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Episode starts with Vansh buzzing the car horn.
Riddhima comes.
Vansh keeps looking at her.He was really mesmerised.The way she was carrying the saree,her open
hair,everything,her smile,her eyes,everything was just so beatiful that Vansh could look for whole his life.He had no
wish to lift his eyes away from her,no wish to go back ,just wanted to gaze her.
Riddhima sat besides him in car.and they started driving to vansh home.
Riddhima; Who is Ahana?
Vansh became stunned and coughed.
Riddhima smirked.
Riddhima: How was your night with her?
Vansh: Whatt are you mad,what night..
Riddhima: Hmm Hmm ,I know everything now.
Vansh stopped the car and checked his call list.
Riddhima: Why didn’t you tell me about your love?
Vansh; Riddhima trust me ,it is Ishani’s friend number,I didn’t even save her number,its truecaller app in my phone
and thats why her number showed up,she keeps roaming around me,and tries to flirt with me but I don’t even know
her name properly.Believe me Riddhima,I never met her.She calls me anytime of the day and ask to meet her,but I
never pay attention to such calls,even last night I was just distributing the wedding cards ,trust me..
he said all this in one go and Riddhima started laughing.
Riddhima: Its okay Vansh.I trust you.
They both smiled.
Vanshin his heart” And I love you”.
They reached the wedding function,Riddhima entered and everyone gazed at her as if someone from other planet ha
come.All the girls were in western mini skirts,and only she came in saree,even some girls started laughing ,Riddhima
became sad but Vansh cheered her up that you are the richest as only you can afford full clothes.
Riddhima laughed,she even met Kabir.Throughout all the functions Vansh was with her,but sometimes due to he was
the bride’s brother,Riddhima felt a little bit alone and at that time Kabir kept trying to grab her attention.
Riddhima and Kabir became good friends in all the wedding rituals.
” Vansh once explained Riddhima,that his real mother died years ago and Anupriya is his step mother and Ishani her
half sister,and Kabir ,IShani’s brother from first marriage of Anupriya”.
Then Vansh got the position of CEO of company,due to which there was going to be a big party,Vansh insisted
Riddhima to attend it and Ishani insisted that she will make Riddhima ready.For Vansh’s happiness Riddhima agreed.
Riddhima comes in ishani’s room.
Ishani: Yess Riddhima,come ,sit here.
Riddhima see Ishani’s friends and greets them with a little smile.They all were getting ready for party.
She saw Siya getting ready in the corner of room.
She went upto her and smiled.
Ishani: See Riddhima,here is the gown.You may wear this today for party.
Riddhima nodded hardly,she had no wish to wear any western clothes,not because she was old fashioned,but she
prefered Indian always.Still she smiled a bit ,afterall it was Ishani’s day, and took the gown,she became shocked to see
that it is backless.
Riddhima: ( In shocking voice): Ishani,I am sorry.You are mistaken,I don’t wear this type of clothes.
Everyone in the room heard her and laughed.
Ishani: Oh God Riddhima,stop this childishness,all the big news reporters are coming to take the interviews in
party,you have to wear western.Otherwise you will look odd one out in party.
Siya: Riddhima,even I am only comfortable in Indian’s,still we have to change ourselves na.
Riddhima: If I will look odd one out,so it would be better that I don’t attend the party.
Siya held her hand.
Siya: Please Riddhima,its a big day for all of us.
Riddhima: But Siya ,I cannot wear this.
Ishani: Fine,wear what you want and get in this house.
Riddhima: Siya,the indian anarkali suits you sent me that day…
Siya: When?
Riddhima: When I started living alone..when Vansh and I just sent me yours..
Siya: No I am sorry Riddhima,but I never wore indian clothes like Anarkali,I had not sent them.May be Vansh bhai
would himself have got them for you.
Riddhima stayed stunned.
Ishanii: Vansh bhai do a lot for you,and you,just for his happiness,you can even wear western for one night party?
Riddhima: But
Siya: If you are not comfortable with this backless gown,then wait..see here ,you can try them.They are not revealing
,Come on RiddhimaYou should try something new for sometimee.
Riddhima thinks to herself,If Vansh can do so much for me always,then if he likes western,I can atleast wear these for
one day.She took the dress from Siya,It was white shirt and full golden long skirt.Riddhima went to wear them.
she came out wearing them,
Ishani: My My..not bad hm.
SIya: You are really looking pretty,come on ,let me make yoour hair bun.
Ishani did heavy makeup of Riddhima,and Siya made hair bun.
She was looking as a princess,she was smiling for everyone’s sake ,but she was not comfortable in those clothes.They
were not revealing ,still she was not happy in them,but for Vansh she decided to be in them.
Then the party started.
Everyone started gathering in the hall.
Aryan signed the girls to come out in hall,party had started.
Everyone from Ishani’s room started coming out.
Ishani was wearing black pencil frock,and so all her friends were,Ahana was wearing the most revealing.Siya,came
out with Riddhima,Siya was in white top and pencil skirt,Riddhima came out,she was the most covered person ,still
not comfortable.Yet she smiled to everyone.
Then the lights got on vansh,everyone was clapping for him.He make a grand entry and then went to stage.
Lights got on ,he then got down to take hisfamily to stage.Everyone went but his eyes were just searching for
He then saw her standing in a corner,in western dress.He become amazed.
He went to heer,and saw that she is not comfortable,took her out of the party,everyone became shocked.
They came to a building roof.
Vansh removed his tie and sat there.
Riddhima was continuously asking that what happened to you..
Riddhima then sat besides him ,all crying.
Riddhima: Vansh,what happened please tell me na.
Vansh: Why you did it,why you hurt yourself.
Riddhima: Vansh,I was
Vansh became angry and said I hate lies.
Riddhima took deep breath and said this was all for your reputation,so that you don’t feel low due to me.
Vansh: Riddhima,you are my life,I enjoy my every moment with you because I like you the way you are
Riddhima,why do you think so,is there anyone else who is more important then both of us?
Riddhima hugged him.
He was about to say i love you but stopped.
Riddhima: What about your award and honour?
Vansh: Your smile is my award.
Riddhima stood stunned.Who does so much for a friend,but smiled as there relation was diferent.
Then on Ishani’s marriage day,Riddhima made Ishani understand that for Angre’s self respect she should go and live in
that home which Angre made by his own efforts,even if it is small.She also made Ishani made breakfast for all.
Vansh was all stunned to see the change in ishani and gave the credit to Riddhima.
On the other hand Riddhima started liking the way kabir deals with her,she felt that she love him?
Vansh decided to propose Riddhima in a beautiful starry night ,on the top of building.Kabir decided to propose
Riddhima on the same day.
Kabir called Riddhima at 7 o clock.And proposed her.Riddhima became shocked but said yes.She was not sure but
didn’t want to hurt Kabir,as he let his ego down and proposed her marriage second time.
Vansh called Riddhima at 9 o clock.She reached building top.
Riddhima: Vansh ,why is it so dark here?
Vansh was just to open the I love you lights but Riddhima said that I love Kabir.
and then started their journey,of Riddhima’s marriage with Kabir,and everyday broke down of Vansh.Vansh was dying
every moment,
On the marriage day,Vansh text Riddhima that he won’t be able to attend her marriage as he has some work.
Riddhima cried and pleaded that she has only him ,but Vansh couldn’t see her getting married so he left.While leaving
he heard Kabir telling Anupriya that he is just marrying Riddhima for seeking revengre and will leave her so tortured
on the first day of their marriage that her soul will die.
Vansh heard this and after Anupriya left ,beated kabir that much,that he was about to kill kabir.
But stopped as he didn’t want Riddhima’s name involved in a murder case.
Vansh rushed to inform Riddhima the truth about Kabir and why he beated Kabir to death,
but stopped when he saw Riddhima’s mother coming to marriage.he saw Riddhima as a bride,and had no courage to
go and nform her the truth as she was in mandap.
So he himself dressed up as groom and wore sehra.
He sat besides Riddhima.
Riddhima had not that much happiness as she was missing Vansh.
After marriage happened,Kabir came there crawling.
Kabir’s legs had died ,and he was all beaten ,Riddhima became shocked to see that Vansh did it.
Vansh told her the truth and Kabir was sent to jail,but Riddhima became that much furiuus on Vansh that he betrayed
her and if kabir was seeking revengre ,he could have come and informed her but he did marry her ,and he is the worst
men ever.Then there was an atmosphere of war between Riddhima and Vansh,Vansh’s dadi got an heart attack thats
why Riddhima had to stay with Vansh and to show off about their fake marriage.
One day Riddhima by mistake went in Vansh’s secret room ,where she saw all her big posters and how much Vansh
loved her from beginning,she got his diary and realised that he was going to propose her that day.
She developed a soft corner for Vansh in her heart.
Day by day she started coming closer to Vansh.Kabir was released on bail and Riddhima allowed saying that she had
forgiven him.
Then Kabir and Anupriya plotted a master plan,ishani was pregnant but doctor had told her that her child can born as
an abnormal child,Riddhima made ishani understand that due to one percent chance of abnormality she should not
abort the small life,But Kabir and Anupriya plotted Ishani’s pregnancy to Vansh as Riddhima’s
Actually Ishani had kept her pregnancy a secret from everyone,even Angre and Vansh,she first wanted to be sure that
she want to keep that child.
Kabir plotted it as whenever Riddhima went to pregnancy ward for Ishani,they made Vansh thought that Riddhima is
pregnant.When Anupriya took Riddhima to hotel room they made it shown to Vansh that Kabir and Riddhima both are
in hotel room.
When Riddhima went with Ishani’s child normal reports ,she was at Kabir’s home,still Riddhima went for IShani’s
sake and they pretended as Riddhima went to Kabir to show the pregnancy reports.Vansh was all heart broken,”
Riddhima betrayed me for Kabir” ,all this was going in Vansh’s mind.
Riddhima was full sure that she will tell Vansh about her love for him today.
At night Vansh came ,all brokern.Riddhima had decorated the room to tell him that how much she loves him now.
They both came close that night,and Vansh was as much heartbroken that he was getting peace only in Riddhima’s
arms.They spend the night together.Vansh had no desire to do it,but he couldn’t resist.He just thought to live a night
with her and then die.
In the morning Riddhima woke up ,her head was on Vansh’s chest.She smiled to him.
Vansh”Why you betrayed me for Kabir”
Riddhima became super shocked by this question.She was about to get an attack.
Vansh kept questioning her about her relation with kabir.
Riddhima felt shattered and left from the house without any answer,making Vansh believe that she is betrayer.
Riddhima went to a cliff to suicide.Vansh went to same.But both stopped.Vansh and RIddhima both met each
other,Vansh said to her to sign divorce paper,Riddhima said him to rub her vermilion .Both did this.
Then Kabir died in car accident.
Vansh became stunned to see that Riddhima didn’t come on his last rites.
Anupriya confessed that they plotted all this and Riddhima is really very pure.Ishani too told about her child,
Vansh met Riddhima and told her about all the confession and how they plotted.
But Vansh had no courage to ask forgiveness,even Riddhima had no courage to forgive him as he needed someone’s
else confession to get a purity certificate of his Riddhima.
Both cared for each other,both did many things for each other,both hearts were with each other,yet both could never
face each other then.
-” Both will stay together in memories
both will love each other with every breath
both will die for each other with every moment
both hearts say,” For you..” But couldn’t say with you.”
-Then one day Vansh got the info that Riddhima is in danger,some rival companies want to harm her due to her
Vansh from then was every minute around Riddhima.He thought that riddhima is not aware of him,but Riddhima,she
could feel every breath of Vansh when he was around.Both felt each other’s presence every moment,both were dying
for each other,yet no one had the courage to face off each other.Whenever any of them tried,the pieces of that night
past prickled in their eyes ,they both were just living in each other’s memories,working aall throughout the day,with
not a single smile,except when they remember some funny moments of their lives,both needed each other
One day,when Riddhima got out for office,Vansh’s car was around Riddhima,he was feeling as if something going to
happen,it was only when Riddhima got out of her car and Vansh sensed a shooter on next building top and that
shooter shot at Riddhima but Vansh pushed her and he himself got shot.
He was taken to hospital,doctors saved him,Riddhima was all shattered.
Anupriya came to her .
Anupriya: I know you have no wish to even look at my face,
Riddhima: You burnt my life.
Riddhima was completely shattered this time,seeing Vansh in this condition,she had no idea,whether she should
forget that night or what to do.
Anupriya: Vansh had loved you from the first day of your college and I had seen that love in his eyes,his life every
moment was devoted to you,but when you accepted Kabir’s marriage proposal,Vansh was shattered.He died every
moment seeing you with Kabir.He felt that his true love was weak,he felt broken.Then your marriage happened,Vansh
tried his best to tell you but couldn’t and had to marry you.Then you showed your hatred for him ,he still loved you
every moment.But then,I and Kabir decided to ruin your life.,it was not an easy task to make Vansh against you,we
had to do multiple trials, he only believed when he saw sonography reports in your bag,Riddhima he even tried to
commit suicide after knowing about our plan.From then he is behind you ,like your shadow,he is always there for you
every moment,he had loved you from all his heart,
Anupriya started crying.Riddhima stood up and came to vansh’s room.
Vansh was lying unconscious.All there moments together were in front of Riddhima’s eyes.
Vansh got up.He saw Riddhima.His breath seemed to be stopped and eyes became wet.He tried to get up .
Riddhima shouted stop,
Vansh became stunned.His happiness had no bound that finally Riddhima spoke something to him.
Riddhima: What do you think of yourself? SUper hero?You got gun shot stupid,lay down back,”
Vansh was stunned,.Her voice,it had the same life,same feeling,as when they were together in college.His ears which
had died month back seemed to be alive again.His eyes were wet but he was continuously gazing at her.He couldn’t
RIddhima then moved to room window.And opened it.It was raining.She opened the sliding door and went out in the
Vansh was just gazing her.
She turned to him.
Her beauty,it was just the same.Same as few months ago,as he had saw her daily in these months.But her face was
always blank these months,no expressions no emotions,as she is a doll.Btop oover there.First you listen what I want to say,
ut today,he was seeing his old Riddhima
back ,standing in lawn and living every drop of rain .
He went close to door and when was to step in the lawn seeing her,Ridhima stopped him.
Riddhima,: You have to listen to me first.
” Do you remember Vansh,the first day we met,we had a different experience,in that just single day,our trust grew so strong,that we never looked back.but you know what,this world,this always snatched everything from me,when I was small,this world snatched my baba,then my mom,I had to face a lot of hardships due to this world,I was sure that I would never love anyone,but you came so close from the first day,those college days,I can hardly remember any college memory in which you are not there,you became my shadow,my all time supprt,you created new Riddhima,actually,you gave a meaning to my life,( tears were scrolling from both’s eyes when she was speaking),Vansh i knew our relation is different from the world,but I never understood that it is of love.Kabir proposed me,you became shattered,you died every moment,still you didn’t stop me ,you never told me about your love because you wanted to see me happy.You married me for saving me from this world,I was broken,not because you were not the right man for me,Vansh you was my life for three years,I had understood that you are the world’s best man,still I was broken by that marriage because I knew,that you were forced to marry me,I felt that I am a burden on you.And that uneasiness,that came up on you as my hatred still you faced everything with full love for me,Vansh then I ,I reached your secret room.That room was ull of me.All where ,it was my photos,I felt that I came in Riddhima world,then I got your diary,I read it,And I saw those 3 years of our friendship with your eyes,I saw a different Riddhima ,Vansh’s Riddhima.Every word of your diary,was filled with so much love,I felt to kill myself for not understanding your love.
I read that you were going to propose me,I read that how ,your every breath is merged with my smile.
I started falling for you from then,but Vansh,world,it still not accepted us.They created a wall of doubt between us,of betrayl,I was broken that you believed them,I am still broken on that fact.I was that much broken that I was going to die when I saw hatred in your eyes for me,those eyes which were living for me had hatred for me when rubbing my vermillion”
Vansh shouted ” That was not hatred Riddhima.It can never be atred .You are my breath my soul,who can hate his own soul?That was just the hatred towards my fate,Riddhia I had no idea that you alsoo love me,I only felt that I lost you once again.Riddhima I had died each and every moment when you was marrying Kabir,I had no courage to die again,that hatred was for myself that why I am still living after losing you..”
Riddhima: ” Then I saw you still there always for me,always my shadow,but never dared to face off you because that day’s hatred had hurt me from inside.But today,I realised ,that was not hatred,these always are always filled with love for me,I realised that I was taking you wrong,but you tell me ,why you not came running to me and took me forcefully with you,why you never demanded a single apology”
Vansh : ” My deeds,Riddhima that wall of doubt I created between us,I had no right to demand apology.”
Riddhima: Vansh even I didn’t understand your eyes that day,you know,the trust you had on me forced you to still live even after attempting suicide,because you knew that Riddhima is pure.I just want that trust to continue.Even I was wrong to not see that in your eyes.”” But from now,promise me ,that you are never going too leave your Riddhima alone.”
Then she opened her arms for him.
He came to her.They both shared a very tight hug ,then they kissed on lips.Their face was all wet with rain water but no drop of rain could come in between their lips.They were touching each other’s eyes ,face ,smiling ,crying,and again kissed really tightly.Their tears merged,their breath merged.”
Scene shifts to an old man kissing an old ladythey were in their late eightees.Their lips were chapped and wrinkled,yet full of life and were getting younger as they were sharing the kiss.
They then gave each other a long eye lock.It was Riddhima and Vansh and were looking their photo album together and remembering all the stages of their lives they spent together.
Vansh: I am always there for you..
Riddhima kept her head over his shoulders.
Riddhima: I am always there with you.
The END.

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