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Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 63 – Telly Updates

The episode starts with Vansh explaining to Siya how Rudra was a part of his plan and he was joining with them to expose and fool Siya.
He was looking at Siya in a very irritating way.

Vansh: What you doesn’t know it idiot that even your dad was knowing your truth or to be more accurate, he was doubting you so much.
Rudra: And all my doubts got more increased along with being a little bit confirmed when I have talked with Vansh.
Vansh: Actually, at the beginning I wasn’t wanting to tell Rudra uncle anything from what I have known about you idiot without having a proof because I know that at the end he is a father and he will never be able to accept that his only daughter could do a very cheap thing like that.
Rudra: But due to my insisting, Vansh has told me your truth and he has included me in his plan so I could see your real face by my own self.
Flashback shows Vansh and Rudra being talking together.

Vansh was still silent and he wasn’t wanting to tell the truth to Rudra.
Rudra: Vansh, please say anything. Your silence makes me know only one thing which is that you already know what I have gone to tell you. Please Vansh tell me what you know. I really can’t bear that pain and confusion that is inside me. Tell me and I will promise you that I will accept what you will say whatever it will be and I will not do any hasty behaviour. Please Vansh beta tell me everything. I really can’t be more confused like that.
Rudra starts to be teary.
So Vansh has came near him to support him.
Vansh: Please uncle relax and calm down as actually what you will know will not be easy on you so please try to be chilled. Look Rudra uncle, I will tell you everything, but you have to control yourself uncle as I don’t want to regret that I will tell you those stuff.
Rudra: I promise you beta that I will control myself and I will accept what you will say, but please tell me everything now.
Vansh starts telling Rudra everything he has known it.
He has told him every bad deed Siya has done it.
Rudra was being very angry while hearing Vansh’s words.

He was very emotional and heartbroken.
Rudra( being angry and teary at the same time): How Siya could do that Vansh?! How she could merely kill her grandma?! How she isn’t regretting on anything she has done?! I can’t imagine that all my doubts got right!! I can’t imagine that my daughter could be that evil and cheap.
Vansh was supporting Rudra very much.
Vansh: Please relax uncle. You have to be very strong and don’t make anything make you that weak. I know that this isn’t easy on you at all and at the same time I know that you will not be 100% sure of what I’m saying until you could reach to a proof against her. Actually, I have already started collecting proofs against her and I’m moving on my plan so we could make her admit everything she has done by her own self. I need you to be with me uncle so you could witness everything is happening from the beginning and you could hear your daughter while confessing about each and every crime she has done it.
Rudra has gotten strong.
Then he has looked at Vansh in a very tough and brave way.
Rudra: I’m with you Vansh and I will do anything to get my own daughter’s truth out and make her take the punishment that she deserves it. So just tell me what you want me to do in your plan?
Vansh: I will tell you. *Flashback ends*
Rudra: Do you think Siya that what I have came to tell you about it was just a normal stuff?! No dear, it was just a part of Vansh’s plan. Which is making me you mad and hesitated so we could easily attack you and make you admit everything you have done.
Flashback shows Rudra has called Vansh after he has gotten out from Siya’s room.
Rudra: Everything has happened the way you have planned it my shield. I have said and done exactly like you have told me to say and do. I have seen the fear and scare on her eyes. I’m sure that what you will do next will finish her completely.
Vansh: Great! Perfect uncle. So you just be sure to not make anyone of the family members at the hale of the house so we could do our plan easily.
Rudra: Don’t worry Vansh. I will control everything and I will make the rest of the family members with me so they could observe everything will happen without making Siya notices them. *Flashback ends*
At that moment, The rest of the family members have came to the hale of the house.
They were all shocked and they weren’t able to believe what they have heard and have seen.
Vansh: Now, your whole truth has came out Siya. Each and every member in the family has known your evil motive and cheap deeds. So don’t you think for a second that you will be able to get out from that trap. As you have gotten trapped on Vansh Rai Singhania’s trap that you will not be able to get out from it in just one condition which is death.
Siya was shocked and she wasn’t understanding how everything got flipped on her.
Siya was trying to still have that image of the strong and get that fearless girl.
Siya: Your words will not fear me Vansh. I would never be afraid from you and I will never regret about anything I have done it to destroy you with it. I will always own to you so much hate that none will be able to change it and I don’t care about anything you will do as I wo…
Before Siya could be able to complete her words, a very hard slap has gotten on her face from Rudra.

Rudra( being so angry): Don’t you dare to say any other word Siya. Do you are still having the courage to face us idiot?! Shame on you! I’m really feel so ashamed that you are my daughter. I was really hoping that you couldn’t be the one who has done all those bad deeds. Regardless that I was having so many doubts inside me towards you, but I was still hoping that my daughter could never do a very cheap behaviours like that. But unfortunately, you have proved to me how a girl could be that shameless and immoral one. How you are my daughter?! How you could do a very cheap behaviour with your own family?! How you could hurt your father that much?! How you could be that evil?!
He kept slapping Siya repeatedly.
He was doing that while he was very broken and shattered from inside along with being very angry.

Rudra( while slapping Siya and being teary): It is the first time that a father could say that to his daughter, but I really hate you so much Siya. I really hate you from the bottom of my heart. Your behaviours can’t be forgiven even  if the father’s side of me tried to do that. You are a criminal Siya and you have to he punished.
He was keeping slapping her very hard.
Then Vansh has came near him.

He has separated him from Siya.
Afterwards, Vansh has faced Siya while he was looking so sharp at her.

Vansh: What you have passed through it from madness, fear, and frighten is really very low from what is got to be prepared for you Siya.
Siya( trying to be very tough): Really?! How you will do that?! I just believe that what you are doing is just a show and at the end you wouldn’t be having any proof against me. So how you will be able to punish me?
Vansh was looking at her while he was smiling.

Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! Your stupidity makes me laugh very much Siya. Who has told you that all punishments need proofs?! As do you think that Vansh Rai Singhania will just be satisfied from the punishment that will be from the police after giving all the proofs against you to them?! No idiot, I have prepared a very hard and tough punishment along with the punishment that you will take it from the police.
Riddhima has came to stand beside Vansh.

She was wanting to support him while facing Siya along with punishing her for what she has done with them.
Riddhima: You don’t know how much I was waiting for that moment so I could punish you and put in your limits Siya. So yeah about what you were saying that we don’t have proofs and those nonsense words. I want to tell you that this is just your misunderstanding dear as we have so many proofs against you.
Kabir has come in front of Siya.

Kabir: Do you think that after that so much wait we will not be ready for a lot of proofs against you idiot?!
Sejal: Of course we are 100% ready idiot.
Angre has came holding files, pictures, and CDS.

Angre: We have all the proofs that could make you spend your whole life being at jail Siya.
Angre starts making Siya see the pictures that has got taken of her with Aryan.

Those pictures show how Siya and Aryan were having a bond that no one was knowing anything about it.

Angre has also made her hear the audios that were between her, Anuprya, and Aryan.
Vansh: You have a very bad luck Siya as what you weren’t knowing that Aryan was recording everything was happening between you both.
Kabir: I think that even that cunning man wasn’t trusting you.
Angre: So I have got able to reach to the place that Aryan was hiding on it those stuff and now we are having everything could punish you a very hard punishment.
Then Vansh starts making Siya hear the stuff that were on her own phone.
Vansh: And here is many more proofs against you Siya.
Riddhima: Don’t think that we will not be able to expose you and collect proofs against you Siya. As we all are more smarter than you because we have a very mastermind person who doesn’t be satisfied without punishing his enemies.
She has stared at Vansh after she has finished those words.

He was looking at her very deeply.

He was very relaxed while feeling how much she is supporting him that much and being by his side.
So he holds her hand very tightly in a very thankful way.

At that moment, Ishani has came near Siya while she was very angry.

Then she has slapped her a very hard slap.
Ishani( being very angry): How dare you to think to harm my brother and my bhabi?! How dare you to join hands with their enemies?! How dare you idiot to kill my dadi?! How you could be that heartless person?! Who you didn’t regret about killing your own grandmother?! I’m very ashamed to have a cousin like you stupid Siya.
Ishani was being very hurt and heartbroken.

She was slapping Siya continually.
She was trying to minimize her hurt by slapping her very much.
Then Kabir has came near Ishani.

He was trying to make her relax and calm her down.
Kabir( surrounding Ishani by her hands): Please Ishani relax. Please calm down and relax. I’m with you and I will never leave you. Just calm down and leave that Siya to us as we will not leave her at all. So please try to control your anger for your sake dear.
Kabir was trying to calm Ishani down by making her in his arms.
Ishani was very heartbroken and shattered, but being in Kabir’s arms has made her very relaxed and being comfortable.
Kabir has taken Ishani away so he could calm her down.
Riddhima: Accept your failure Siya. Just surrender as you will not get out from here and you will just be punished for every single deed you have done it.
Vansh: Good will always win stupid Siya. The winning will always be for Vansh Rai Singhania.
Riddhima: And Riddhima Rai Singhania.
Vansh and Riddhima were looking at each other while they were smiling and being very happy that they have win against Siya and they have exposed her.

Siya was being very angry from the way Vansh and Riddhima were confronting her with it.
Siya to herself: I will not allow you both to win against me. None of you will live peacefully after I got exposed.
Siya has rushed immediately near Riddhima.
Then she has got her under her captivity while holding a knife near her neck.

Vansh was shocked seeing Riddhima under Siya’s captivity.

Siya( being angry): Do you think that I will leave you both win against me Vansh?! No my dearest cousin, winning will always be mine not yours Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania. I will kill your Riddhima in front of you Vansh and you will not be able to do anything. I will make you suffer so much after I will kill your dearest Riddhima in front of you.
Precap: Being stabbed.

The end of the episode. I hope you like it. Thank you so much guys for making me succeeded in reaching to my target on the previous episode. I hope you could all make me reach to my target on this episode. My target is the same. My target is to reach to 25 comments( excluding my comments). I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode. The upcoming episode will be published depending on all of yours respond. The next episode will be published when you all could make me reach to my target on this episode. I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode daily. I know that you are all very supporters and you all will help me succeeding in reaching to my target. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. So please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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