much from Riddhima’s behavior.

Then he has stared her while she was doing this behaviour.

Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! I could observe that the wife has got succeeded in catching her husband! You are always able to caught me sweetheart. Not bad Riddhima!
She has smiled at him.

Then she has hugged him very tight and warm hug.

Riddhima: Actually to be honest, I always like that naughty behaviour of you Mr. organizer.
She has smiled at him a naughty and cute smile.

He has stared at her very much when she has done this heart touching attitudes.

She has kissed him in his cheek.

Then both of them start to be very close to each other.

At the same time, there was a very huge breakdown being spread inside Kabir.
He was silent and being very shattered.

He wasn’t able to control his anger and shatter.
He was just being very angry and heartbroken.

He was facing a very critical breakdown.
He was just crying so much and hitting his hand so aggressively.
He was trying to get his anger out on anything with a hope that he could feel better.
Kabir to himself( being very angry): I was being in a very good mood and I was living my life very peaceful so what was the reason that could make her get once again in front of me?! She is a very shameless girl who isn’t being ashamed at all from what she has done with me at the past. How she could believe that I will forgive her when she will return back to my life as if what she has done was very easy and tiny stuff?!! How dare her to think that I’m still loving her?!!! How dare her to come in front of me once again?!!! How dare her to make me remember all the hurt that I have passed through it at the past?! How dare her to make me be in that huge breakdown?!!!!
Kabir was being very angry.

He hasn’t felt on himself when he starts hiting his head on the wall.
Kabir to himself( while hitting his head aggressively): I’m not able to tolerate the so much stuff that are being at my mind. I really want my brain to just shut up. I’m not able to tolerate my brain and my heart because they are both making me pain a lot.
Kabir’s state was very critical.
There was a wound being very noticeable on the top of his head.

Kabir’s breakdown wasn’t the only breakdown that was occurring at that moment as there was another breakdown inside Ishani.
Ishani was paining so much.
She was being very shattered and broken.

She was shattered from the way Kabir has treated her with it.
Along with that she was being very shattered and broken from what she has heard from Ahana and how Ahana’s words has caused a lot of hurt and sorrow to her.
Ishani to herself( crying): I wasn’t expecting that I will face all this sorrows during the first day in Manali’s trip. I was believing that this trip will help me to be more closer to Kabir so we could have the courage to talk about what we both own it to the other and we are just hiding it. I was believing that this trip will be a beautiful turning point in the relation that is between Kabir and I, but unfortunately it got to be a very heart breaking turning point! I really don’t know from where this stupid Ahana has came in our way?!!! We were being very happy so why she has came between us?!!!!
Ishani was facing through so many confusions.

She wasn’t understanding anything.
She wasn’t understanding why Ahana has returned along with that she wasn’t knowing anything about Ahana.
She was being afraid that Ahana’s words could be right.
Ishani to herself: Does Kabir could really be still loving her?! Does actually she is really his first love?! Does he is just upset from her because he is still love her?!! Does what I was believing that he is owing it towards me is just my imagination and this isn’t the truth?!!!! Does Kabir isn’t owing special feelings towards me like I was expecting?!!!!
At Kabir’s room, Kabir was still being very angry.
Kabir to himself: I would never be still loving this stupid girl. I doesn’t own anything towards her.
At that moment, another shade of Kabir has came in front of him as if he was other person not him.
Kabir’s self was just smiling at him.

Kabir’s self: Are you sure Kabir? Are you sure that you aren’t loving Ahana? Do you got to be able to forget her or you were just pretending all those years that you have forgotten her?! Do you were angry from her because she has cheated you or because she was away from you all those years?! You have to accept that till that moment you are still loving your Ahana so much and your anger is just a way to hide your happiness that she has returned back to you.
Kabir was just silent and shattered.

He wasn’t accepting that he could still own any feelings towards Ahana.
At that moment, another shade of him has came in front of him.

Kabir’s other self: You would never still be loving that stupid girl. You would never be able to forget what she has done with you. You have to be sure of that and don’t make anything change this fact. Ahana has cheated you and she is a very cunning girl. Don’t forget what she has done with you. Don’t forget how she has betrayed you and has broken you so much and now she has returned back to your life to just break you once again. You have to know that she will never be in your heart. There is only one girl who must to be in your heart and you know that girl so much.
A debate starts to occur between Kabir’s two selves.
He has gotten very angry and he has started to scream and shout.
Kabir to himself( being angry): Enough. Just enough. I can’t tolerate this confusion and hurt. I can’t tolerate that tough breakdown. I can’t tolerate to have another breakdown. I just hate myself for making me reached to that point. I can’t tolerate this pain alone.
At Ishani’s room, Ishani was being very emotional.
She was just crying endlessly.
Ishani to herself: I really need you so much Kabir. I need you to be with me and support me as you have used to do. Please come and calm me down as you always able to do that. Please tell me that what I’m thinking about is wrong. Please tell me that this Ahana was just a past and now you have forgotten her. Please come and tell me that you own the same feelings towards me Kabir. Kabir, I really love you. I really have discovered and became sure of that now. I really love you so much Kabir.
Precap: Riddhima has gotten shocked to see Kabir being on the floor in front of her room’s door.
She starts shouting and screaming.
Riddhima( shouting): Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabir.


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