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Warning!⚠️⚠️⚠️The content you are going to read may be a bit too much to handle! People with sensitive hearts are advised not to read it! Because it can give you a heart attack in your kidneys, liver and stomach! Read at your own risk!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Chapter 28: “Let’s go to Delhi!”

The episode starts with everyone coming out of VR Mansion with their mini luggage bags. Aryan and Kabir were putting everyone’s luggage in the back dickey of the the car. Riddhima hired an 8 seater Black Toyotta Innova so that they all could travel in one car.

Riddhima sat at the driving seat and waited for others to come. Before anyone could occupy the passenger seat beside Riddhima, Vansh immediately sat on that one. The seating arrangement was Riddhima and Vansh in front seats. Angre, Sejal and Sia in third row. Kabir in the second row at the window side. Two seats were left behind. One is the middle one in second row and the other was window seat in the same row. Aryan and Ishani were standing outside the car and staring each other in a cunning manner. Vansh asked,
V: Now what are you both waiting for?
Aryan: For Ishani to sit.
Ishani: I am waiting for him to sit.
K: When did you become such a gentleman, Aryan?
Sia: Oho Kabir! Can’t you see? They are both waiting for the other to sit because both of them want to sit at the window side.
Angre: God!!! Not again!
Aryan: Ishani! Ladies First. You go inside.
Ishani: I will sit at the window side. You go first.
Aryan: No! You go first.
Ishani: Aryan! Sit in the middle with your friend.
Aryan: What made you think that I will sit in the middle? Am I a kid?
Ishani: You got any doubt in that? Obviously, you are a kid with your brain in your toes.
Aryan: Where is your brain then? I don’t think its even worthy of residing in your toes.
Ishani: Shut up Aryan!
Aryan: You shut up!
Ishani: Stupid!
Aryan: Arrogant.
Ishani: Idiot!
Aryan: Useless!!
Everyone(shouted): Oh God!! Stop it!!!
Riddhima(pissed):Can’t you both do something without fighting?
V(smirks): Look Who’s talking!!!

Riddhima gives him angry glares. Before Riddhima could reply, Kabir spoke,
K: Oh please! Now, Don’t start both of you too!
Ishani: Aryan! Stop your non-sense and sit in the car.
Aryan(looking confusingly on the floor): Ishani! Look. What is that fallen on the ground?
Ishani: Where?
Ishani looked on the floor as if finding something. Aryan found it the right opportunity and pushed her inside the car and then sat on the window sit dragging her in the middle.
Ishani: What the hell!!! Cheater! What was there on the ground?
Aryan: Your brain!!!
Everyone laughs. Ishani makes a face.
Ishani(angry): I will sue you!! You just wait and watch!!
Riddhima starts the car and the journey starts.

Meanwhile, At Delhi airport, A flight is seen landing. From the arrival terminal of the airport, A man was seen coming. He was wearing a Navy blue three piece suit with glasses. He seemed to be a rich man. He had a smirk on his face and had a mysterious aura. He came out of the airport, dragging his suitcase. A man (his driver) was waiting for him outside. He came running to him and grabbed his suitcase and started walking. The man sat down in the car and called someone.
Voice: Yeah! I have landed in Delhi! You get ready with all the arrangements before I reach there.
He cut the call and smirks saying,
Voice: Be ready Riddhima Shah! Because Aditya Randhawa is now back in the town!

The scene shift again to the car in which all Riddhima along with Raisinghanias was going to Delhi. Everyone was busy in their cell phones. Sia was bored so, she broke the silence saying,
Sia: Guys! Aren’t you all bored? Let’s do some gossips na.
Sejal: Even I am bored too.
Sia: Kabir! You and Aryan never told us that how you met Riddhima.
Kabir: Riddhima was our trainer captain when we joined Intelligence 3 years ago. We developed bonding with her in those years.
Ishani: 3 years ago? It means you met her 3 years ago.
Aryan: Super dumb question Ishani!
Ishani: Did I ask your opinion?
K: Yeah! We met her 3 years ago.
Sejal: Riddhima! You went from here 5 years ago. Where did you spent the 2 years in between.
Riddhima’s eyes widened at this question as she remembered something. Her hands were shaking lightly on the steering wheels. Vansh noticed it.
V: Riddhima! Are you ok?
Riddhima was lost in thoughts. She didn’t notice a car coming from other direction. Vansh looked at the car and hurriedly rotated the steering wheel bringing Riddhima back to senses.
V: Where are you lost Riddhima? Let me drive if you are not fine.
R(calming herself): No thanks. I am fine.
Sejal: Be careful Riddhima! Where were you lost? I had asked you something.
Riddhima( trying to find words of speech): I…I was in a training camp in Kashmir. Then, after two years of working there, I came to delhi with the designation of captain.
Sejal: Oh I see!
Vansh was looking at Riddhima. She was sweating lightly. He thought that it might be because she remembered the past incident when he pushed her out of VR mansion. So, he gestured Kabir to do something. Kabir in return gestured Aryan. Aryan thought for a while and spoke,
Aryan: Angre! Do you know how to sing?
Angre: Me? No! But Vansh sings so well. He plays a guitar too.
Kabir: Really Vansh? Let sing then.
Riddhima knew what happens when Kabir and Aryan sing. She spoke,
R: Kabir and Aryan! Not again.
V: Why do you have a problem with everything? WE WILL SING AND WE WILL SEE WHO STOPS US FROM SINGING.
Riddhima glares him and puts headphones in her ears.
Aryan: I have a got a guitar with me. Angre! Pass it.
Angre passes the guitar from back and Aryan passes it to Vansh.
Kabir: Lets start.
They starts singing “Pyar Hmen Kis Mod Pe Le Aya(Rrahul Sudhir, Vishal Vashisht and Zayn’s version)

(Just imagine they are sitting in the car and replace Angre with Aryan😅😅)

Riddhima berates them in her mind. Whenever there comes a “Hye” In the lyrics of the song, Kabir, Vansh and Aryan shouts more loudly in Riddhima’s ear. Riddhima was driving in an extremely irritated and pissed way and was tolerating it with patience. Sejal, Ishani and Sia have also covered their ears because all the three boys were singing horribly.
Ishani! You sing horribly Aryan!
Aryan: Did I ask YOUR opinion?
She felt her own words smashing on her face. So, she turned her face towards Kabir and Aryan turned his face towards the window. After sometime, there came a dhaba in the way. Sejal, Ishani and Sia insisted on having tea from there. So, Riddhima stopped the car. They all got down at the Dhaba(Mini hotel). Everyone goes to order something from the hotel. Riddhima goes in a corner to call someone.
R: Yeah! I will be in Delhi in two hours. What about you? Are you coming?
Voice: Why wouldn’t I?
R: Look! This is very important for me. Don’t try to betray me. It will not be good for you.
Voice: Don’t worry! You will get what you want. I will send you the adress in the evening. Don’t be late.
R: Fine!
She ends the call.

Meanwhile, Angre and Sejal were sitting on bench eating “chaat”. They were feeding each other. On the other bench, Ishani, Sia, Kabir and Aryan were having tea and enjoying the romantice scenes of SejAngre. Vansh was ordering tea for Riddhima and him. Riddhima was staning all alone beside the car. Some street boys on their bikes came near Riddhima.

Boy 1: Hey beautiful! Want a ride?
Boy 2: She is hot man!
Riddhima was least bothered about them. She was thinking about her mission. She ignored them fully as she didn’t want to create a scene. She moved from there saying,
R: Get lost!
Boy 3: So much attitude! I love it.
Boy 4: Come with us! I am sure you will have a wonderful night!
Riddhima glared them. She again calmed herself as she faced these kinds of people quite often. She was more concerned about her mission then giving them a befitting reply. She again started moving when one boy held her wrist.
Boy 2: Where are you going swee….
Before he could complete his sentence, he received a hard punch on his face. It was Vansh in extreme anger. In his dangerous voice, he spoke,
V: She is only my sweetheart! So, Don’t you dare!
Vansh started fighting with the boys. Riddhima tried to stop him.
R(shocked): Vansh! Stop it! What are you doing?
Aryan, Kabir and Angre came running to join them but Vansh pointed them with his finger for “Not to interfere”. They stopped. Vansh was fighting with them and Riddhima was trying to stop him when Vansh received a tight punch on his face. Riddhima shouted,
R: Vanshhhh!!!
Blood was coming out of his mouth. He wiped it with his hand. Riddhima became angry. The boy was going to punch him again when Riddhima came in between and hold his fist in her hand. She gave a dangerous glare to him and twisting his hand, she gave him a tight slap.
R(angry): I don’t care what you call me. But don’t you dare touch him again.
The other boys came forward but Riddhima pulled out her gun and pointed towards them. The boys took a step backward.
R: Get Lost! Before I shoot you all right in your head.
The boys were scared. They started running towards their bikes. Without giving back a look at Riddhima, they ran away.
After they were gone, Riddhima turned towards Vansh in a panicked way.
R(holding him): Vansh! Are you alright? Is it hurting? Tell me! Where is it hurting?
Vansh smiles and wraps his arms around her, saying,

V: I am alright Riddhima! It was just a punch.
Riddhima noticed his arms around her, she pushed him,
R(panicked): What do you think of yourself? Why you came in between? I was handling them.

Vansh: Handling them? They were misbehaving with you and you were just ignoring them.
R: Because I don’t care what they say. It doesn’t matter to me.
V: But it matters to me Riddhima. I can’t tolerate anyone hurting you.
R: What would I do if something happened to you? Even I can’t tolerate someone hurting you. Because I l………
She stopped, realizing what she was about to say. But somehow Vansh understood it. He smiles and say,
V: Because I?
R(finding some excuse): Because I…I don’t want you to get hurt because of me. You all are my responsibility in this trip.
Vansh replied holding her both hands in his,

V: I am not your responsibility Riddhima! I don’t want to be your responsibility. I want to be your support, your shadow.
R(painfully): No one of those ever lived a long life who supported me.
Saying so, she moved towards the car for getting the first aid kit. All other youngsters went back to their seats to complete their leftover food. Vansh was standing beside the bench holding his cup of tea. But having scratches on his hand, he was not able to grip the cup tightly. Riddhima came back to him and said,
R: Sit!
V: Why?
R: Just sit.
He sat down. She came close to him and bent down.
Kaun tujhe Yun pyar krega( female version) plays
With a piece of cotton, she started rubbing his lips corner gently. She cleaned the blood and applied ointment. She blew air on the scratch on his lips. Vansh was looking in her eyes and she was looking back too.

She had concern in her eyes. She gently hold his hand and lifted it up. It had some scratches too. She applied ointment at that too.

And was about to leave his hand when Vansh locked her fingers in between his fingers.

They both stared in each other eyes with love and care. Riddhima took the cup from his other hand and made him drink from it. He took a sip and wrapped his hand around her hand and made her drink from the same cup. She took a sip too. For a moment they forgot everything as if it was irresistible for them. They were extremely engrossed that they forgot that everyone was staring their hot romantic moment. Kabir who was sitting a few steps away from them cleard his throat making a loud sound. This brought them out of their moment and they separated.

Vansh smiles but Riddhima realizing what she did turned abruptly in an embarrassed manner. Vansh trying to bring her out of her embarrassment, said,
V: Don’t think Riddhima that by doing this favour on me, you are forgiven. My madness will continue until….
Before he could say further, Riddhima turned to face him, giving him angry glares, she said,
R: We are getting late. All of you get back in the car. I am coming.
She went towards a shop. Everyone sat back in the car teasing Vansh for his moment with Riddhima.
Aryan(clearing his throat): Kabir! Don’t you think someone should give party today.
Kabir(playfully): Of course! Why not? Party toh bnti hai.(party is must!)
Vansh(blushing): Shut up You idiots!

Ishani: Ohoooo!!! Someone is blushing here.
Everyone laughs. After that, Vansh got engrossed in Riddhima’s thoughts waiting for her. Kabir and Sia got into their cute talks. Ishani and Aryan started fighting again. Sejal and Angre were enjoying all the scenes from the back seat. Sejal excitedly spoke,
S: Look Angre! Every couple here has his own chemistry. (Looking at Vansh) One couple keeps on fighting and apologizing,(looking at KiYa) The other one never fights but still keep apologizing sweetly, (looking at IshaYan) The third one, keeps on fighting but never apologize and (looking at Angre) You and me……..
She stopped realizing what she was about to say.
Angre came close to her saying,
A: We never fight nor do we need to apologize. I am sure! We are the best.
Sejal blushes. Angre smiles.

Meanwhile, Riddhima buys something from the shop and looking at this, thinks,
R(herself): Vansh RaiSinghania! Now, I will show you what actually madness is! Now, I will put a full stop to all your crazy and stupid antics.
She comes back to the car. Everyone was busy in their talks. She silently closed all the windows and switched on the child lock so that neither the windows nor the doors can be opened from inside. After this, she threw something under the car back seats and immediately, came out of the car saying,
R: I forgot my phone on the shop. I will be right back.
Saying so, she locked the car from outside. And went away from there and hid behind another car. Some kind of gas started coming out of that thing. Vansh smelled something and making a disgusting face, spoke,
V(pissed): Who got no manners here? Who had farted in the car?
Ishani: Yeah! What the hell? Yuck!!!
Everyone started feeling a rotting smell.
Ishani(coughing): Its coming from you Aryan! You are so…
Aryan: I didn’t do anything Ishani! He bent down to track the smell and found that thing. He picked it up and realizing what it is, he threw it on ishani,
A: Its a fart bomb!!!!
Everyone: Yuck!!!!!!
Sejal(having feeling of vomit🤢): Who did this?
Sia(Sneezing): Its would be your trick Vansh Bhai! You are trying madness since morning.
V: Shut up Sia! I didn’t do anything.
K(Holding his nose tight): Oh God!
Aryan(coughing): It seems someone has eaten all the junk food at once and blasted!!!!
Sia(Covering her nose): Cheeee! Aryan! You are disgusting!!!
They were all feeling vomiting inhaling the smell and covered their mouth and nose. They were feeling suffocated and tried to open the car but it was locked from outside. Riddhima was nowhere to be seen.
V: I am sure! It was Riddhima’s trick. She took a revenge on me.
Sejal(banging the window): Please! Open the doore someone! I will die here!!
Ishani hold Aryan’s collar,
I: Do something or I will kill you!!!!!

Riddhima was smiling witnessing all this from a far. She thought it to be enough. So, she went towards the car posing as if nothing happened. She opened the door and started acting,
R(acting to sneeze): Yuck! What have you all done in the car? (Herself) Oh God! Its actually so horrible but I enjoyed it.
Ishani: Please unlock the car Riddhima! Open these windows!!!
Riddhima opened all the windows and doors. Everyone of them pushing each other came out of the car and started taking long breaths. Riddhima was suppressing her smiles. She sprayed air freshner in the car and spoke,
R: It must be Vansh’s trick. He has gone mad since the morning.
V: I didn’t do anything. It was you actually. Because it all happened when you left.
R: Maybe, you did it for me when I entered the car. But your plan backfired when I got out again to get my mobile as you had already threw it in the car.
She smirks and winks. And this time Vansh glares her angrily.
K: Whoever did this, just don’t do it again. I am telling you all.
When all the gas from the fart bomb was released and the environment inside the car became normal again, they started their journey.

Riddhima while driving thought,
R(herself): Time for the second move.
No one has taken a complete sigh of relief when Riddhima pressed the accelerator with full force and the car started to run with a speed of 200km/h. Riddhima was not caring for bumps in the road taking dangerous turns, she was flying the car.
Sejal and Sia were shouting in Angre and Kabir’s ear respectively. Ishani held Aryan tighlty and was literally squeezing him. And Aryan was shouting with the pain of Ishani squeezing him like a cloth.
Vansh had put the seat belt and with his both hands, he was holding the seat tightly.
V: Have you gone mad Riddhima! Slow down!!!
Sejal: Slow down Riddhima! Before I vomit on this Angre!
K: Sia! Stop shouting in my ear. I have lost all my hearing senses.
Sia: Aaaaaaaaaaaa. I am gonna die today!!!
Ishani(shouting): Aryaaaaan!!! You are so stupid!!!!!!! Useless!!
Aryan: Leave me Ishani!! You are not washing clothes!!!
Angre: Some one give me a vomit bag before Sejal vomit on me!
Ishani: Someone Slow down the car Goddammit!!!! Or I am going to jump out of the window!!!
Aryan: What are you waiting for??? Leave me!!!!!!
Vansh: Riddhimaaaaaaaa!!!!🤯🤯🤯
Ishani: Aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!😱😫😱😱
Angre: Vomit baaaaggg!!!!!!!😫😫😫😫
K: Siaaaaaaa!!!😖😖😖
Aryan: I am not a clothhhhhhhhhhh!!!😫😫😫😫
Sia: Aaaaaaaaaaa😱😱😱😱
Sejal: Buahhhhhhhhh!🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮
Angre: Sejaaalllllll!!!
Everyone was shouting and Riddhima was smirking😉😜😏 and concentrating on her drive. Though she was driving in full speed, she was careful. Its was not a big deal for her as she was experienced in driving this way chasing the criminals. After one and a half hour drive full of madness, They finally reached Delhi. Riddhima stopped the car in front of her mansion. She received a text from an unknown number on her phone and read it,

“He has returned!!!!!Be Aware!!!”

She became shocked.

(Now enough of the Madness! Its time for some thrill now😉😉😉😉)

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