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Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 61 – Telly Updates

The episode starts with Riddhima being surprised and isn’t understating anything from what Vansh is saying.

Riddhima: Vansh, I don’t understand anything from what you are saying. How you have started the plan since the reception party?! Actually, what is that plan?? Vansh, you have confused me so please explain to me everyth..
Before Riddhima could be able to complete her words, Vansh has kissed her a very long kiss.

This kiss has made her got relaxed and she got totally silent.
She didn’t has said a word.
She was just staring at Vansh very much.

He comes closer to her.
Then he has putted his finger near her lips to make her stop talking and concentrate on his words.

Vansh: Shh. Relax sweetheart. I will tell you everything. You just must relax and chill. All this confusion and surprise isn’t good for your health. Just take a deep breathe and relax and I will explain to you everything.
He has putted his hand around her waist to make her close to him.
Then he starts making do the inhale and exhale practice.

Vansh: Are you fine now?
Riddhima(in a shyness and relaxed way): Yes.
Vansh: Now, I could tell you everything has happened and how I have started my plan even before that criminal could kill dadi.
At the same time, Rudra went to Siya’s room.

When Siya has seen Rudra, she has tried to control herself to not make him doubt her.
Rudra: Siya beta are you fine?
Siya: Yes dad I’m fine. I was just isn’t able to be at the hale of the house more while everyone was talking about dadi and their memories with her.
Rudra: So you were loving her Siya?
Siya: Of course dad as at end she was my grandma so how I will not love her?!
Rudra: Yeah you are right. Actually, she also was loving you a lot and she was always thinking about you and your future. You were just aren’t able to be close to her like Vansh, Sejal, and Ishani were doing.

Rudra was talking with Siya causally as if his doubts got suddenly vanished!
At the beginning of Rudra’s words, Siya was very teary and emotional.
While at the end of his words, she got very angry.
Siya to herself: Vansh, Vansh, Vansh. I hate this name. Why everyone is comparing me with Vansh?! You all always make me hate him more and more by all of yours words!
Rudra( completing his words): She was a very amazing and loving person, I don’t know how a person could kill her?!
Siya has got shocked.
She wasn’t imaging that Rudra has known that dadi has got killed not died normally.
She has pretended that she has firstly known that.
Siya( being shocked in a pretending way): What?! How?! What are you saying dad?! How dadi could be killed?!
Rudra: You don’t have to be that shocked dear as we have got to be very near to catch the culprit. We have started collecting proofs against that culprit and very soon we will catch that culprit. Just pray that we could do that very soon and we could punish that heartless person.
After Rudra has said those words, he has immediately left Siya.
Siya was very shocked after hearing her father’s words.
She was very afraid knowing that they have known the culprit.
Siya to herself( being shocked and terrified): Oh God!!! What dad has said?! How they could collect proofs against me?! How they could have known my crime?! I can’t understand anything! Do they have really known my truth?!
While Siya was very shocked and terrified, she has received another message from the same unknown number.
It was written on it:
“There isn’t so much time left until your truth could be out and everyone will know your evil side. All your bad deeds will get out very soon”
Siya was in a very bad state while reading that message.
She has got sure that this person knows everything about her.
So she has taken courage and she has replied to that person.
Siya( texting): Who are you and how you are insisting so much that I have done those stuff?!
She has gotten a reply from that person.
The unknown person(texting): Don’t pretend as if you don’t know your bad deeds Siya. You know all your crimes and your bad behaviour and the last one of them was killing your own grandmother!
Siya(texting): You are just saying those words without any proof. You are just a free person who wants to waste his/her time with anything. So you are just playing those games with me, but I will not be afraid from your words as you will not be able to harm me as I didn’t have done anything.
The unknown person(texting): Really?! You have a very confidence in yourself! Along with being a very shameless girl who doesn’t regret on her deeds! I’m sure that all of your over confidence will vanish when that parcel will reach to VR mansion at 8 pm. All your truth will come out stupid Siya. Stay tuned because you are going to be exposed very soon.
Siya has got shocked reading that message from that unknown person.
She kept sending messages to that person, but she didn’t has received any reply.
She was very shocked and feared.
Siya to herself: What could be involved in that parcel?! My truth can’t be exposed. No one must know my true motive and I can’t allow anyone to expose me. I have to get that parcel before anyone could take it and the game could be finished.
She has looked at the clock in a fearful way.

Siya to herself: Oh my God!! Just half an hour left. I have to get the parcel very quickly.
While she was going to leave the room to get the parcel before anyone, Siya starts listening to dadi’s voice being calling her name.
Dadi(in a scary way): Siyaaaaaaaa.
Siya has got shocked hearing dadi’s voice.
Afterwards, Vansh starts explaining to Riddhima his plan.
Vansh: I have started my plan since the time that I have talked with Siya on it at the party, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to check what the result of what I have done after dadi has died.
Riddhima: So what you have done?
Vansh: I have controlled Siya’s mobile and laptop along with being able to know everything she has done it during the previous time from her electric devices.
Riddhima: What??
Flashback shows Vansh being with Siya at the bar.
He has succeeded in putting a small device on Siya’s mobile and laptop that were beside her.
He has done that without making Siya notice him at all. *Flashback ends*
Vansh: This device that I have putted it inside Siya’s mobile and laptop is a very special and different device. It makes you be able to track and hack that electronic that you have putted that device on it along with that you could hear anything is happening around that electronic and this isn’t just related to the current situation, but from anytime has happened. In just one condition, that the device could be available and not switched off. This very tiny device is connected with my mobile.

She has looked at him in a proud way.

Riddhima: Wow Vansh! You are a genius! So now we could hack Siya’s mobile easily and of course we will know a lot of stuff that will help us in exposing her.
Vansh: Yes.
Riddhima: So let’s do that now.
Vansh has gotten his mobile and he has connected it to the device.

Afterwards, he has got able to have an access on Siya’s mobile.
Vansh and Riddhima start witnessing all the conversations that was between Siya, Aryan, and Anuprya.
They have heard the conversations that has happened between them when Siya’s mobile was switched on.
Everything Siya was saying it while her mobile was switched on got to be on Vansh’s mobile.
All her vows and plans got to be with Vansh.
Vansh was very angry from Siya while hearing those stuff.

Riddhima was observing Vansh’s anger.
So she has hugged him very tightly from his back.

Riddhima: Relax Vansh. I’m with you and we will expose that idiot together along with punishing her very tough punishment.

She has putted her hand on his face to calm him down.

He has grabbed her towards him.

Then he has made her sit on his lap.

Vansh: I will always be relaxed when you are supporting me and being with me sweetheart.
He has made her very close to him to feel her breathes.

Then they have hugged each other very tightly.

Moreover, Riddhima has kissed Vansh in his cheek to comfort him.

She was looking at him while she was smiling and being very happy.

Then they have gotten very attached and close to each other in a way to make each one of them relaxed and calmed down.

At the same time, Siya was being very afraid and terrified after hearing dadi’s voice.

She was very frightened and scared.
Siya to herself: How I have heard dadi’s voice?! Of course it is my illusion. I have to get out from my room to get the parcel.
She got more scared when the sound starts to be more clearer.
Dadi: Where are you going Siya?! Do you think that you will not take the punishment for what you have done with me?! Do you think that none of the family members will know about your crime?! No beta, you will be exposed very soon and you will not be able to do anything.
Siya kept searching about the source of the sound, but she wasn’t finding anything.
She was super super frightened.
She runs from her room very quickly.
Then she starts running at the hale of the house.
The hale of the house was empty and there wasn’t any person near her.
At the same time, everything was happening was recorded and it was appearing on someone’s laptop.
This person that was watching Siya from the laptop was Kabir.
He was smiling very much.

Kabir to himself: I will turn you mad Siya. I will make you can’t be able to know what is true and what is your illusion. Your truth will get out now. I’m just doing those stuff to make you suffer for some time. I’m really enjoying while seeing you suffer. It is just a very tiny punishment for what we all have prepared it for you.
At the hale of the house, Siya was still listening to dadi’s voice.
She was putting her hands on her ears to not hear the sound.
She was screaming very much.
At that moment, dadi’s voice start to vanish.
Then Angre has came to Siya.

Angre: Siya, are you fine? Why you are screaming?
Siya( in a frightened tone): Dadi. I was hearing dadi’s voice.
Angre: What?! What are you saying Siya?! Dadi has died.
Siya: Trust me I was hearing her voice. Did you weren’t listening to the same sound?
Angre: No Siya I didn’t have heard any sound. Actually, I was near you since some time and I was just seeing you running and being afraid, but I wasn’t hearing any voice.
Siya has got shocked from Angre’s words.
Siya: Are you sure Angre that you didn’t have heard anything?
Angre: Yes Siya. I didn’t have heard anything. I’m sure that it is just your illusion. You are just attached to dadi so that’s why you aren’t able to accept that she has gone. Just relax and calm down.
Afterwards, Angre has left Siya while he was smiling.

He was holding a voice recorder.
Angre to herself: I promise you that we all will turn you crazy idiot.
Afterwards, Vansh and Riddhima were planning for the next move.

Riddhima: So now we are very near to expose Siya as we have all the proofs that has got found in her mobile and laptop.
Vansh: Yes. I’m just also waiting for Angre’s investigation and he has told me that he got very near to get every single proof against that idiot. By the way, he also has told me about your lovely plan in turning Siya mad and pressuring on her.
He has smiled at her in a cute way.

Vansh: Since when you start to think in a dangerous way? I can observe how you got to learn so much stuff from me by being near me! Interesting, very interesting!
He has winked at her.

She has smiled from his attitude.

Then she comes near him and she holds his hands.

Riddhima: Of course I will learn from my husband as I have to always be up to date to suit my amazing and brilliant husband.
They have smiled at each other.
Then they got into a romantic moment.

Then he has kissed Riddhima a very lovely kiss in her cheek.

Moreover, Vansh starts explaining to Riddhima what he will do next and what other stuff that he has prepared it for Siya to end her chapter with it and expose her.
Riddhima was very impressed from Vansh’s brilliant plans.
She has joked with him by putting her hand on his nose.

Riddhima: I’m really blessed to have a very genius husband like you Vansh. Your plans are always a mastermind plans! Super proud of you my dearest husband.
She has putted her head on his shoulder in a very caring way.

He was just staring at her very much.

Riddhima: I’m really waiting for that moment that she will be exposed and punished on it.
Vansh: Don’t worry sweetheart as that time is very near to happen.
At that moment, Angre has entered Vansh and Riddhima’s room.
Angre: Boss, everything is ready and we are ready especially me as you don’t need to wait for more time to expose that girl.
Vansh: So you have finished your investigations?
Angre: Yes boss. Now, we have so many proofs against that Siya that is very helpful to us to expose her with it.
Vansh: Great!
Angre: Your plan is going on the way that you want it to happen and she is suffering so much now.
Vansh: She will suffer more and more. I will make her beg me just to kill her to stop that suffer, but I will not do that. I will enjoy a lot while seeing her suffering that much.
Riddhima: So we have to start the last move in our plan Vansh as just 15 minutes left to be 8 pm.
Vansh’s face reaction starts to turn to a very dangerous face reaction look.

Vansh: Now the punishment of Vansh Rai Singhania will start and that stupid Siya will witness the way Vansh Rai Singhania finish the game with it.
Precap: “You have got trapped Siya. You have got fooled by all of us idiot. We all are the reason of your horrible condition”

The end of the episode. I hope you like it. Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes as it will witness the last moments for Siya as very soon we will get rid of her. All the stuff that it isn’t cleared it will be cleared the next episode. So stay tuned for the upcoming episodes. Thank you so much guys for making me has succeeded in reaching to my target on the previous episode. I hope you could all make me reach to my target on this episode. My target is the same. My target is to reach to 25 comments( excluding my comments). I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode. The upcoming episode will be published depending on all of yours respond. The next episode will be published when you all could make me reach to my target. I hope that you all could make me succeed in reaching to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode daily. I know that you are all very supporters and you all will help me in reaching to my target. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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