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Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 64 – Telly Updates

The episode starts with everyone being shocked seeing Riddhima under Siya’s captivity.
Riddhima was being very terrified while being under Siya’s captivity.

She was trying to get out from Siya’s captivity, but without any result.
As Siya was holding her very tightly.
Vansh was being very angry and worried about Riddhima.

Vansh( being angry): You would never be able to harm Riddhima. You are more coward than doing something like that Siya. Actually, the state that you are on it would never make you be able to do anything. So don’t you dare to just touch my Riddhima.
Siya( being angry and unbalanced): Because of that state that you have putted me on it, you have to be worried about your Riddhima for that Vansh. As now I would never care about anything as there isn’t anything else that I could lose it. Yes I got exposed and I will not be able to change that, but at the same time I’m still able to kill your lovely wife and make you suffer so much.
Siya was making the knife very near to Riddhima’s neck.
Riddhima was looking at Vansh in a very frightened way.

She was wanting him to rescue her very quickly.
Riddhima to herself: Please Vansh do something. I know that you will not make her harm me.
Vansh was looking at Riddhima in a very worried and caring way.

They both were staring at each other very much.

As if they were being in a very long conversation that no one understands it other then their own selves.
Vansh was trying to support Riddhima and make her feel strong.
He was looking at her very deeply to make her understand what he wants her to do.

Then Vansh starts talking in a very strong tone with Siya in a way just to destruct her.
Vansh: Trust me what are you doing will not help you Siya. You would never reach to what you want and you will never do anything from what you are vowing to do it.
Siya was wasn’t in that complete concentration.
She wasn’t able to control herself and she wasn’t 100% aware of what she is doing.
She was just trying to not lose.
At the same time, Kabir was coming from Siya’s back without making her notices that.

Siya: None of you will be able to do anything to me and now I want kill that Riddhima and end that game forever. Enjoy seeing your lovely wife for the last time Vansh.
Before Siya could be able to harm Riddhima, Riddhima has pushed Siya very hardly in the same way that Vansh has learned her to do it.
After Riddhima has gotten out from Siya’s captivity, she has immediately rushed to Vansh.

She was running very quickly to reach to him.
She was very afraid and she was needing to reach to the feeling of secured and saved inside his arms.
Vansh has also rushed to her.

Then they have hugged each other a very tight and long hug.

They were trying to relief each other’s worry and stress.
At the same time, Kabir has pointed gun at Siya.

Kabir: Don’t you dare to do any other cheap behaviour stupid Siya. The game is over now. So don’t you dare to think that you will be able to harm Riddhima at all.
Riddhima has came near Siya while she was holding Vansh’s hands very tightly.

Riddhima: I’m not weak like you think Siya as I’m the wife of Vansh Rai Singhania and he has trained me very well to interact with cheap people like you.
Rudra: Stop those nonsense Siya. Nothing will change now. What are you doing is just making you lower your state in our eyes more and more. You are literally can’t be the daughter of VR family at all. I hate myself for being the father of a very cheap and shameless girl like you.
Siya has gotten very angry.

She wasn’t able to accept that so much confrontation especially after Riddhima has succeeded to get out from her captivity.
So she has pushed Kabir aggressively.
Then she has picked the knife from the ground.

She has rushed immediately towards Riddhima.
Siya( going near Riddhima): You will just die Riddhima. I will not leave you at all.
Siya has gone very angrily near Riddhima and she stabbed the knife aggressively.
Everyone has got shocked.
No one was knowing who has got stabbed as Vansh has came between Siya and Riddhima.
He has succeeded to save Riddhima.
He was holding Riddhima very protectively.

Vansh( holding Riddhima in a caring way): Riddhima, are you fine?
Riddhima: I’m fine Vansh. Just tell me are you fine? There was a stab sound. Do you have got stabbed Vansh?!!!

Riddhima has screamed very much when she has seen a blood.

Riddhima got shocked and being very worried.

She has seen Vansh being stabbed in his hand with a very deep wound.

Riddhima( being shocked and worried): Vansh you are bleeding!!!!
Vansh: Trust me Riddhima I’m absolutely fine. Just relax.
Riddhima was being very panicked and stressed about Vansh.

She has putted her hands around him in a caring and worrying way.

Riddhima: How you are saying that you are fine Vansh and you are bleeding that much?! Please sit now to cure your wound. It is a very deep wound.
He has putted his hands on her face to calm her down.

Vansh: Relax sweetheart. It is a simple wound and it will be treated very easily. Just relax and calm down. I will cure my wound, but after we could be able to punish that idiot for what she has done and she was wanting to do it.
Vansh has looked at Siya in a very angry way.

Then he has slapped her a very hard slap after he has taken the knife from her and he has thrown it.
Vansh( being angry): You have crossed all the limits Siya and you have to get punished very much. I couldn’t forgive for just trying to harm my wife Riddhima. You really deserve what we have done it with you and what we are going to do. I was feeling pity on you for what we have prepared to do it with you, but I think that I was wrong to feel pity on a very cunning and cheap girl like you. I wasn’t able to forget the blood connection that is between us. I wasn’t wanting to hurt your father because he doesn’t deserve to have a daughter like you, but actually you don’t deserve that anyone could have a sympathy towards you.
Rudra: Don’t feel pity on her Vansh. Don’t think about me. I will be totally fine when the murderer of my mom could take her punishment. I can’t protect a criminal even if that criminal is my daughter. So just do the justice and don’t acre about me as I will be absolutely fine.
Siya( being angry and in an unbalanced mood): I will not leave anyone of you. None of you will be able to harm me. I will destroy you a…
Before Siya could be able to complete her words, Kabir has came from her back and has shocked her with an electric shocker.

Kabir: Shut up idiot. You have said and done so many stuff and you have to get silent forever.
Angre: Thank God that you have ended that headache.
Ishani has returned back after she has got very relaxed.
She was very happy seeing Siya on the ground.

Ishani: I’m sure that dadi’s soul will be satisfied and relaxed now while that criminal is on that state. So tell me guys what you will do next with that cheap girl.
Vansh: Angre and Kabir know what they will do next with that girl to take her punishment with it.
Vansh has signed to Sejal to take Rudra with her to his room.

After Sejal has taken Rudra with her, Vansh starts talking.
Vansh: We haven’t to hurt Rudra uncle more than that as it isn’t easy on him at all to see his daughter being in that state even if she is a very cheap girl as still the father side inside him will be very paining right now.
Kabir: Yes Vansh you are right. We have to not make him suffer more than that. So it was a very good decision from you to make him not be here so he couldn’t feel more hurt while hearing what will happen with his own daughter.
While they were talking, Siya starts to gain consciousness once again.
So Kabir has immediately shocked her with another electric shock.
Kabir: She has to be shocked with this electric shocker so many times so she could feel very pained and to suffer so much.

Riddhima starts to be emotional.

Riddhima: Actually, the pain of those electric shocks are very tiny pain from what we have all felt it after the death of dadi. I really miss dadi so much.
Vansh: Don’t worry Riddhima as dadi’s soul will be very relaxed after that stupid girl be punished so badly.
Angre: So now we have succeeded in playing with Siya’s mind and we have made her unbalanced along with that we have now made her got a very hard electric shocks and of course we have collected all the proofs against her along with recording everything has happened here. So we have now to shift into the next part of the punishment plan, right?
Vansh: Yes. There is a very important step in punishing Siya before we could make her be at jail the rest of her life.
Riddhima: I’m sure that she will get shocked when she gets up and see herself at the forced working institution.
Vansh: Of course. She will suffer so much there. Especially that this one is for criminals and insane people. So she will suffer there so much and she will not be able to tolerate what she will face it there.
Angre: This forced working institution will be like hell for her.
Kabir: I have gotten sure that she will pain and suffer so much there.
Ishani: This is the punishment that she deserves it. She has done so many evil stuff and this is the punishment that she must face it.
Vansh: I’m sure that she will be completely insane after what she will face it there. Angre, Kabir you both must be sure that she will take the huge and the most toughest punishment there. I want her to feel as if she is dying in the day more than 100 times. She must to know how much she has done a very huge sin when she has messed with Vansh Rai Singhania and killed his grandma.
Angre: Don’t worry boss. That stupid Siya will suffer so much there.
Kabir: I will be very sure of her suffer and paining Vansh so don’t worry. She has done so many stuff and now it is the time to get all the consequences of those evil behaviors.
Vansh: When she could be punished very bad and hard punishment, she must to be sent to the jail Kabir as the society must also take their punishment from her. I just want her to face the punishment of Vansh Rai Singhania before she could face the governmental punishment.
Kabir: Don’t worry Vansh as everything will happen the way you want. You don’t have to think about that stupid Siya anymore as her chapter has got ended now and she will never be able to do anything else to us.

Vansh has looked at unconscious Siya in a very angry and strict way.

Vansh: This new chapter that will start must just be the punishment chapter for her Kabir.
Kabir: Of course Vansh.
While Kabir and Angre were taking Siya with them when she was unconscious, she starts to gain her consciousness.
She wasn’t understanding where Kabir and Angre are taking her.
Siya( screaming and shouting): Where are you taking me?! Get me down now. Get me down right now I said.
Kabir: Just shut up idiot. You are going to the place that you deserve it. You will be putted on the forced working institution with the people who are like you idiot and you will suffer so much.
Angre: No one will succeed in saving you stupid Siya. Now, it is just the time of your punishment. Your bad time has started now. So stay tuned for it.
Siya was screaming very much and she was trying to get out from Kabir and Angre’s captivity, but without any result as they have putted her in the car after shocking her with another electric shock.
Then they have taken her to the forced working institution and they have gotten sure that she will suffer so much there.
Afterwards, Vansh was being sitting on the edge of the bed while his hand was bleeding so much.

Then Riddhima has came near him and she has seated beside him.

She was very worried about him so much.

Riddhima: You are very stubborn Vansh, I really don’t know the reason that makes you wait that all time for curing your wound. I’m really very worried about you as this wound is very deep. I think that we have to call the doctor as the stab could has caused any damages on the hand bonds.
He has made her very close to him to calm her down.

Vansh: Relax sweetheart. It is a very tiny wound and it doesn’t need all that stress and worry. You know that I wouldn’t be relaxed or be able to cure my wound without punishing that idiot and now I could be very relaxed and I could make my dearest wife do that aid for me.
Riddhima has looked at Vansh in a surprised way.

Riddhima: Me?!
Vansh: Yes.
Riddhima: No Vansh I will not be able to do that. I’m not a doctor and that wound really needs a doctor. I will just go to call the doctor and he will come fast.
Vansh has came near Riddhima to not make her go anywhere.

Vansh: Riddhima just relax okay. It is a very simple stuff and I’m sure that you will be the perfect one to cure my wound so just relax and start treating my wound now if you don’t want your husband to bleed more blood.

He has has putted his hands around her to support her and comfort her.

Riddhima has gotten some confidence from Vansh.
So she has made him sit on the bed so she could start curing his wound.

She was very nervous and being very worried and stressed.
Vansh: You can do it sweetheart. Just relax as it is really a very simple thing. You are just making it that huge because it is related to me. Just calm down and have the confidence in yourself.
Vansh was looking at Riddhima in a supportive way and not making her feel that he is paining.

Afterwards, Riddhima has finished curing Vansh’s wound.
She was still very nervous.
So Vansh has grabbed her towards him to calm her down.

Vansh: Look now you have succeeded in curing my wound more perfectly than the best doctors. You just must always have the confidence in yourself sweetheart as you always have the ability to do anything.
He has kissed her hands to make her relax.

Then she has hugged him very tightly.

Riddhima: When you are with me, I could pass through the stone without being hurt.
He has looked at her in smiling and joking way.

Vansh: By the way, I’m really impressed from the way you have cured my wound. Do you are a doctor and you didn’t have told me before?! It isn’t a good thing to hide something from your husband sweetheart!
She has smiled from the way he talks with it to clam her down.

Riddhima: You will never stop doing those stuff to just get me out of the mood.
He has pulled very near to him by making her above him.

Vansh: I will always do anything just to make you relaxed.
Then they have gotten into a very long and romantic kiss.
Precap: “I have to die”

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