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Hey everyone! Thankyou so much for the love and support you have given me in all these days. I am really grateful to all of you and perfectly alright now! Sorry for making you all wait.

Chapter 32: “A Twisted Hunt!!”

The episode starts with Riddhima washing her face in the washroom. She was continuously sprinkling water on her face and taking long breaths to calm down. After this, she stopped and then she threw everything on the floor that was there on the shelf. She thought,
R(anger): Enough! Enough of this fear!! I am done living like this. I am done living in his fear and watching Rajveer die in front of my eyes everyday in my nightmares. Dad was right! I can’t fight him like this. But this is enough now. Today, he tried to hurt Kabir and Aryan. Tomorrow, he will do something else. If he has started this war, I am going to end this.
She looked at herself in the mirror and wiped her tears,
R(fierce): No more tears! No more fears! I have to think wisely now. (Smirks) Rehaan Malhotra! You can’t scare me more! I will avenge Rajveer’s death from you.
She was having fierce cold eyes and full anger expressions.

Meanwhile, at some dark and deserted place, a man is seen solving Rubik’s cube. He was standing in front of a wall and there were many solo pictures of Riddhima sticked to the wall. He was talking to those pictures,
Man(lusty eyes): Baby doll! You are as beautiful as before. Gorgeous and hot! So, How did it felt? Feeling me around? Feeling me close to your ears? Listening to my voice after so long? I know you will be shocked. But you know what it was just the beginning. I really wish you hadn’t cheated me. You first chose Rajveer over me and now, This Vansh RaiSinghania!! You will be definitely punished! But now, You know I can’t do anything. The one who dares to betray Rehaan has never lived a long peaceful life! Riddhima! Your back countdown has started. But don’t worry! It will be fun! I won’t give you a peceful death! You will suffer mentally, physically and emotionally every day. I will torture you so much that either you will be mine for everafter or you will go to hell for everafter!!!! I will leave no option for you except to die!!!
He calls someone and says,
R: Keep following her everywhere!
He smirks.

Its morning.
Everyone has packed their bags and were ready to leave. Riddhima and Vansh were standing to see off all of them. While hugging everyone. Riddhima hugged Aryan and said,
R(whisper): Don’t tell anything to Dad! He will be worried. And Take care of everyone and yourself too. I trust you all completely.
She gives a smile and Aryan nods to assure her. Kabir in the same time hugged Vansh and asked him,
K(whisper): Please take care of her! I am not having good vibes but can’t do anything against her orders. I know there is definitely something suspicious. Keep me up to date in this regard.
V(whisper): Don’t worry! I am with her.

After that, everyone left and Riansh came inside the hall. They both sat on the sofa. Vansh broke the silence,
V: So, What plans you got for today?
R: I have to go to my office. I have to meet someone.
V: Why?
R: Not important for you to know.
Vansh was disappointed. Riddhima noticed it and spoke,
R: Look Vansh! I can be rude sometimes but please never ask anything about my profession. We are not allowed to discuss our plans with the civilians. If I being the chief broke my rules, then why would the officers follow them? I will tell you Whatever I think is not against the rules.
Vansh was convinced. He gives a smile to Riddhima.
R: I am going to get something as breakfast for myself. You want anything?
V: Why are you making breakfast yourself? Where is MD?
R: I have sent her to her village. I don’t want anyone else to be attacked.
Vansh had many questions in his mind but he didn’t ask as he was sure that she will not tell. She was already worried. He didn’t want her to be more. So, he spoke,
V: I will help you!
R: For what?
V: Breakfast!

Riddhima knew that she had already hurt him alot. So, she didn’t deny his help to lessen her guilt. She quietly went towards the kitchen and Vansh followed.
V(excited): So what are we making for breakfast?
R: Salad!
V: Seriously?
R(confused): What’s so shocking? I eat salad or sometime apple slices with shake or juice in breakfast! I don’t eat much.
V: Well, I don’t eat these tasteless lifeless food. I want toast or pancakes!
R(smiles): I will make it. You sit back!
V: Well, you are making my breakfast. I am a gentleman too. I will cut fruits for you.
He raises his eyebrow.
R(light mood): Ok!
Riddhima was beating eggs on one shelf and Vansh was adoring her. He started moving towards Riddhima. Riddhima turned and saw him coming close to her. She became still.

He was inches away from her.
R: What are you….???
Vansh placed his both hands on the shelf and bowed towards Riddhima. Riddhima looked down.
R(Hiding her blush): Vansh? What are you trying to do?
V(smirks): Nothing Riddhima!
He forwards his hand towards the shelf and grabs a knife and shows it to Riddhima.
V: Taking the knife only. (Smirks) What were you thinking?
R(blank): Nothing.
She immediately makes her way towards the stove. After sometime, Riddhima was in her own thoughts when Vans noticed her again. He got up and grabs the bottle of oil. She didn’t notice him as she was in her own thoughts. He came from behind and when his chest touched Riddhima’s back, she realized his closeness. Her eyes widened but she didn’t move. She slowly craned her neck to look at him and when she did, her nose touched with his.

She with her broken words, spoke,
R: Wh…What…N…Now?
V(polite but playfully): Just noticed that you forgot to add oil in the pan being to much engrossed in my thoughts.
He smirks.

R: No! I wasn’t. Why would I?
V: Obviously! Why would you? I am not that much important na.
R: No! You are the most imp……(she realized that he is just twisting his words to bring out hers) Nothing! Forget it!
Vansh smirks and starts cutting apples. Vansh was not focused. He was busy in staring Riddhima. All of a sudden, his fingers gets cut.
V: Owww!
He writhes in pain.
R(worried): Vansh!!
She ran towards him and holds his finger. She was panicking.
V: Relax!!! Its nothing Riddhima!
R(angry and worried): Shut up Vansh! Where was your focus? Did I ask you to cut it? No Na? Why are you always trying to impress me? Can’t you take care of yourself! Look! Its bleeding!
V(Calm and smiling): Riddhima Relax!! Its just a cut.
She holds his finger and placed it in her mouth sucking the blood.

Ishq mein marjawan plays….

Vansh was smiling and staring her. After a while, she removed out his finger from her mouth and looked at Vansh who was smiling.
R: What?
V: My focus was, is and will always be you only. Who can be in his senses after seeing you! By the way, Tell me a way by which You will get impressed by me. Then, I will leave my ways forever.
He smirks. Riddhima looks here and there hiding her smile. To show herself unaffected, she spoke,
R: You need not to be focused on me. Look! What you did with yourself!
V: Does it affect you?
R(blurts out): Ofcourse I am…
She stopped. She started moving away when Vansh pushes her to his chest wraping his arm around her waist,
V(serious but concerned): If it affects you so much then why can’t you see my concern towards you? Why can’t you see how much worried I am for you? Even I can’t see you this much worried Riddhima! I want you to share your problems with me rather than suffering and fighting alone!
Riddhima has no answers for his words so she gently pushed him to come out of his embrace and silently moved towards the stove again. After this, they both spoke nothing and finished their breakfast. Riddhima was going towards the car when Vansh spoke,
V: I have a meeting here in Delhi. So, I am going there. I will return soon. I won’t be late.
R: Sure! But Don’t come back alone. I mean when you are done, come to my office. Its not safe to be alone in these situations when I am not here. I will send you the address.
V(serious): Ok!
Riddhima tries to enlighten his mood,
R(suppressing her smile): And one more thing!
V(serious): Hmm!
R(smiling): Do something creative!
V: Huh?
R: To impress me! Do something creative rather than all that madness!
Saying so, she turned to go when Vansh held her wrist and pulled her towards him. Her back was touching his chest.

He bowed down his head and spoke in her ears in a low husky voice,
V: Challenge Accepted Sweetheart! Now, I will bring out a reaction from you with my creativity.
R(suppressing her smile): And If Vansh RaiSinghania lose the challenge?
V: Vansh RaiSinghania never loses any challenge! Because he has the power of his love! His Riddhima!
Riddhima comes out of his embrace amd smiles lightly looking at him. And then , she walks away.
Vansh smiles broadly as if he had got to know that its her first step towards him.

After their on and off conversation, they both left to their respective work. Riddhima reaches to her office. She was again the bossy and stiff Riddhima with fierce cold eyes. All her officers greeted her and she keeping her professional attitude went towards her cabin. She called Aditya,
R: Have you reached?
A: Yeah! Waiting for you!
R: I am here! You can come in!
After some moments, Aditya came inside with a cool but professional attitude,
A(smirks): Hi Riddhima!!!
R(smirks): I don’t think I call you here to say me “Hi!”!
A: Come on Riddhima! Atleast this happens in friends! Why are you acting so distanced?
R: Shouldn’t I be?
A: What did I do yar!
R: Really Aditya? We are friends for the past 6 months. I knew you even before that. We were always in contact but neither did you told me anything about yourself nor about your return and the first thing you texted me was “Be aware! He has returned?” Like seriously?
A: I know Riddhima! But I don’t think anything is more important to you and me than taking Revenge from Rehaan! And you were not taking my words seriously until you saw him yourself (Angry) I can’t control myself when its about him!
R: Calm down Aditya! We can’t win this battle with anger. We have to play smartly.I know well how much important this revenge is for you.
A: Why did you call me here? We could talk at home too.
R: I know! But I wanted you to meet someone here in office so called you here.
A: Who?
After this, she called her PA. He came and stood there respectfully.
R: Jay! Call the tripple M inside. I want to meet them.
J: Yeah Sure Ma’am!
After this, Three well dressed officers came inside and greeted Riddhima.
R: Aditya! Meet Tripple M! Mohit, Mayank and Max. They are my most dedicated, brilliant, brave and hard working officers. No information can be hidden from their eyes if they come on finding it. I wanted you meet them and give them all the details you have about Rehaan.
A: But Riddhima! I was looking in this matter personally. Why to involve them?
R: Aditya! You will be needed for many more works. Right now, your safety is more important. Whatever happened yesterday in the restaurant, Even you could have got hurt too. So, Its better some professionals look in this matter. You and I will have alot more things to do.
(To tripple M)
R: Mohit, Mayank and Max! This is Aditya Randhawa! A very good friend of mine. He will give you all the details about Rehaan Malhotra. I want you to find him! Each and everything about him! And I always expect the best from you all. This is the most important mission of my life! I don’t want any kind of mistakes in it! Find him!!!! Where he is hiding, where he was living before coming here? His background information! Each and everything! Nothing should be missed. Got it?
MMM: Ok Ma’am!

After this, Aditya and Riddhima started having a chat and MMM left from there.
R: You have changed alot!
A: But you are the same Man! The same professional attitude. The same spark in the eyes. The same confidence as before.
R: I am like this always but you! There is a huge difference in Aditya whom I met 6 months ago. And this Aditya! A perfect businessman! You made so much progress in these months! Really glad for you!
They both started smiling.
Vansh after completing his meeting, came to Riddhima’s office and by asking officers, he came to Riddhima’s room. When he entered, he saw Riddhima smiling with Aditya.
V(himself): What’s going on here? Who is he? Why is Riddhima smiling so much talking to him? She never smiles like this when she talks with me.
Riddhima looked at him and stood up from her seat.
R: Vansh! Come in! (To aditya) Aditya! Meet Vansh! (To Vansh) Vansh! This is Aditya, A very close friend of mine.
A: Vansh? Your…….?
Vansh gave him a dangerous look and narrowed his eyes. He looked at Riddhima expecting a sensible answer.
R: Aaaa…He is…Vansh RaiSinghania! You might know him!
Vansh was definitely not expecting this. He made a face and said,
V(Stern but Smiling): Vansh RaiSinghania! Riddhima’s Fiance!!
Riddhima and Ajay(shocked): What!!!!!
Riddhima: What rubbish!
A: Really Riddhima?
R: Not at all.
V(smirks): Oh she just gets shy when its about our engagement. She doesn’t want to disclose it.
A: You are not even wearing a ring Riddhima!
R: Stop it Vansh!
V: Don’t be so shy sweetheart! Tell him!
R(pissed): Are you mad?
V: Aditya! She is a little possessive about me. So, its better you don’t tell it to everyone in the staff.
R: God!!!
A: Then, Why are you telling me?
V(murmurs): So that You stay away from her. She is mine.
A: Sorry?
V: She mentioned you as a CLOSE friend. We shouldn’t hide anything from our close friends. Right Riddhima?
He stares Riddhima with a smirk on his face. Riddhima gives him deadly glares.
R(fierce): Are you done?
V(cool): Oh No! I really want to have a man to man talk with him. He is your friend. I want to know him more. You can go if you want to.
A: Even I want to know more about Riddhima’s choice!
Riddhima was pissed.
R: Carry on!
A: Bye Riddhu!
Aditya hugged Riddhima and Vansh closed his hand into a fist trying hurt not to use it as a punch on Aditya’s face. Before anything more could happen, Riddhima went out.

Riddhima came to another cabin of the office and went in. It was empty. She stood infront of a book shelf and removed one of the book. As soon as the book was removed, The book shelf turned into a door and Riddhima entered inside closing it. She was standing in another room. She turned on the lights and there were three men standing there. She smirked.
R: Mahesh, Mishra and Micheal! My Real soldiers! Tripple M! I have called you here for a very special mission.
MMM: We are ever ready Ma’am!
She gave them three pictures having solo pictures of three men and said,
R: These are Aditya, Rehaan And Rajveer! You know well that Rajveer is dead! So, Now your task is to find out about Aditya Randhawa and Rehaan Malhotra! Each and everything about them. No detail should be missed at any cost.
MMM: Done Ma’am!
R: Best of luck!
Riddhima smirks.





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