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Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 60 – Telly Updates

The episode starts with Riddhima returning to the room while holding a plate of sugar and a glass of ice.

Vansh was being in a very critical state when Riddhima has arrived.

He was trying to minimize that too much chili taste by drinking water, but without any result.
Riddhima: The hot taste of the chili will not be minimized in that way. So that’s why I have gotten with me sugar and ice and this is the thing that it will be helpful for you.
Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! It seems as if you got to be very expert in that situations! Do you are doctor and I don’t know?!
Vansh has said those words in a way to get out of his pain and don’t make Riddhima suffer more from his anger and shatter.
She smiles a tiny smile.

Riddhima to herself: How you could still be able to joke and try to get me out from the bad mood even when you are very shattered from inside?! How you are able to be that strong Vansh?!
She makes Vansh sit on the bed.
Then she gets a spoon of sugar and she offered the sugar to Vansh.

She has made Vansh eats the sugar.

She makes him eat some spoons of the sugar so the hot flavor could be minimized.
Riddhima: Do you feel better?
Vansh just nods his head.
Then Riddhima has gotten a pic of ice cube and she starts putting it on Vansh’s lips.

So it could minimize the so much redness and hotness that was on his lips.
Vansh was just staring at Riddhima in a very caring way.

He was feeling very relaxed and chilled while being with Riddhima.
He was very thankful to her for her presence in his life.
After she has finished minimizing Vansh’s pain, she was going to leave.
But Vansh has stopped her by holding her hands.

Vansh: You have minimize my pain, but what about your pain?
Riddhima: I’m absolutely fine.
Vansh: Since when you have started to hide things from me?! Don’t act as if you are totally fine sweetheart as I could notice how you are also suffering from that so much hot flavor. So please don’t be stubborn and make me help you to minimize your pain in the same way that you have done it with me.
Riddhima has got silent and she has left Vansh helping her in minimizing her pain.
He starts making her eat the sugar.

Afterwards, he starts putting the ice cube on her mouth.

He was doing those stuff in a very romantic way.
Riddhima was feeling very thankful and blessed while being with Vansh.
She was being very happy while witnessing how he is caring about her that much.
They were both staring at each other in a very romantic way.

After Vansh has finished minimizing Riddhima’s pain, he comes near her and he has surrounded her by his hands.

Then he has made her drink water to be sure that she is absolutely fine.

Moreover, he was staring at her very much.

Then he has putted his hand on her face to make her feel his love towards her.

Vansh: Thank you so much sweetheart. Thank you for everything you are doing it to me. I would never be able to give you the credit of what you have done with me. I was very shattered and I was witnessing a shade of mine that I wasn’t liking it or accepting it. You have made me returned that old Vansh Rai Singhania who will never leave his right and who could do anything just take his revenge.
Moreover, he has kissed her forehead.

Vansh: I would never take that strength and power if you weren’t with me Riddhu. I would never be able to stop blaming myself if you weren’t with me. You are my support system and my backbone who I would never be able to survive without you.
Riddhima was being very happy while listening to Vansh’s words.

She was just looking at him very deeply.
She has decided to change that upset mood by giving a cute flavor to their conversation.
She has looked at him in cute reaction.
Then she has putted her hand on his nose in a joking way.

Riddhima: I was sure that my dearest husband will not take much time until he could return to his old shade once again. I’m sure that my Mr. organizer will get out from his sorrows as usual. You are the most strong person I have ever seen Vansh as actually at the end you are Riddhima Rai Singhania’s partner so of course you must be special and very strong!
Her lovely and cute attitude has made Vansh smile.

She was staring at him very much while she was smiling seeing him smiling that much.

She comes very close to him by putting her hands around his neck.

Riddhima: Please keep smiling in that way. Please do keep smiling Vansh as I always like to see you smiling in that way. I can’t tolerate seeing you sad or depressed. I always be happy when I see you happy and smiling.
He has kissed her in her cheek.

Then he starts making her very close to him.

He was wanting to feel her breathes.
He was wanting to connect his breathes with her breathes.
He was wanting to forget his sorrow by being very close to Riddhima.
Vansh: I will always be happy and relaxed when I’m with you Riddhima. Just keep being that close to me and I will be totally fine.
Riddhima has putted her head on Vansh’s shoulder to be close to him.

She was also holding his hand very tightly.

Riddhima: I will always be with you Mr. Husband and I will always be your supporter.
Vansh: I love you so much sweetheart.
Riddhima: I love you too Mr. organizer.

They have hugged each other very tight and warm hug.

Afterwards, Riddhima has made Vansh sleep by putting his head on her leg.

She was staring at him while he was sleeping and she was smiling.
After some time, she also has slept beside him.

They were sleeping while being close to each other and hugging each other very tightly.
At that moment, Siya was at her room being shattered and crying.

Siya to herself: I’m really sorry dadi. I’m really very very sorry. I wasn’t wanting to kill you. I wasn’t wanting to hurt you at all dadi. Regardless that you have never treated me in the same way that you have treated Vansh, Sejal and Ishani with it, but I still love you and I wasn’t wanting to kill you at all. I’m really sorry dadi.
She was looking at a collection picture of her and dadi in a teary look.

Siya to herself: Vansh was the one that supposed to be dead not to you dadi. I will not leave him. He will suffer so much and I will complete that mission of mine that I didn’t have completed it yet. I will make you suffer so much Vansh. I will not leave you Vansh. Don’t think that what has happened will prevents me from completing my plan. No Vansh, I would do anything to get rid of you and make you suffer so much. You have made me killed my dadi accidently when she has died instead of you, but I promise you that the next time I will succeed in my plan.
She has looked at Vansh’s picture in an any angry way.

Siya to herself: You will die very quickly Vansh, but I will make you suffer first. I will destroy you very much and you will not be able to know that I’m the one who is behind all of that stuff. You will never know that I’m the one who is trying to destroy and kill you. Thank God that no one has known that I’m the one who is behind dadi’s death. Even Kabir and Sejal will never think that I’m the one who has killed dadi so I will be safe. I just must act normal and not give anyone a chance to doubt me then I will be able to finish that endless game very fast.
At morning, Rudra went to Vansh’s room.
He knocks the door.
So Vansh has waked up and he has gotten out from the room without making Riddhima wake up.
Rudra: I’m sorry Vansh for disturbing you and making you wake up that early, but there is a very urgent thing that I have to say it to you and I can’t hide it more on you. I can’t handle that stuff alone and I have to make you help me in that as you are the one who will be able to solve that problem and reach to the whole truth. I’m really shocked and worried Vansh and I can’t think about that huge problem alone. I really need the help of my shield.
Vansh has got worried and shocked after hearing Rudra’s words.

Vansh: What is going on uncle? What has happened? Please don’t make me worry. Does everything is fine??
Rudra: Just come with me to a far area so we could talk comfortably as what I will tell you isn’t an easy thing at all and no one must know about it until we could be 100% sure.

Vansh: Okay so let’s go.
Vansh and Rudra have went to Vansh’s office to talk together.
Rudra has told Vansh everything he has reached to it.
He has told him about the rat poison that Siya was having it.
He has told him that dadi has died with the same rat poison.
He has told him each and every doubt he owns towards Siya since she has talked with him badly about Vansh since the previous years.
Rudra: I still doesn’t know anything Vansh. I still doesn’t know the whole truth, but at the same time I wasn’t able to not hide what I have known from you. You have to know everything Vansh and you have to help me in knowing the whole truth and punishing Siya if she got to be the culprit.
Vansh was silent and he wasn’t saying anything to Rudra.

He just got very sure that what he has reached to it is right after he has talked with Rudra, but at the same time he wasn’t able to tell him what he has known to not shock him more.
Especially that Vansh still doesn’t have that strong proof that could make Rudra 100% sure of Siya’s truth colors.
Rudra: Vansh, why are you silent?! Please say something. I’m really confused and very shattered. I can’t believe that Siya could kill mom. Please tell me something. I really need your advice and perspective.
Vansh to himself: What I could say to you uncle? How I could tell you that what you are thinking about is right? How I could tell you that your daughter is the biggest enemy to our own family and she is the one who has killed her grandmother? I can observe the confusion and unacceptable look that is found in your eye. I’m sure if I have told you everything I know without having a proof, you will never trust me and actually you could go to Siya with a hasty attitude and be angry on her and that will destroy everything I’m going to do. I can’t tell you anything until I could have that very strong proof. I’m sorry uncle I have to hide that from you.
At that moment, Siya was being at the hale of the house with Ishani, Chanchel, and Raginj.
She was looking as if she is very sad about dadi’s death.
While she was with them remembering their moments with dadi, Siya received a message from an unknown number.
It was written on that message:
“Shame on you Siya! Does there is a girl that could kill her own grandmother?!”
Siya has got shocked knowing that someone is aware of her crime.
She has left the hale of the house and went to her room.

She was shocked and very terrified.
Siya to herself( being afraid): How this is possible?! How could someone be aware of my crime?! Who could be that person and what that person could be wanting from me? I can’t imagine that someone is knowing my crime!! But how?! It is the first time for me that I could be afraid. Actually, I wasn’t afraid from Kabir when he has known my truth and was confronting me. Just a second, of course that person is Kabir. Of course he is the one who has known my crime, but this isn’t possible as Kabir could has came to me directly and confront me as usual. He would never keep quiet and play those games with me. This person can’t be Kabir.
Siya starts to lose her temper.
She was very stressed, shocked and unbalanced.
Siya to herself: I will get mad if I kept being in that state. I have to control myself. Nothing will happen to you Siya please relax. Your truth will not get out. I’m sure that this person is just doing a prank on me especially that this person didn’t have sent me anything else. So I will act as if I didn’t received that message and I will not be terrified. I don’t have to worry at all. I just now must concentrate on destroying Vansh and stop that fear as I will win that game whatever happens.
Afterwards, Vansh has entered his room.
He has found Riddhima being very sad and putting her hand on her face in an annoyed way.

Riddhima(in an angry way): Where you were Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania?! I have waked up and I didn’t have found you beside me and I got really worried about you. How you could leave that early without telling me Vansh?! I’m very upset from you.
She gives her back to him in an annoyed way.
Vansh was smiling from Riddhima’s childish behavior.

He comes closer to her and he lifts her as if he was lifting a young girl.

Vansh: I can’t be satisfied while my lovely wife is upset from me. I could do anything just to make her smile and forgive me.
Riddhima: So do you think that by lifting me I will forgive you?! Of course not Mr. organizer as I’m not a kid, I’m big and mature girl now so those types of stuff will not please me. Please make me down.
He makes her down.
Then he has taken a remote from his mobile and he has clicked on it.
After clicking on it, a lot of flowers start to fall on Riddhima.

She was smiling very much and she was very happy.

He has lifted her very high while the flowers being thrown on her.

So he could make her feel very special and happy.
She was smiling very much while that flowers being throwing on her.
She was feeling like a butterfly while he has making her that high.

She was needing that special thing so she could be a kind of relaxed.
Afterwards, Vansh has made her down.
Then she has immediately hugged him from his back.

Vansh: So I have succeeded in pleasing you or it is still what I’m doing just stuff that please the young kids?!

He has said those words while he was touching Riddhima’s face in a very romantic way.

She has just smiled.

Riddhima: You always know how to draw a smile on my face even when you are in that sad mood. How you could make me happy and not bother me while you are burning from inside?! How you are that strong Vansh?!
He has hugged her more tightly.
Vansh: I do that when I’m with Riddhima. You are the one who give me the strength and the power to complete my life. You are the one who supports me so much. You are my everything Riddhima.
They were hugging each other very tightly to express to each other how they feel that relaxed while being together.

Riddhima: So Vansh tell me what you will do with that stupid Siya? Do you have a plan or you are still thinking about something?
He has looked at Riddhima in a dangerous and angry way.

Vansh: I have already started my plan since the reception party actually before dadi could die. I just have added some new stuff. Just wait and watch while seeing how that stupid Siya will be destroyed and will take a very huge punishment for messing with Vansh Rai Singhania and killing his dadi.
Precap: Siya starts listening to dadi’s voice being calling her name.

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