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So, guys, some of you were a little bit confused about what’s going on so here is a short summary for that.
Previous Episode Summary,
So, in the past few episode, we have seen that Riddhima is seeking revenge on Rehaan Malhotra for murdering Rajveer. Rehaan in return wants to kill Riddhima for betraying him. Aditya Randhawa is also shown seeking revenge on Rehaan. He and Riddhima are friends for 6 months. Riddhima met him 6 months ago. Aditya has much information about Rehaan and he has been following him in the restaurant.Riddhima was attacked in the restaurant after which she called Tripple M. Triple M are the best officers in the Intelligence Army. Riddhima has assigned them to find out everything about Rehaan and Aditya. No one knows whats going on in his mind but she also appointed another team with the same name for Aditya to find out about Rehaan. Rehaan, Riddhima, Rajveer and Aditya’s past are connected. Nothing else is revealed about anyone of them.
(If you still got any confusion then, you can read the previous updates again or can ask me in comments)

Chapter 33: “A Super Jealous Soul!”


The episode starts with Vansh and Aditya’s chat. Vansh was literally taking his interview.
V: So, What’s your name?
A: Aditya!
V(stern): Full name?
A: Aditya Randhawa!
V: Where are you from?
A(confused): London!
V(stern): Then Why did you come back?
A(confused): What? For business!
V: How are you related to Riddhima?
A: I am….
V: Since how long have been in touch with her?
A: Vansh!
V: Call me jiju! Riddhima is your sister. Right?
A: No! She is my b…..
V: Don’t you dare call her Baby, babes or anything! I will kill you!
A(confused): Why would I?
V: How close is Riddhima to you?
A(confused and pissed): Oh Come on Man! Hold you horses! Don’t you think you are going too fast?
Vansh narrowed his eyes.
A: Are you sure you are Riddhima’s fiance?
V: You got a doubt?
A: I mean you are behaving like a typical boring jealous husband!
V(smirks): Soon, I am going to be.
A: What? Boring and jealous?
V(making a face): Husband! Riddhima’s husband!
A: Why are you taking my interview? I mean a while ago you were talking to have a man to man chat?
V: How do you define a man to man talk? What do you think? I will order two champagne glasses here, presenting it in your honour, giving you a salute and we will have a man to man talk about Riddhima?
A: We are still talking about Riddhima.
V: I just wanted to know whether you are safe for her or not! But keep it in your mind! Only I have the right to talk about her! She is my Riddhima!
A: I know it very well! (Smirks) Even I wanted to know whether you are worthy of Riddhu or not!
Vansh stares him sternly.
V: Instead of calling me Jiju! Call her bhabhi! Respect You see!(smirks)
A: Really?
Before anyone of them spoke something more, Riddhima entered the cabin.
R: I am going home. Done with all my work. Aditya ! Why don’t you join us for tonight?
V: Tonight?
R(pissed): Dinner! Vansh! I am talking about dinner!
A: Oh No Bhabhi?
R(shocked): Bhabhi? What happened to you? Have you gone mad?
A: Aaa….(looking at Vansh) A man is known by the company he keeps.
R(looking at Vansh): Seriously?
V(cool): Oh! A man to man talk nothing else! Don’t take it seriously!
Riddhima narrowed her eyes and glared Vansh.
A: I have some work Rid…Bhabhi! Will come some other day!
R: Call me Riddhima! (Looking at Vansh) Or Riddhu! Whatever you like!
Vansh made a face. Aditya leaves before Vansh could say something again!
R(stern): And Mr. Fiance! Can I have a chat with you?
V(smiles): Why not? Lets go outside for a walk! I want to see your office too.
Vansh happily takes Riddhima out of the cabin. Riddhima was not in a mood but followed him. They both reached in the hall where Vansh looked around and found many officers busy in their work.
R(raising her eyebrow): What?
V: Don’t you have any girl in your crew?
R: Why? You wanted to flirt with them too?
V(narrowing his eyes): I don’t flirt with anyone except you! I meant to say there are only boys and boys everywhere! Can’t you keep a lady in you staff!
R: I do! Have you forgot Mrs. D’Souza? She is a lady!
V: Not my competition!
R: No one is of your competition!
V(smirks): Really? Am I that good?
R(fake smile): Really! You are that stupid, stubborn and arrogant.
V: Not more than you!
Before she could reply, An officer comes to them,
O: Congratulations Ma’am!
R: Congratulations? For what?
O: For your engagement! With Mr. Vansh RaiSinghania!
R: What? Who told you this?
Vansh hides his smile.
O(trying to remember): Aaaa…Mr. Aditya told it to all of us! The whole staff knows about it Ma’am!!!
R: What? Why was it needed to tell to whole staff?
V: So, Now you agree being my fiancee?
R: Not everyone is trust worthy to be told here! That’s why, I am saying it.

Meanwhile, Rehaan was seen talking to someone,
R: Yeah!
Voice: He is her Fiance!
R(anger): What???
Voice: Yes! I got to know it today! They are engaged and will get marry soon.
Rehaan angrily kicks his table and pulls out his gun shooting many pictures of Riddhima. He angrily threw away his phone.
R(angry): She is just mine! I have all the rights on her! You are doing the same mistakes again Riddhima! (Furious) Vansh RaiSinghania!!!! You don’t know who I am! (Shouts out loud) You Don’t know who I am!! Rehaan Malhotra will kill you!!
One of his men, comes to him and says,
M: Sir! The person you have called has come.
R: Send him in!
The person comes in.
P: Have you called me boss?
R: Eat these sweets!
P: But Boss?
R: I said! Eat it! I know whatever I ask you to do, you will surely succeed in doing that. So, offering you sweets in advance.
He smirks.
R(Stern): Take a bite!
The person hesitatingly takes a bite. But feels no reaction so he becomes normal again.
R: So, Now your work!
P: Yes boss!
R: Vansh RaiSinghania! Shoot him! But….
P: But?
R: He shouldn’t die. Just give him a mark. I want to see Riddhima in pain.!!!

The scene again turns to Riddhima and her officer,
O: Congratulations! To you too Sir!
V(smiling): Thank you! We will definitely invite you in our wedding!
Riddhima glares him and Vansh smiles. The officer leaves.
R: What so funny?
V: Come on Riddhima! Just chill. What so bad in being called as my fiance!
R(serious) I am not that deserving to be called as your fiance!
V: Why are you saying like that? Stop saying rubbish Riddhima!
Riddhima angrily leaves from there. Vansh follows her. They both came outside the office on the entrance. Vansh was angrily following Riddhima,
V: Riddhima stop! Riddhima!!
Riddhima did’nt.
Vansh angrily holds Riddhima’s wrist and pulls her towards him,
V(anger): Stop being so stubborn Riddhima! You can’t run everytime leaving the conversation in middle.
R(anger): What do you think Vansh? You have done an absolutely outstanding job by announcing yourself as my fiance? Do you even know what it means?
V: Why did you said that You don’t deserve me? The more I try to reduce distances between us, the more you try to create yourself. Why are you always running away from me?
R: What do you think? By reducing distances, everything will be sorted? No Vansh! Nothing will be sorted. The danger hanging on me will approach you too.
V: When we will be together Riddhima! Nothing could separate us again!
R: No!!! Just stay away from me! You don’t know how badly you will get hurt in the end! I have so many enemies Vansh! And I can’t imagine anyone hurting you!
Vansh took a long breath calming himself. He gently held Riddhima by her arms,
V: Nothing would happen to me Riddhima! Why do you always fear about that?
R(calm but in pain): You dont know Vansh!
V: I want to know!
R: I have so many enemies Vansh! One day or the other, I will die.
V: Stop it Riddhima! Don’t use that word again.
R: Look! You can’t even handle the word. How will you handle my death?
Vansh! I am a chief. I have many responsibilities. If I see someone in problem, I will not think for another second before giving my life for him. And you don’t know anything about me. When you will get to know it, you will be hurt. I don’t have courage to hurt you again. I don’t know how would you react but…It won’t be in your favour. So, please! Don’t have any expectations from me! The dangers I am playing with, I am bound to die one day. There is no guarantee of my life. But I don’t want you to suffer the same what I am suffering from. Its difficult. Very difficult! I have not forgotten it even a single day! My closeness will only bring destruction and pain to you. You deserve a very beautiful life rather than worrying and destroying yourself for me. Don’t waste your life on me!
V: I am not wasting my life on you Riddhima. Infact, you are the most beautiful and precious thing ever happened to me. Even the time spent with you is the only time worth living. And guarantee? We all have to die one day Riddhima! There is no guarantee And really (cupping her face) I am ready to die for you and with you rather than living all my life in guilt of leaving you. I can’t imagine a single second without you Riddhima! Whatever the danger may be, I am sure we can fight when we are together.
Riddhimahad mixed expression,
R: And what if you get hurt in the end? Maybe all your expectations become unsuccessful. What then?
V: I am ready to face it until you are with me!
Riddhima smiles.
Saying this, Vansh smilingly Hugged Riddhima and she reciprcated too.

Ishq mein marjawan slow version plays….

They both were engrossed in each other’s embrace unaware of their surrounding. A man hiding in a distant corner, aimed his gun towards both of them, and shoots.
Vansh opens his eyes and saw that man aiming at her. He hurriedly turned pushing Riddhima on his back and Thuddddddd!!!!
Riddhima was shocked.
R(shouts): Vaaannshhhhhhhh!!!!!
The bullet pierced in his shoulder and he stumbled. Riddhima holds him and shouts,
R: Vansh!!!! Someone call the ambulance!!!
She removes her jacket and placed it on his wound with a little pressing to stop excessive bleeding.
After listening to gunshot, Some officers ran to support him and some of them run to chase the shooter. But the shooter after running a few steps, fainted, fell on the ground and died. The officers approached him and checked him. A whitish fluid was coming out of his mouth. He was poisoned.(Flashback shows Rehaan injecting poison in the sweets)

At the entrance of the Office, not waiting for the ambulance, Riddhima with the help of her officers made Vansh lay down in the back seat of her car. She herself sat beside him placing his head in her laps. Her officer started driving. She was sitting having tears in her eyes. Vansh’s head was placed in her laps. He was conscious  and was looking at Riddhima. Riddhima had cupped his Vansh and crying continuously,
V(writhing in pain but smiling): You look beautiful even from here!
R: Shut up! Even in this condition you are joking. Its all because of me.
She cries. With her one hand, she was caressing his face and the other was being held tightly by Vansh.
V(smiles): Riddhima! Don’t cry sweetheart! Its nothing! Its not beacuse of you!
R: That’s why I was asking you to stay away from me!
Vansh was feeling weak. He writhes in pain.
R(Shouts): Drive fast!!
V(writhing in pain): If I had stayed away then how would have I got this beautiful moment!
She hits him lightly,
R: Keep quiet Idiot!
V(pain): Stay with me Riddhima! I don’t want to close my eyes. I fear that when I will wake up, you won’t be close to me.
R(low voice): I am always with you! Just try to keep your eyes open. Keep talking to me!
V(writhing): Can I ask you anything?
R(worried): Yeah! Just keep talking!
V: Why do you think you don’t deserve me? What’s bothering you?
Riddhima stared at him blankly. Tears fell down her face. She closed her eyes taking a long deep breath. Finally, she got the courage to speak,
R: Why I don’t deserve you! (A pause and long breath) Because you don’t deserve a widow like me!!!


(So, guys, from here on, the story is moving to its turning point. Everything would be out of the box. Some of you may like it and some of you may start developing negative thoughts about it. Some points you may find illogical and some points you may find leaving loop holes. So, I have only one thing to say about that. “Keep your trust on your Author! Everything happens for a reason!”)


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