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Laal Ishq 4 RiKara, SamAina, BeHir, RoshAn, DriKshit FF Part 18 – Telly Updates

Laal Ishq4… Red love…Part 18

Omkara and Gauri were having candle light at the terrace.

Suddenly they saw a shadow there.

Gauri:Omkara,somebody is here.

Omkara:Yes.Who is that?

That person came in front of them.They were shocked.


Komolika:Yes.I am back.

Omkara:We came to know that you were fooling us as Gopi.You had gone away.Right?Then why did you come back?What did you think?You thought that I ran away in fear?Never!Komolika can never do that.I cannot sit peacefully until I get what I want.
Omkara:What the hell do you want?

Komolika:I want Jugnu.

Gauri:I am Jugnu’s mother.We have legally adopted her.You have no right on her.

Komolika:What if Jugnu comes to know that I am the one who carried her in the womb?Then she will leave you and come to me.

Omkara and Gauri became upset.

Komolika smirked.

Komolika:But before that I need to punish you both for spoiling my plan last time.

Komolika took out a knife.

Omkara-Gauri were shocked.

Gauri:Why are you holding this knife?

Komolika smirked:To take your life.

Omkara-Gauri were scared.

Omkara:You are mad.How can you take our life?

Komolika:It’s not God,but Komolika will decide when to take your life.

Omkara-Gauri were frightened seeing her psycho look.

Prerna woke up and went to the kitchen to drink water.She heard some sounds.

Prerna:Why such sounds from the balcony?

She went there and was shocked to see Komolika trying to stab Omkara and Gauri.

Suddenly she started getting flashes from the past.She remembered Anurag and her love,Komolika trying to destroy their life.Prerna’s eyes burnt with anger.

Komolika was about to stab Gauri.Suddenly Prerna pulled Komolika backward by her hair forcefully.All were shocked.


Prerna snatched the knife from her and threw it.

Prerna:Komolika!How dare you?

She started slapping Komolika.Omkara and Gauri were shocked like Komolika.

Suddenly Omkara rang up Ajitabh.

Omkara:Sir,please come here soon.Komolika is here.We are in danger.

Aji:I am coming.

Omkara and Gauri tried to pull away Prerna from Komolika.But Komolika took the knife again.

Prerna:Leave me.

Prerna forcefully removed their hands off her and went towards Komolika.

Komolika tried to stab Prerna.But Prerna kicked her and she fell down.Prerna took the knife to stab Komolika.

Gauri and Omkara were shocked to see Komolika’s violent side.

Gauri took the knife from Prerna.


Komolika got up again.She snatched the knife from Prerna and tried to stab her.Suddenly somebody caught her hand.It was a lady constable with Ajitabh.

Ajitabh:You are under arrest Komolika.This time you cannot escape.

Komolika screamed:Nooooooooooooooooooooo

Ajitabh and gang dragged her out.

All were relieved.Rudra and Parvati who woke up hearing the sound came there and got shocked to see Komolika being taken away by Ajitabh.

Rudra:What’s happening here?


Omkara:Komolika tried to kill us.She got arrested too.
Omkara explained everything which happened.

Rudra and Parvati were shocked as Komolika came to attack Om-Gauri.

Omkara-Gauri looked at Prerna as they realized that Prerna recalled her past.


Prerna:Where is Anurag?Where is our child?

Rudra-Parvati were shocked as Prerna remembered her past.

Omkara:A lot happened which you may not know.

Omkara explained whatever happened after the accident,but he did not tell her that Jugnu considers him and Gauri as parents,he just told her that he and his wife Gauri took care of Jugnu.

Prerna:I want to see my Jugnu.

Prerna ran to the room in search of Jugnu.

Jugnu woke up and came out.

Jugnu:What kind of sound is this?

Prerna became so emotional that she hugged Jugnu.


Prerna kissed all over her face.

Prerna:You were so near me.But I did not realize that you are my daughter.

Jugnu gave her a confusing look:What are you saying Prerna aunty?I can’t understand anything?

Prerna was shocked:Aunty?

All were upset.

Parvati :Nothing Jugnu.You sleep.

She took Jugnu to the room.

Prerna:Why is Jugnu calling me aunty?

Omkara-Gauri became very upset.

Omkara told her everything.

Omkara:I am sorry Prerna.I had to hide everything from you and Jugnu because of your health.

Prerna broke down into tears.

Prerna:I lost my Jugnu.I want my Anurag..Anurag…

Parvati came back.

Omkara-Gauri-Rudra -Parvati shed tears seeing Prerna in pain.



They took Prerna to the hospital to meet Anurag.Prerna could not bear seeing Anurag unconscious.

Prerna cried:I am sorry Anurag.When you needed me I was not with you.I promised to be with you always.But i broke my promise.Please forgive me Anurag.Please don’t punish me like this.Please wake up soon.I need you.

All those who witnessed this was in tears.

Gauri:Till now Prerna did not know any pain even though all were worried about her memory loss.But now when she regained her memory she has lots to be sad.

Omkara wept.

Omkara:You are right Gauri.How will she bear all this?I can’t understand.

Meera came to Sanjana’s flower shop.

Sanjana:What a pleasant surprise Meera!

Meera:Ya.Actually I want the best roses from your shop.

Sanjana:Sure.Is there any specific purpose?

Meera blushed:Yes.I want to surprise someone.Someone who will hold my hands forever.

Sanjana:Wow..I am so happy for you Meera.

Meera smiled.



Sanjana met Sameer in his room.

Sanjana:Sameer,I can’t tell you how happy I am today.Meera informed that she has found her soul mate.

Sameer:Meera informed me too.I am also very happy.

They smiled.

He embraced her from behind.

Sameer:If you are this happy for your friend’s wedding how happy you will be during our wedding?

Sanjana smiled:I will be the happiest person in this world.

Sameer:Me too.

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Sameer:Anyways in this happiness shall we have a sweet?

Sanjana:Maa had made new chocolates.I will bring them.

Sameer:Not that sweet.


He leaned towards her cheek.Suddenly she pushed him with a blush on her face.

Sanjana:You won’t get that sweet easily.Wait for that.

Sameer:Ok.Will wait.After all the sweet which we will get after a long wait will be more sweeter.

They smiled at each other romantically.



Krish came to the place Meera invited him.He was surprised to see the place decorated with red roses.

He looked at Meera who was blushing.

Meera:Krish..thank you very much for being patient with me.Thank you very much for being so loving and understanding.

Krish:You gave me this flower surprise to thank me?

Meera:No.To tell you what I feel for you.

He looked at her seriously:Means?

Meera:You have succeeded in making me fall in love with you Krish.You made me know what love is.You made me understand that you are my first love and what I had before was just infatuation.Now I want to tell you that I love you a lot.

His face blossomed.

Krish:Look at my face and say what you said now.

She blushed.

She looked at him intensely:I love you Krish.

Krish became very happy:I love you too Meera.

They embraced each other.

Kokila was crying thinking of Komolika.A girl was sitting besides Kokila.

Kokila:Your dad did your upbringing very well.But I failed to give a nice upbringing to Komolika.That’s why she became like this.Her mental issues kept increasing day by day.

That girl was none other than Kokila’s other daughter Gopi.

Gopi:Don’t say like that Maa.

Kokila:I became all alone again.

Gopi wept:No Maa.I am with you.I will not leave you alone.Now onwards I will be always there with you Maa.My husband also wants you to be with us.I also want you Maa.

Gopi hugged Kokila.They both smiled.

Prem,Simar and Sanjana visited them knowing about Prerna.

Prerna hugged Prem and Simar:Prem bhaiyya…Simar bhabhi…

Prem:I feel so happy that you called me bhaiyya after a long time.

Simar:We longed to get recognized by you since last few years.

Seeing Sanjana Prerna got confused.

Sanjana:Prerna bua…

Simar:This is Sanjana.

Prerna was surprised:Sanjana…You were so small.

Sanjana:But now I have become big.


Simar:Roshni is married.She is staying abroad with her husband.

Prerna:I am longing to see her.

Jugnu came from school.


Prerna ran towards Jugnu.But Jugnu hugged Gauri.Prerna moved away from them tearfully.

Prem,Simar and Sanjana became upset.

Prem:Simar,it’s good that you did not tell Prerna why Roshni is staying abroad.She would have been really upset.

Simar:Yes Premji.Prerna is already upset about Jugnu.Now this too…

Prem:I can’t understand whether I should happy or sad about Prerna gaining memory.When she was suffering from memory loss she was at least happy.But now she is living in pain.

Simar-Sanjana were upset.

Prerna got a phone call from the hospital.

“Mrs.Prerna Ganguly!”


“I am Anurag’s doctor.I want to say something urgently”.

Prerna got tensed:Say Doctor.Is Anurag fine?Is everything alright?

The Doctor said something to Prerna.Prerna could not believe what she heard.The phone fell down from her hand.

Everyone got tensed.

Rudra:Prerna,what happened to Anurag?

Omkara:Say Prerna.

Tears rolled down her cheeks.

The same time Gauri was with Jugnu in her room.

Gauri:Jugnu,don’t call Prerna aunty.Call her Maa.

Jugnu:But why Mumma?She is not my mother.

Gauri said emotionally:Prerna is your real mother.

Jugnu was shocked:What?

Gauri wept:Yes Jugnu.Prerna and Omkara papa’s cousin brother Anurag are your real parents.

Jugnu was shocked:No.This is your prank.

Gauri wept:No Jugnu.I am saying the truth.Because of an accident Prerna had brain injury and she had forgotten who you were.Anurag is in coma.So Omkara papa brought you up as his daughter.I also love you as my own daughter Jugnu.Prerna was not able to remember you as her daughter and Anurag is also not in his senses.So we hid the truth from you as we did’nt want you to be upset.

Jugnu cried:No.For me you and papa are my parents.Prerna aunty and Anurag uncle are not my parents.

Gauri wept:Don’t say like that Jugnu.Omkara papa and I will be always your parents.But Anurag and Prerna are also your parents.Accept them as your parents Jugnu.Your mother Prerna is very upset as you call her aunty.

Jugnu became upset.

Gauri thought:What decision will Jugnu take?

Gauri was worried.

Suddenly Omkara barged into the room.

Omkara:Gauri…A call came from the hospital.Anurag…

Gauri got tensed:What happened to Anurag?

Roshni was looking at the snow fall through the window.

Aman came from behind.

Aman:Enjoying the snow fall?

Roshni:Yes.It looks so beautiful.

Aman:But ever since we came here we have been watching snow fall.Still you are looking at it as if you are seeing it for the first time.

Roshni:It’s so beautiful that I am not at all bored of watching it continuously.

Aman smiled.

Aman:We will sit outside and watch it.

He took her out and they sat on the veranda to watch the snow fall.

Roshni:I am longing to go back to India.But still I would miss this snow fall.

Aman:Don’t worry.When you become alright we will go to Switzerland for honeymoon.There you can enjoy snow fall.

Roshni was surprised:Honeymoon?

Aman:Yes.Did you forget that we could’nt go for honeymoon like other newly married couples?

Roshni:Because of the treatment I forgot about honeymoon.

Aman:Anyways hope for a beautiful honeymoon in Switzerland.

Roshni blushed.



Raghbir brought a person to his house.

Raghbir:He is the one I chose for you Bela.

Bela was stunned:Rishab Bajaj!

Bajaj smiled:Yes Bela.We were good friends in college.I am happy that you have not forgotten me.

Bela smiled.

Raghbir:Ok.Now both of you talk.

Bela and Bajaj went to another room to talk.

Bajaj:I was shocked to see your new face.You look exactly like Pragati.When I saw you,I was reminded of my friendship moments with Pragati.

She smiled.

Bela:Bajaj,you know my past.Right?How I got Pragati’s face…

Bajaj:Raghbir had told me everything.But I have no problem with it.

Bela became dull.

Bajaj:What do you think about this alliance?

Bela was silent.

Bajaj:I know that it’s too early for you to take a decision.But I have a solution.No need to take a decision in a hurry.We will wait for 6 months.If you will like me in 6 months,we will get married.What say?

Bela nodded.Bajaj smiled.



Drishti was ironing clothes.Suddenly Ajitabh called her:Drishti!

Drishti went near him:What happened Ajitabh?

Ajitabh’s eyes were closed.

Ajitabh:Dust went inside my left eye.I am having eye irritation now.

Drishti:Oh no…

Drishti blew air in his eyes.

Then with her duppatta she wiped the corner of his eye.

Drishti:How did the dust get inside your eye?

Ajitabh:I was cleaning the room and thus it happened.

Drishti:Usually you do not do household work.Then why did you do cleaning today?

Ajitabh:I thought..I will help you by cleaning the room.I wanted to surprise you.

Drishti:But you gave me a shock by showing your eye.

Ajitabh:But in a way it’s good that the dust went inside my eye.


Ajitabh:Because you stood close to me to blow air in my eye.What else do I need?

Drishti smiled:You are a naughty Police officer.Who might have thought that a police officer like you can be naughty in romance?

Ajitabh pulled her closer and said:When a police officer have a sweet wife like you,it happens.

They shared a cheerful romantic eye lock.

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