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Die in your love and for your sake. #Riansh OS – Telly Updates

Written by H@imanshu

Hello guys. Here is a new OS of mine. I hope you like it and please do put your feedback on the comments so I could be encouraged to update more OS episodes.
Let’s go.
Vansh’s POV starts:
My heart is being broken into tiny pieces while seeing Riddhima in that state.

I’m not able to believe that it has been more than 2 years whole she is suffering from all of those health issues.
It has been really 2 years since Riddhima has suffered in a very critical way from problems in the kidneys. She isn’t able to live her life normally. She even isn’t able to breath without those breathing tools.
I’m very broken while seeing my wife and the most precious and important person to me being in that state and I’m not able to do anything to her.
I’m Vansh Rai Singhania who could do anything in this world isn’t able to do anything to his wife!!
During those 2 years, Riddhima isn’t being in a complete consciousness. She just wakes up for a very tiny moments and then she returns back to lose consciousness.
I was looking at Riddhima in a very angry and caring way.

Please Riddhima get up. Please get up for your Vansh. I have missed you so much Riddhima. I have missed your support. I have missed your presence in my life Riddhu. I have missed each and everything we used to do it together.
I start to remember some of the memories that we have spent it together.

I start to remember all the lovely and romantic moments that I have spent it with Riddhima.

All the breath taking moments that Riddhima and I have shared it together was being at my mind as if it has happened yesterday.

Her smiles.

Her cute expressions.

Her debates with me and her sad reactions when I win against her in those debates.

Her nock joking moments.

I was remembering each and every shade of my cute little angel.

I can’t forget anything related to you sweetheart.
Please get up. Please Riddhima get up for me. Your Vansh is calling you and wanting you to get up so please do that for my sake Riddhu. No more hide and sike game between us Riddhima. You have to get up and not lose consciousness once again. I will really die if you didn’t have gotten up this time.
My life without you is very tough and hard. I’m like the body without soul because you aren’t with me Riddhima. Please get up. I love you so much and I need you so much. Please don’t leave me.
I start to cry so much.

I was being very shattered.

I wasn’t able to tolerate living without Riddhima more than that.
Those 2 years that have passed while Riddhima was in that state was like 2 centuries for me.
We kept being in the hospital since those 2 years and I really have missed to get back to home while I’m holding Riddhima’s hand like before.
Please Riddhima get up.
Please Riddhima.
I start to scream very much and call Riddhima’s name a lot.

I was feeling that she will get up and I wasn’t knowing the reason behind that huge feeling.
I was sure that Riddhima will get up today.
I know that you will never make me lose hope Riddhima and you will get up, right sweetheart?
Please Riddhima get up, please Riddhima.
While I was being shattered and very heartbroken, I have felt Riddhima’s hand holding my hand so hardly.

I have got surprised and shocked.

My sweetheart has gained consciousness!
Vansh’s POV ends.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
I don’t know since how many times I was losing consciousness, but what I could know is that this is the first time that I could feel that I have complete consciousness.
I have felt that Vansh is calling me so much.
I was feeling how he was needing me so much that’s why I haven’t felt on myself when I have gained consciousness and I was holding Vansh’s hand so much.
I was observing how he was worrying about me so much and how he was looking at me in a very caring way.

I have missed you so much Vansh. I have really missed you a lot.
I was really wanting to see you and feel your presence.
Thank God that God has given me the chance to gain consciousness once again so I could be able to see Vansh even if it will be the last time as I will be very happy that the last face that I have seen is Vansh’s face.
I have tried to have the power to get up from my place so I could be able to throw myself into Vansh’s arms.

I was really needing his hug so much.
We have gotten into a very long and just long hug.
I was feeling his worry and shatter.
I was trying to make him very close to me so I could try to minimize his pain.

I wasn’t able to say a word due to my tiredness.
I just have kissed him in his cheek to comfort him.

He has putted his hand on my face in a very caring way.

I was really missing his touch so much so I was really feeling very comfortable while he was touching me.
Vansh: Thank God that you have gained consciousness Riddhima. I was sure that my sweetheart will never make me upset and she will wake up immediately after I will call her. I promise you that you will be fine very soon. The new doctor has came to the hospital today and I’m sure that he will have a solution to your case. I’m sure that you will be cured very soon and you will return back to your normal life and we will be able to be together forever.
I have putted my hand on his face to calm him down and make him feel a kind of relaxed.

Then I have hugged him once again.
I was really needing to feel relaxed while being on his arms.
I wasn’t wanting to think about anything.
I was aware of my critical state.
I have suffered through that kidney problem since I was young and I was knowing that this breakdown will happen and I was okay with it, but I wasn’t expecting that this will happen after I got to find my soul mate.
When I was kid, I was knowing that I will not live for so many times.
I was knowing that I will die young because this kidney problem is rare and it isn’t that easy to be cured so I was living my life waiting for death, but now and after I have found Vansh, who isn’t just my husband as he is my everything, I really don’t want to die.
I have loved my life after Vansh has entered it.
I want to be with him forever.
I love you so much Vansh.
Riddhima’s POV ends.
While Vansh and Riddhima were hugging each other, the doctor has came.
He was being happy that Riddhima has gained consciousness.
Doctor: Thank God that you are fine now Misses Riddhima Rai Singhania. Don’t worry we are doing our best to find to you a person who could transfer to you his/her kidney, but you know that your case is very rare and it is very critical for you and for the one who will transfer the kidney. We are just doing our best and we just hope that you could complete gaining consciousness as this will give us a huge hope.
Riddhima( in a low voice): I don’t care about anything when Vansh is with me. I’m sure that God will never make us be away from each other.
She was staring at Vansh so much.

He was also staring at her while he was smiling to comfort Riddhima.

Then the doctor has signed to Vansh.
So Vansh has left Riddhima and has came with doctor.
The worry start to appear on the doctor’s face.
The doctor: Mr. Vansh, I have to be innocent with you and don’t cheat you. Your wife’s state is so critical. I’m really trying my best, but if she didn’t have done the kidney transfer very fast she will not be able to live for more time.
Vansh has got very shocked hearing the doctor’s words.
Vansh to himself: I have to save Riddhima’s life whatever are the circumstances. I have to take that decision that everyone was trying to forbid me from doing it. I have to save Riddhima’s life even if I will put my life in danger. Her life is more important than my own life and I have to do that stuff very fast.
6 hours later,
Riddhima was being at the operation room getting ready for the kidney transfer surgery.
Vansh has came to her.
Then he has kissed her in her forehead to comfort her.

Vansh: Look how much God loves us that much. He has sent us that person who will transfer the kidney to you sweetheart. And after you will do this surgery, you will be totally fine and you will be able to live your life normally and nothing will harm you afterwards.
Riddhima: And then we will be able to be together forever, right?
He has just stared at her.
Then he has hugged her very tightly.
Vansh: I will always be with you Riddhima. Our souls will always be connected with each other.
Then he has kissed her in her cheek.

Vansh: I love you so much sweetheart.
Riddhima: I love you too Vansh.
Riddhima was feeling uncomfortable from the way that Vansh was treating her with it.
She was feeling as if he is saying goodbye to her for the last time.
She was feeling as if they will not meet once again.
Riddhima to herself: I don’t know why I’m feeling as if Vansh is knowing something about that surgery that isn’t good for my health and he isn’t wanting to tell me. I’m feeling as if that I will not be able to get out from that surgery alive!
Riddhima was trying to calm herself down by being thinking about Vansh so much.
She was looking at his picture that was on her mobile.

Then the surgery has started.
It was a very critical surgery.
But at the end, it has got succeeded.
The doctors were being very happy and relaxed that Riddhima’s case has got stable and now she will be able to live her life normally.
After Riddhima has gained consciousness, she was searching about Vansh everywhere.
She wasn’t able to find him in any side of the room.
Riddhima to herself: Where you have gone Vansh?! I really needs you so much.
After some time, the doctor has came to Riddhima.
He has calmed her down and he has made her know that she is now has got cured and she is very fine.
Riddhima was being very happy that she got cured.
She was smiling very much.

Riddhima to herself: Thank God. Now I could be able to live with my Vansh forever.
Riddhima has looked at the doctor in a questioning way.
Riddhima: Doctor, where is my husband Vansh? I’m not able to find him since I have gained consciousness.
The doctor was being sad and he wasn’t able to reply to Riddhima.
Riddhima has got worried when she has observed the doctor’s worry and silence.
Riddhima has gotten up from her place.

Riddhima: Doctor, what has happened to Vansh?! He is okay, right?
The doctor was being very sad.
Doctor: I’m sorry Misses Riddhima, but he hasn’t listened to my words.
Riddhima( in a worrying way): What do you mean?! Does he is the one who..
The doctor: Yes Riddhima ma’am, he is the one who has transferred his kidney and he didn’t has cared about how his own state was very critical.
Flashback shows Vansh insisting that he will be the one who will transfer his kidney to Riddhima.
Vansh: Doctor, I have done the reports and it is really matching with Riddhima’s reports so we have to hurry up and make the surgery today.
Doctor: Mr. Vansh, why you aren’t able to understand my words. All the other doctors and I have kept telling you that even if your reports are matching with her reports, you will not be able to do that because your body will not be able to tolerate that surgery and you could lose your life. Actually, you are already aware of that since the previous 2 years so please don’t put your life in danger.
Vandh: I don’t care about my life doctor. I just care about Riddhima. I have kept trying to not do this step with a hope that you all could find someone else just to be with Riddhima and not leave her, but if there isn’t any solution other than that so I could merely lose my life just to be sure that Riddhima will be fine.
After so much debate, Vansh has succeeded in doing what he wants and he got to be the one that has transferred his kidney to Riddhima.
Flashback ends.
Riddhima was being shocked while hearing those words from the doctor.
She was crying very much.
Riddhima( being crying so much): What do you mean doctor?! Do you mean that Vansh has risked his life and he is now d..!! No, this can’t happen. Please doctor tell me that Vansh is fine. Please tell me that yes the surgery has got succeeded alone with that Vansh is also being fine.
The doctor was silent.
Riddhima kept crying.
She was screaming very much.
Riddhima: Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaansh. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!!!!!!!!!!!!
She was crying very much and she was being very heartbroken.
The doctor: I know that this isn’t easy on you Riddhima ma’am, but trust me Vansh sir has done that because he really loves you so much. Actually, he has left that letter for you.
The doctor has give the letter to Riddhima then he has left her.
Riddhima starts reading the letter while she was crying.
Actually, she was imagining Vansh as if he is the one who is reading that letter.
Vansh( on the letter): I know that you are blaming me and being very angry on me, but I wasn’t able to see you in that state Riddhima. I wasn’t able to tolerate that you could lose your life and I’m able to save you and I don’t do that. So I have just done the same thing that you could have done it if you are in my place. I want you to know that I love you so much Riddhima and I will always love you. You have to know that I’m feeling everything you are doing it. Even if I’m not with you Riddhima, you will still be able to feel my presence. We will always be together sweetheart. If you are happy and satisfied, I also will be happy and satisfied. I have done that sacrifice to give you a new life so please don’t think for a moment to lose that life. Do everything we have supposed to do it together. Do everything as if I’m with you and I will feel that. I have told you before sweetheart if I will die in your love and for your sake, I will be very happy and I will accept death while I’m smiling. So please don’t cry because I’m happy now that you are fine. Always smile Riddhu and always remember me. Your husband and the one who will always love you Vansh.
Riddhima was crying very much.
Then she has ran to the place where Vansh’s body was on it.

She has hugged him while she was crying so much.
Riddhima( crying): I love you so much Vansh.




The end of the OS. I hope you like it. Actually, I have cried a lot while writing that os. Please guys do tell me your feedback on that os. It has been some time that I haven’t written any os. So please support me on it so I could be encouraged to update more. Please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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